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Five Habits to Cultivate your Yoga Practice

We know how important it is to have a regular Yoga practice. Study after study demonstrates that yoga heals. A regular practice can provide a myriad of benefits including:

  • strengthing our immune system
  • provides stress relief
  • aids in weight loss
  • regulating and lowering blood pressure
  • counteract depression

and more. Even so, it can be a challenge to stick with yoga when life has a hundred other demands clamoring to be met. How do you make the time for the yoga?

No. 1

Set a Schedule

The more ‘routine’ something is, the more it gets done. You don’t generally have to think about brushing your teeth or taking a shower. They are simply normal parts of the day. Bring yoga into this category. Tie it to something already in your typical activity. Maybe you can do yoga right after your morning coffee. Or maybe it’s the step before you brush your teeth at night. Put it on your calendar. Set a phone alarm for it. Just schedule it!

No. 2

Create a Reward

Yoga should be its own reward, of course, but while you are getting into the rhythm of it, tie your yoga to a treat afterwards. Maybe you can watch your favorite TV show. Have a special snack. Read the next chapter of that book. Nurture yourself with the practice then indulge yourself in the reward. How about a delicious smoothie or a latte?

No. 3

Find a Yoga Buddy

We tend to be more committed to activities when we are held accountable by someone else. If you can’t do yoga in person with someone else, consider practicing together following together via skype or zoom, or simply have them on speakerphone with you. You can talk as you go through the yoga routine. Or check in with them after each session or have a weekly call or meet-up where you spend time talking about your challenges and successes on the mat.

Don’t wait for opportunity, create it!

No. 4

Create Space

Simplify access to your yoga, create the space you need. If practicing yoga involves a thirty-minute cleaning session to clear out all the junk in the spare room, it’s far less likely that you’ll do it. Find a way to get a yoga space clear so it can be ready at a moment’s notice. If you have to travel to get to yoga, optimize how you store your gear. The easier it is to start, the more likely you are to do it.

No. 5

Find Your Yoga Style

Examine your Yoga Practice. Take the time to find what works for you. Maybe it’s something about the yoga itself that you are resisting. Are you trying a strenuous yoga style but you actually crave something peaceful and soft? Are you in a class where you feel judged because of your shape or size? It could be a different situation might be far better for you. Experiment and see how you feel. Yoga is for everyone. There is a practice that will meet your needs. Find it.

The Result

A Happier and Healthier You

Our modern life is full of thousands of distractions and tugging responsibilities. Yoga helps us find the calm center to face them all with equanimity and energy. Make the time for a regular yoga practice. You’ll find it ensures the rest of your time will be far happier and healthier.

Do you have a habit of yoga? What works for you? Do you find it difficult to practice regularly? Share your successes, challenges and tips in the comments.

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Lisa Shea
Author and Artist
Lisa Shea is a published author with over 300 books to her name. She has published both fiction and non-fiction books. Including "Make the World Better" and "Reduce Stress Instantly," as well as books on yoga.

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Five Habits to Cultivate your Yoga Practice


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