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50 Honest Pieces Of Advice For 20-Year-Olds

Being in your twenties can feel very fabulous. But that is the period which determines a lot in your life. Here are fifty honest pieces of Advice for you if you are in your twenties.

50 Honest Pieces Of Advice For 20-Year-Olds 

1. Listen to the wisdom that comes from the mistakes other people have made, but remember you also have strengths and wisdom they don't have

2. Live your life, and take responsibility for your actions.

3. Yellow flags become red flags. Don’t ignore both.

4. Don’t confuse love/connection for infatuation.

5. The reason why we miss or hang on to people is that we feel they will fill the unmet need that we didn’t get as a child.

6. Alcohol is literary a poison killing your energy and your shine

7. You don’t need him boo.

8. Start training your mind on how to visually see your success every day.

9. Don't try to be perfect, that's impossible. Give yourself permission to fail, without shame, learn from your mistakes and always move on trusting yourself and your path.

10. Be patient and don’t be afraid to fail

11. Save 25% of EVERY incoming income.

12. Be your own hero.
13. Live in the present, experience, make mistakes, play, enjoy!

14. Be in touch with your heart and your feelings. Cultivate and practise compassion, love and kindness toward yourself and others.

15. Take the time to get to know yourself, live and embrace your truth, be authentic.

16. Take the time to figure out what YOU want to achieve in life. Don’t rush anything. You’re young and have all the time in the world. Don’t take life to serious (yet).

17. Learn from everything: from people, from books, from the process, from life, from your failures, from everything.

18. Look for a purpose for your life, when you know who you are you will know what your purpose is.

19. Don't think you know better.

20. Make your own choices, write your story of life the way you want it to be. You are the CEO of your life.

21. Keep studying harder, be the best one and look for a profession that makes you happy.

 22. Learn with patience.

 23. Don't fear to think and dream big.

24. Enjoy your life to the fullest. Time flies. Make the most of it. Do what you like. As for making a living, do ONLY what you like. Trust your own capabilities. You deserve the best life has to offer. Be smart.

25. Travel and try new things.

26. Forget about your insecurities.

27. Listen more than you talk.

28. Use your 20s to try out things and have a variety of life experiences, have fun, make mistakes, don't be afraid to make mistakes, travel the world, and invest in personal development. Don't make a job decision based on what looks good on your CV, but rather what feels good to you now as a next step

29. Spend your time around people who either help you grow, you can have fun with, or are of valuable support to you. Do not waste your time with people that do not want the absolute best for you and don't lift you up when you think of them.

30. Respect other living beings.

31. Be grateful for everything that you have.

32. Take calculated risks and design your own path.

33. At 20, a person is heavily influenced by their friends. Take a good hard look at them and seriously ask yourself if they are helpful or hurtful for YOU. If hurtful, run away from them.

34. Work hard, and listen to people who have been there before. Find strong and positive influences.

35. Create the habit of reading. Your concept of the world will change and with that your perception of success.

36. Go full speed after your dreams.

37. Just because you’re cute and have a nice body doesn’t mean you need to sleep with everyone who thinks you are cute.

38. Don’t get pregnant until you know who you are and what you want in life.

39. Focus more on short term goals.

40. Don't trust and love everyone.

41. Dream BIG, start SMALL and stay HUMBLE.

42. Watch a lot of Gary Vaynerchuk very informative.

43. Listen to people who are in a position you want to be in.

44. Be careful who you marry/have kids with.

45. Know your worth and always strive for more.

46. Do NOT try to fit in and do things because you think other people will think it's cool. Attention will NEVER make you genuinely happy. Seriously so many people at age 20 spend all their time trying to be cool and worry about having the newest cool trends and the coolest iPhone and so on. Once you develop genuine happiness and learn to love yourself you'll only regret all the time and money and energy you wasted trying to fit in this box.

48. No matter what happens, always love and put GOD and then yourself first.

49. Embrace growth.

50. Advice given is only received when the mind is open.

Thanks for reading and see you in my next one.

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50 Honest Pieces Of Advice For 20-Year-Olds


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