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The Pleiades and the seven energy marks of the body

The Pleiades is an array of 500 stars that are relatively close to Earth, and especially in the Taurus constellation. His most famous name is “Seven Sisters” and their colours blue-white. The age of this particular array of stars is estimated at 115 million years.

The Pleiades were the daughters of Atlas and Poleon. Their names are Alcyone, Mia, Merope, Electra, Pleione, Kelheno, Taygete, Steropi and all have children with gods except Merope, who married Sisyphus.

That is the cause, why Merope is the star that is less noticeable in the sky, because she was ashamed that she loved a mortal. In another view, the star that is hidden and less noticeable, is Electra, who laments for Troya, the city of Dardanus’ son.

The first reference is founded in Chinese chronology of 2,300 BC, while in Europe we meet them in Homer’s “Odyssey” and in a poem of Hesiod from 1000 BC.

The constellation of the Pleiades served to determine the seasons in the epoch of antiquity, because its appearance in the east was at the end of May, and announced the entrance of the summer, while in the west it was the beginning of the winter.

 The ancient poet Hesiod reports the Pleiades in his works, while giving practical advice.

The seven Pleiades and the seven energy centers of the human body

The seven Pleiades correspond to the seven energy points of the Human body, and each Pleiades has different properties that are relevant to each individual part of the human body.

Indicatively, Atlas denotes man’s torque to the terrestrial and material pleasures. On the other hand, Orion symbolizes the balance between the perceptual and mental manifestation of human existence. Otherwise, Aphrodite expresses the dual moment of life and death.

The closer the Pleiades are to the Earth during their movement, the more they affect the seven points, the seven gates of the human body, which associated with specific energy centers- specific points of desires and needs.

In particular, the Pleiades affect people in the following functions:

  1. in aspects of the personality, which are related to courage and inner strength.
  2. on issues relating to reflection and to general mental functions.
  3. on issues of emotional nature, like the inner mental balance and the search for happiness.
  4. with human skills, which are related to adaptability, flexibility and with right decisions.
  5. with the inherent human torque towards freedom.
  6. with family values, values of love and mutual help.
  7. with human functions that are related to logical thinking, metaphysical quests, as well as inner self-development.

The relationship between Pleiades and the human nature is an old theory. Old as the life on Earth. Since ancient times, the Pleiades have been considered to have a significant impact on human behavior, our opinions, our thoughts, our decisions, our tendencies and our feelings.

The energy they send it out, shouldn’t be ignored. Neither in stuffs that influence on our planet, nor in the energy that effects to our bodies.

Besides, the human body is a kind of energy. A constant move in a constantly moving universe.

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The Pleiades and the seven energy marks of the body


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