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Life beyond belief.

Shubham Srivastava.

                Now days, we are so convinced about most of the things which we are hearing, seeing or feeling. We have made a certain Belief about everything. Whatever suits us to our thinking; it becomes our belief and this belief makes a cocoon around us and we do everything what this belief tells us to do.
               We love someone because our belief tells us that he/she is a good person. We hate someone because our belief tells us that he/she is not a good person. We often see that same person is good for someone and bad for someone else. I am pretty sure that it must have happened to you. At the same time you are so loving for someone and at the same time you are an irritating person for someone else; but you are the same person. Then why is it happening? It is happening because of the differences between the beliefs.
                         Belief simply means Conclusion and conclusion means ending. No one wants ending. If no one wants ending that why everyone is making belief about everything? There is no doubt about one thing that belief makes us happy. Whenever we don't know the answers, our belief comes to play it's role and gives us those answers. Belief is a vehicle which rides us to clarity from confusion. Why can't we live in confusion? It's okay to not know some answers.
                  We have made belief for our well being and satisfaction. We have made beliefs even for this planet, galaxy, the whole universe and the creator of all this creation. Isn't it funny that the creation which might have taken billion or trillion of years to be like what it is right now and we make belief about all these things in just few seconds or minutes. Just think about the possibilities of knowing when we won't make any belief about anything. Life is without any doubt is beautiful but beyond our belief, it will be even more beautiful.
                    Believe something if only you really know it from it's origin to it's ultimate. If you don't know something then accept that you don't know then only you will be able to get answers of your unanswerable questions. When you start to live life beyond your belief; your perception will increase automatically and you will be able to know something that you don't even know that you don't know right now. Various kind of answers are available for same question in this world. What happens after death? Who created all this universe? Don't believe on any of those answers. Find it by yourself. It may take your whole life to know and it is possible that you will be still left unanswered. There is no problem but making a belief is of course not a solution. Irony is that i am writing this because of my certain beliefs about life and this world but this belief is for people's well being not only for mine. So should you. If your belief is also helping to someone else apart from you then it's fine because you are rejuvenating someone else's life and this is really something divine which you are doing.
                        Life beyond your belief is extremely beautiful. It will set you free from all your miseries and confused conclusions. Confused conclusion means that you have concluded something or someone but still you are confused. So this state of confused conclusion is not beneficial at all. Be confused is better than being confused with conclusion.
                         As i said that belief means conclusion and in another way conclusion is something that makes your expectations high. You are thinking, how? Let's take an example; a certain person comes to your life and he/she is still a stranger and that person does something little for you and you are like, oh my god! how kind or how generous that person is! Now your belief starts to grow and after a certain time you start to believe or you conclude that this person is so generous. He/she has done good to me and your expectations from that person who was a stranger some days before is now a kind and generous person. On a fine day, that same person doesn't live up on your expectations and your belief and your conclusion get shattered in few seconds. Then you think that why this happened to me? It happened to you because you had made a conclusion about that person that he/she will only do good. Had you not concluded, you would have been absolutely fine. When you don't conclude then whatever happens, it doesn't bother you anymore. If something good happens to you; it's fine but if something good doesn't happen to you; then it's fine too.

            Belief plays it's role in relationships. We break certain relationships because we start to feel that this relationship is not going to work anymore. A relationship that took years to blossom and we break it because of our conclusion which we made in 5 seconds. Is it fair? A relationship which gave you so much satisfaction and happiness for so long, how fair is it to break? There are two phases in every relationship. In starting you need a relationship and after that start, relationship needs you whenever it's existence feels any kind of danger.

Belief plays it's role in almost every aspect of our life. Life beyond belief is an opportunity which makes us grow. If you believe something and it makes you happy, it is acceptable because happiness is something what matters the most but if you are believing something and still you are not happy, still you are confused, still you are not able to decide that whether you know or you don't, you are still searching for answers. This belief is unacceptable. At least try to get rid of this kind of belief. First one is still okay but later is disaster for you. So whatever you are going to believe from now; make sure that you are happy.

Always remember that Life beyond belief is the real life. If you don't believe something it means that you accept that you don't know. The best thing about you don't know that the more you don't know, the more you will explore. The more you will explore, the more you will know. The more you will know, the more you will want to know and it will lead you to the life which you have dreamed of.
May good bless you!! Bbyee........

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Life beyond belief.


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