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Uplifting My Body and Mind When I’m Stressed Out

Now I know I am not the only person who often finds themselves feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. It is so easy to find yourself in this hole of negativity and stress, but it isn’t always easy finding your way back out. I get it, I have been there many MANY times. I am not here today to complain about my personal problems, I am here to give you all some insight as to what I find helps me to relax and let go of stress. This isn’t a Routine I practice all the time, but now that it is 2018 it is my goal to incorporate this into my routine a lot more to keep stress and negativity at bay.

The VERY first thing I like to do is make sure I am either alone or in a quiet space with no distractions, then I like to throw on something comfortable that I feel good in. I also give myself a spritz of my favourite perfume (Daisy by Marc Jacobs) because why not!

I then like to pick out some sort of face mask to put on before I jump into the Speech and yoga. I really enjoy any of the masks by Origins but my favourite has to be the retexturizing mask with rose clay. It just makes my skin feel soooo soft. I leave it on the full half hour but they suggest to leave it on for ten minutes, so you can always pause the yoga and speech to rinse it if necessary.

My next step here is to get out my headphones and iphone and find a motivational speech to listen. I really enjoy Chalene Johnson, I keep a notebook and pen handy while I listen to her speeches because she often throws some really insightful things at you that I personally like to write down.

So now, once I have picked out a motivational speech, I search for a nice yoga session to do ( I look for one that is around the same time as the speech) but you could also do your own routine if you are a seasoned yogi. I have the yoga video opened up on either my TV or my laptop somewhere I can see it really well as I will not have the sound on. I usually enjoy any of the Yoga with Adriene videos, I usually choose something a little more mellow and less difficult as I want this to be a more relaxing experience.

Once I have everything ready I just press play on the speech and the yoga and jump right in. I like to really focus on my body and listen to what feels good and often find myself not going exactly along with the videos because I have found a position that feels good and spend the extra time on that spot.

This routine usually lasts me about a half hour and I love it because I feel so refreshed and peaceful. I like that I am getting a bit of a workout in as well because working out always makes me feel confident after. I like to end the routine with a nice warm shower or bath and play some of my favourite music. To some people this whole routine might seem a little too busy but since I am a busy person this routine just works for me, I like to cram as much positive stuff into this time. My goal during the routine is to not think about anything negative and focus on every little thing that feels good for me.

Obviously this routine might not be for everyone but it’s still worth a try! You have someone giving you positive advice and motivation in your ears, the perfume smells nice, the yoga makes your body feel good and then the bath and shower is soothing and relaxing. You could even make yourself a coffee or tea to drink along with this routine to make it even more relaxing.

I always feel my best after this routine, the speech always gives me hope that things will get better and I have the power to change my situation. It’s a very uplifting and positive routine that I would personally like to practice more often!

Please share this routine with anyone with a lot of stress in their life who needs a pick me up!

Stay positive and happy!

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Uplifting My Body and Mind When I’m Stressed Out


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