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Stop seeking guarantee and stop taking simple things for granted !!!

Shubham Srivastava.

                We are currently living in an electronic age where nothing can be sold without giving a Guarantee for a certain period to the customer. Be it mobile phones, television and so many electronic items, Whenever we go to buy electronic items; we have two questions in our mind. First one is obviously about price and second one is about guarantee that if there is any guarantee on this electronic item or not? If there is any kind of guarantee, we consider it as a trustworthy item.
                           Now the problem is that this guarantee from electronic sector has paved its way in our normal lives. We are seeking guarantee everywhere. This guarantee has become like a contagious disease which is spreading very fast. Seeking guarantee for electronic items is fine but is it fair enough to bring this in our daily lives? When we Seek Guarantee, in either ways we will be hurt. If we seek guarantee and we get it then we will be hurt because there will a time come when this guarantee will not matter/work anymore. Another way where we will be hurt when we seek guarantee and we don't get it in first time. So, either ways are hurting.
                   Seeking guarantee and taking guarantee is one of those obstacles which are taking happiness away from your life. Why do we need validation for everything every time? Validation is only okay in material world but never okay for your life. A quote says that taking things for Granted will indeed leave you empty handed. A life which has been given to you for a certain period is not guaranteed then how can you take or seek guarantee for different ambiances of life.
                    Now days we have made it our habit to take simple things for granted. Be it certain things or certain persons or certain situations and when this guarantee is broken by an external or automatic force; one question hits our mind. Why me? This question has made you the weakest person on this planet. Rather than arising a question, why me? Why can't you answer "okay". Whenever something bad happens in our lives like if someone leaves us/ if someone dies/ if someone meets a fatal train or road accident/ if someone dies in plane crash. Again a question hits our mind that how can it happen to me? These kind of bad things/misfortunes happen to someone else. I have always seen these kind of things in news or read it in newspapers. These kind of things happen to other people.

What was said above is the basis of grief when we start taking things for granted. Accept that anything can happen to you anytime because nothing is guaranteed here and you will lead a happy life and whenever bad time will come, may you not be happy then but you won't be hurt either.

         I've got to stop taking simple things for granted... like waking up this morning.
                                         "Sonya Teclai"

                                 This quote, i recite in my mind and it always keeps me alive and blissful. Isn't it enough for you to be happy that you are waking up every morning. In the world; where thousands of people who sleep over night but don't wake up next morning. You are still waking up. Don't take it for granted and please don't consider it as an ordinary happening of your life. You are waking up daily. It should be enough for you to be happy and live happily. Thank almighty for this blessing you are blessed that you woke up today and everybody close to you woke up too. Many people lost their lives today morning or lost someone who was very close to their heart. So it can also happen to you, me or anybody around us.

The things/stuffs you have right now, the situation in which you are/some best people around you who are close to you. Someone else is praying for this situation/these people/these things/ So respect it that you have gotten something/someone for which/whom someone else is striving hard and still he/she has not gotten in his/her life.

May god bless you!!! BbYEE.......

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Stop seeking guarantee and stop taking simple things for granted !!!


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