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Rare Star Trek TOS Photos

Old Photos: Rare Star Trek TOS Photos, Including Behind the Scenes & Deleted Scenes Images

The following collection of rare Star Trek Tos photos (many of which are behind the scenes photos, deleted scenes, or restorations of discarded production images) are a sampling of images from long time Star Trek fan, Flickr user Birdofthegalaxy. The collection was put together from a mix of single frame 35mm movie positives Birdofthegalaxy purchased back in the early Lincoln Enterprises and Star Trek convention days – combined with more recent online auction purchases.

Many of these Star Trek Tos images are behind the scenes photos, showing the fun times had on set and camaraderie the cast felt for one another. There’s no doubt that Star Trek is a special show that is still enjoyed by millions of people throughout the world today.

This behind the scenes Star Trek TOS photo shows William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy looking at Mad Magazine issue #115 from December 1967. The issue contained the parody of Star Trek TOS called ‘Star Blecch.’ The term became a frequent one in future Mad parodies such as Star Blecch III The Search for Plot, Star Blecch The Next Degradtion, Star Blecch Voyeur, and Star Blecch Worst Contact. The photo is believed to have been taken during the filming of episode “A Private Little War.”

This amazing photo shows delivery of the original eleven foot long U.S.S. Enterprise model used for the first two pilot episodes of Star Trek. The photo was taken on Providencia Avenue in Burbank, California on December 29th, 1964.

Another photo of the eleven foot Enterprise model. This photo was sharpened and color corrected by Birdofthegalaxy to help show a little more detail of the model.

Lieutenant Uhura is shown here pointing a phaser at Marlena Moreau in the mirror universe. From the Star Trek TOS episode Mirror, Mirror.

Star Trek TOS – First pilot episode U.S.S. Enterprise bridge set from above, cables and sound boom visible. This photo shows details of the set from the first pilot Enterprise bridge from a rarely seen port perspective. Majel Barrett, Leonard Nimoy, and Jeffrey Hunter are visible in the photo, along with production equipment like a sound boom and power wires.

Street scene on an Earth-like planet surface from Star Trek TOS episode Miri. On the episode, this was a neglected and decaying city where all adults die, leaving only children to inhabit the planet. It is believed buildings used in this episode for the courthouse and Walker’s Drugstore are from the the town of Mayberry, from The Andy Griffith Show. These same streets were also used for a later Star Trek episode, The City on the Edge of Forever.

A blooper moment from filming the Star Trek TOS episode The City on the Edge of Forever.

Behind the scenes look at how the Romulan Bird of Prey model was photographed for movement. The model is shown in studio (left) hanging from wooden gimbal device for photographing in various stages of movement (with blue screen background), then (right) the semi-finished product is shown with superimposed black background and stars. This footage was used in the TOS episode Balance of Terror.

Having Fun on the Set: Leonard Nimoy is shown here with a smile on his face and his young son, Adam Nimoy, made up as a Vulcan child standing next to him. This scene is part of a well-known TOS blooper reel. This shot was taken from an actual 35mm frame of the gag, however.

Actress Sherry Jackson is seen here as the android Andrea in the famous Bill Theiss costume, along with the late actor Ted Cassidy as Ruk. This scene is from Star Trek TOS episode What Are Little Girls Made Of?.

Leslie Parrish as Carolyn Palamas – Star Trek TOS episode Who Mourns for Adonais – June 6, 1967.

Star Trek – Third season commercial bumper, with off screen production details. (A “commercial bumper” is a term that indicates an image used on television before mid-show commercials. This image would have been accompanied by spoken words like “Star Trek will return after these messages,” etc.)

Spock and the Creator – Leonard Nimoy and Gene Roddenberry in a candid photo taken on the set of “The Cage” during the filming of the first pilot episode – December 1964.

Original Gorn costume before tunic was put on. This photo shows the breathing holes of the cosutme, necessary to keep the actor inside ventilated. The Gorn suit was made of rubber and was like wearing a thick Halloween mask on your entire body.

Bearded Spock: Close up image of Spock with a full beard in his cabin from the TOS episode Mirror, Mirror. This episode is consistently selected as a fan favorite.

Actress Grace Lee Whitney is shown here in her role as Yeoman Rand. She is constrained with ropes and covered in dirt, held captive by the Onlies in Star Trek TOS episode Miri.

Star Trek TOS first season production set showing the large U.S.S. Enterprise model in the studio on blue screen background. Technicians are shown on set with camera dolly rails, studio lighting, cables, stands and other studio equipment. Botany Bay model is also visible in the far left of this shot.

The images on this page are just a sampling of Birdofthegalaxy’s Star Trek TOS photos. Please be sure to visit his Flickr website to see the full collection of photos…

All photos © Copyright Birdofthegalaxy and used with permission.

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Rare Star Trek TOS Photos


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