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The secret shelters of the Soviets in Moscow

The secret shelters of the Soviets in Moscow

Myths and rumors about the secret shelters built by the Soviet government, under Moscow have been and remain widespread. There is particularly a specific rumor about underground passages that start and end in the Kremlin, which are connected with fully equipped shelters under the city of Moscow. Are the rumors tell us the truth? Were the Soviets really built shelters? And if so, what was their main function, and what were their purposes?

Everything started after the end of the Second World War

The end of the Second World War that led to the Yalta Agreement and the sharing of the world in spheres of influence, also meant the start of the Cold War between the USA and the USSR. The threat of a nuclear disaster as a result of the fierce competition of the two superpowers, was a daily reality that fueled the hideous hatred between two countries that competed hard in all sectors, and on the military, developing nuclear technology for war.

In this climate and within the given geopolitical context, the Soviet government built Nuclear Shelters that concerned the city’s population and the government officials. These shelters, according to recent investigations, had a direct connection with the Kremlin, and were related to the government. The military administration had communication channels between them, in order to maximize decision in the level of decisions in a nuclear shock.

It is said that the construction of these shelters was carried out under Stalin’s personal instruction, and there were indications that there were ways of direct communication of the nuclear shelter and Stalin. It is obvious that the Soviet government was prepared for every chance. And for the worst possible, a nuclear offensive from the big rival, the US.

Construction of an alternative metro

moscow banker-shelter

A basic prerequisite for the effectiveness of the nuclear shelters was the presence of a direct, easy and fast communication between individual shelters. This could not be achieved by using the metro of the city, because this metro didn’t meet the necessary security conditions.

So, because of this necessity, the Soviet government constructed an alternative metro linking the government officials’ shelters with each other, like the Kremlin. The construction of the second metro was under extreme secrecy, and officials who would potentially use it, had a limited knowledge of its size, while they knew only the route that involved them and nothing else. Because of strict security measures, it is particularly difficult to uncover the routes of the Moscow alternative metro, but at many metro stations in the city – as researchers argue – there are obvious signs of the second metro. Doors had found leading to nowhere, as well as secret caches that are fully sealed and inaccessible.

The nuclear shelter became a museum



One of Moscow’s central nuclear shelters, which fully worked by the mid-1980s, has now become a Cold War Museum and is accessible to the public. Visitors, who venture down, they are able to experience authentic moments of a nuclear war, while the sanctuary has been rebuilt in a way that gives a sense of full operation under a nuclear strike.

In the inside of the central nuclear shelter, Cold War objects show us that the Soviet government was fully prepared for the possibility of a total war.

The secret locations of all nuclear shelters hadn’t be revealed. However, amateur researchers who are deeply involved in the matter, are occasionally reporting more and more evidence of their existence, proving that under the city of Moscow, for many decades, a second city was build. A secret city, for which few government officials had the full knowledge of its existence.

The nuclear shelters in Moscow, like the alternative metro, are almost certainly not abandoned. Many people believe that they are still an active part of Moscow’s line of defense against any potential attacker.

These are modern catacombs that house the glorious Soviet past, reminding the mankind of how near a nuclear war has reached.

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The secret shelters of the Soviets in Moscow


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