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Shark Attacks + Video

The classic view describes the Shark as a lone hunter, traveling to the oceans in search of food. However, this applies only to some species. Most people live much more sedentary lives. Even lonely sharks meet for breeding or in places with rich hunting, which can lead them to cover thousands of kilometers within a year.

Sharks can be particularly social, staying in large flocks. Sometimes more than 100 hammers head down around submarine mountains and islands, for example, in the Gulf of California. There are social hierarchies between groups of different species of sharks. For example, the ocean shark leophyteur predominates in smooth sharks of similar size during feeding.

When something comes close to them, some sharks make a threat demonstration. This usually consists of excessive movement and may vary in intensity depending on the level of threat.

tiger shark

tiger shark

Most sharks are sarcophagi. Some species, like tiger sharks, eat almost everything. The overwhelming majority of sharks are looking for a specific prey and rarely altering its diet. In May 2012 it was noticed that a fish shark in a UK aquarium after a hook removal operation stopped eating meat and started eating vegetables. It is the first recorded case of herbivorous shark.

But do they eat… human meat?

According to scientists, sharks are one of the most well-designed Earth creatures – flexible, confident, effective – that have been tested for 400 million years. Studies confirm that they can detect changes in electricity as infinite as a fifty-billionth of a volt! They use this ability to trace their prey hidden under the sand and to sail and move according to the magnetic field of the earth, like sophisticated Awacs aircraft with all their sensors in full readiness. When attacking people, they almost always make it as big fish or seals and very often spit on the human flesh after the first bite. The problem is, of course, that the bite comes from a very strong masse with hundreds of sharp teeth.

Nevertheless, there are horrible shark attacks against human that have been recorded.

In July 2014 a swimmer escaped  a big white shark attack because of the admirable coolness he showed by hitting him in the nose! 40-year-old Steven Robles was assaulted while swimming on California’s most popular beach, and according to the authorities, the ocean murderer, two meters in length, had earlier been caught in the nets of a fisherman near the spot. The battle of the unlucky swimmer with the shark recorded an eyewitness camera, who argued, “There was blood everywhere. At first, we were laughing about how close he had been to a fisherman’s net, but then we realized he was being attacked. The screams of the world were terrifying. ”

For its part, a representative of the Authorities said: “We immediately sent craft and managed to shake the shark away from the beach.”

Robles – who swam for charity with 15 more people – was taken to a nearby medical center suffering sores on his sides, his back, and his right hand.

Look The Video Of The Great White Shark Attack:

Shark attacks  Australia

In June 2016, Australian diver lost her life after a big shark attack thus increasing to two deaths from shark attacks in less than a week off the coast of Western Australia.

The 60-year-old woman, along with her 43-year-old diver, was diving off the Midari coast, about 40 km north of Perth, when she was attacked by the shark, the length of which had to exceed five meters.

A week later victims of Shark Attacks were a 16-year-old and a 14-year-old girl on a North Carolina beach, near Cape Fear, in two incidents that occurred one and a half hours apart.

According to Mirror, the 16-year-old lost his hand while the second victim of the attack lost part of her hand and suffered serious injuries to her leg.

“It was like a scene from ‘Shark Jaws‘,” says a woman who was at the point.

“I heard voices and a little later I saw someone take the girl out of the sea. A crowd gathered and tried to help. It was terrible, nightmarish, “said one of the eyewitnesses, who was on the beach at the time of the incident.

In December 2015, an Australian surfer laughed today when a shark rushed over his board at Sydney

Dean Norbert explained that he had been surfing early in the morning with two of his friends on the outskirts of the famed Bony Beach.

“I was lying down, I was preparing to roam, I wanted to sit on the plank and then the shark landed on my board. I was shocked, as you can imagine. And as soon as the shark bounced, so quickly he dived back into the water, swam to the side of one of my friends, passed under his plank and then left. It was quite surreal. It was my first shark meeting and I hope it is the last one”.

Shark Attack Hawai

 In October 2015, a ten-year-old boy, the boy, was scouring the waves on a Hawaiian beach with his board when he felt a strong bite on his right foot. In spite of the initial scent and the given shock suffered by watching a shark thirsty for blood, he did not lose his composure. He first kicked him with the wounded leg and then threw him a second to the head with the left. And by magic, the shark fled. As for ten-year-old  Raymond, he was taken to the hospital in serious condition but his life was saved.

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Shark Attacks + Video


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