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Some Random Words Of Encouragement To Boost Your Self-Esteem

I had an experience today. I read a phrase yesterday which reminded me that 'God already made me in the best version of myself' and it instantly changed my way of thinking about myself. I found this phrase on this Instagram post here.

I'm all about self-improvement and striving to be better. But I do get lost trying to improve myself. This is because I want to be more lovable by others. Meaning that I'm focusing on improving myself for others. This is wrong! It has only made me the worse self-critic ever!

This morning I found myself judging my abilities to do things and not feeling good enough because I was thinking of what people will say and how they will judge me. So I began to judge myself even before they did. I was so hard on myself that I even felt hurt. Then I remembered the words I read yesterday. So I looked myself in the mirror and repeatedly said; 

"Abi, you are already the best version of yourself because God made you the best version and he doesn't make mistakes"

To look yourself in the eye and tell yourself things you can't believe is really challenging. But you need to try it because it's uplifting. I feel so good now and I know this is not the end of my self-critic mind. But I believe that this is a good start to counter it. 

We need to spend time to build a relationship with ourselves as individuals. We never get the time to talk positivity into our own lives. We never decide to spend time looking at ourselves in the mirror to admire our physical Beauty nor do we reflect on the times we let our inner beauty shine. 

Give yourself some credit. Congratulate yourself! Look at yourself in the eye and truly say "I love you". All the praises and encouragement we give to others, we need to hear it from ourselves too when we succeed. But we rather tear ourselves apart by auto criticizing and pointing out where we went wrong rather than what we did right. 

Always ask yourself this when you feel that you've messed up; 

"If this happened to my best friend or someone I genuinely care about, will I be building them up or tearing them down with my words? " 

I bet if your loved one messed up you will rather correct them with love. You will instead see the things they did right than wrong. And you will remind them that they did well and that life isn't perfect.

Then why do you want to kill yourself when you get it wrong. Remember that God already made you in the best version of yourself even with your mistakes and shortcomings. Even if people say that you are too emotional, you are already the best version of yourself. Even if everyone says that you are too afraid and can't do anything without fear, still know that you are already the best version of yourself. 

Some Random Words Of Encouragement For Low Esteem, image, meme

You are already at your best, whatever improvements you make on yourself are meant to take you to a higher level because you are already the best of you. 

Stop criticizing who you are. You have enough critics already out there. Don't Join them. You don't deserve that. You are making enough effort and deserve to be encouraged. 

I hope these words encourage you and make you understand how unique you are and how much the world is lucky to have you in it.

This was meant to be the caption of an Instagram post but the words just kept dropping in my mind and I kept writing them till I had no more characters left. So I made it a blog post instead. 

By the way, I think it will reach more people here than on Instagram.

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This post first appeared on Ngumabi's Glam, please read the originial post: here

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Some Random Words Of Encouragement To Boost Your Self-Esteem


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