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Sinners are judging sinners for sinning differently :->

Shubham Srivastava.

                 Gone are the days when sins also used to be eternal in a certain way just like the Truth. Why did i compare sin to truth here? If this question is arising in your mind then one thing is for sure, you are no more an insane person. At least for today. Jesus has blessed you with some wisdom and you have used it probably for the first time in your life. Hahahaaaa.....

I compared both because truth is still eternal but sin isn't anymore. Even in current scenario, truth is going to be the truth. No matter than how many times we are going to fold it, mold it, break it, conceal it but truth will be truth forever. That's why it is eternal.

                 But sin now days has become conditional.
What qualifies as a sin?

Are we Sinners too?

                 In previous ages, sin was those kind of deeds which were done against the law of nature or and was found immoral in context of divine laws. Sin was static then while now it has become dynamic. Now it pretty much depends upon our mood and our Perception that what qualifies as a sin.

In previous ages, anything that was sin, was sin for everybody. But now the same deed qualifies as a sin for someone and for someone, it will not qualify as a sin. That's why it has become dynamic because it is no more eternal.

                   We all are sinners here. No one can survive on this planet without doing any kind of sin. We can't survive without sinning but what matters the most is that it should be on the lowest level.

We often worry about humanity and we all are trying to protect humanity as much as possible. When shall we understand or think that humans are not the sole existing species on this planet. Apart from us, there are so many other creatures and species also exist in which many of them extincted or on the verge of extinction. It all happened only because of us. Our motto is simple that to protect humanity on the cost of anything. It is wrong and this is the biggest sin we are doing. We are doing every possible effort to protect humanity but what we need is to protect this planet too. It is not only our planet. It is for every living Species. 

                    And yes! Sinners are judging sinners for sinning differently. What happens these days is if anybody is committing any kind of sin and if it is the same pattern in which we do then it is fine. That doesn't qualify as a sin but if that pattern of sinning differs from ours then that will qualify as a sin and that person will be sinner for us. Here perception plays the key role. Just because something is not done according to our perception. Suddenly it qualifies as sin.

So we all are in the same community of sinners. Everyone of us is committing it. So stop judging. Something that is not happening according to your perception doesn't mean that it is good or it is bad. Leave it on it's own version. It's best for you or you will be doing this for lifetime. You will be restless and helpless at same time. He did wrong, she did wrong, she should not have done this/that. Stop being like this. Whenever you do something wrong and console yourself that nobody knows that what i'm going through? The same happens with everybody. You never know, what that person is going through? 

Make a promise to yourself that from now on you won't judge anyone just because their deed didn't happen according to your perception. Stop jumping on conclusions. Sometimes its better to be in confusion rather than seeking clarity.
And again we all are sinners here, just doing it with our convenience and in our perception, it is never wrong.

    Hey! Cheer up that we all are of same community of sinners then let's be together. Try to be nice with everyone. It will only make this planet more integrated.

May god bless you always...BbYEEEE

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Sinners are judging sinners for sinning differently :->


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