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Hiroshima: Effects on Nature and Humans from the Launch of the Atomic Bomb

Hiroshima Effects on Nature and Humans from the Launch of the Personal Bomb

It is understandable that the consequences of an Atomic Bomb for nature and for humans are incalculable and obviously long-term. Regarding the launch of the first atomic bomb in Hiroshima, which was the swine song of the “Axis” and marked the end of the Second World War with the capitulation of Japan, held on August 6, 1945. It was the first nuclear attack in human history, while its consequences, mainly environmental, are evident to date, almost seventy years later.

The dropping of the atomic bomb

The particular bomb was a uranium bomb and was called “Little Boy”, and its consequences were unknown, while it had never been tested again. It is estimated that about 70,000 people died since the bomb was shot, while the effects on the natural environment were terrifying. Within a radius of several kilometers from the point of the explosion, nature was devastated, and thousands of animal species found instantaneous death. At the same time, the effects on the subsoil were extremely unfavorable, due to the huge amounts of radioactivity released by the bomb.

The second bomb, which fell a few days later, on August 9, 1945, in the city of Nagasaki, in a macabre manner, ended the environmental disaster. Thousands of people lost their lives when the bomb was shot, and the long-term consequences were even more dramatic. The throws of the two atomic bombs have resulted in that thousands of people suffering for many decades, in a physical and psychological way, and were prematurely led to death.

The effects on the population

hiroshima effects on the population

Hiroshima effects on the population

Various forms of cancer have rationed the population, as a result of the spread of radioactivity, and mental illnesses have experienced a significant upsurge in depression, as a miserable daily life for many decades for people found either in Hiroshima or Nagasaki during the bombing. In any case, the extremely difficult procedure, followed to measure the disaster, has shown that the consequences of both bombs, but especially of that in Nagasaki, were complex and lasted for many decades.

The stories from the people who survived the havoc are terrifying. Fragments had been wedged into their bodies. While the radioactivity, which watered the area, passed to people through the food chain, and by raising the cancer rates for many decades. Even more, the effects on the social and psychological field were even worse, while the social fabric was disrupted, the fear and the loss were transformed into a daily nightmare. The people who lived through this twin catastrophe lived with it until their last breath.

In the historiography, it has prevailed that the double drop of an atomic bomb in Japan emerged, either as a military or as a political choice that was customary in these cases Collateral Losses. Collateral losses, however, are not dry, dehydrated numbers.

Collateral losses are the very nature that nourishes and regenerates the animal kingdom and the people. The collateral losses are the young children, who were murdered in a moment, the families that were dissolved, the people who were forced to live continuously and seamlessly with the same nightmare.

However, it cannot be forgotten and cannot be interrupted that the dropping of the atomic bomb constitutes a brutal rape of nature and the life of the people, whose consequences remain active and aren’t able to be concealed and eliminated by the human memory.

As this destruction has been crystallized with a glowing forceps on the bodies of humans, it has been indelibly imprinted on the earthly relief.

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Hiroshima: Effects on Nature and Humans from the Launch of the Atomic Bomb


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