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Cooking with honey

Maybe humans figured out that Honey was an amazing food and sweetener before they started painting images of someone collecting it on cave walls more than 8,000 years ago as we can see in the image shared here from a cave in Valencia, Spain. Certainly, someone would’ve figured it out eventually. Even so, sometimes it seems like we’ve forgotten how amazing honey, nature’s sweetener really is these days, as we often substitute natural sweeteners with artificial ones. It has antibacterial properties and when sealed properly can stay fresh for thousands of years. Really that is amazing!

Honey a sweet, gooey food substance produced primarily by bees and some other related insects is produced commercially worldwide for human consumption. We all know how delicious it can be in tea or as a topping or mixed into some raw food ingredients like a bowl of berries or greek yoghurt. It’s just one of the most wonderful and beneficial and nutritious ingredients that bees produce. Lest we not forget that it is also an excellent option to use when cooking sweets and other foods too.

Cooking with honey

When using honey as a substitute for cane Sugar in cooking you will avoid the negative health effects that can occur when you cook with refined sugar. Since honey is metabolized more slowly by the body, you are less likely to get a sugar ‘high’ after eating something made with honey.

Honey gets its sweetness from the monosaccharides fructose and glucose and has about the same relative sweetness as cane sugar, however, it does not go through the same digestive process as cane sugar. Instead, honey is absorbed by the body in the small intestines, whereas cane sugar must go through an enzymatic process of conversion to glucose in the small intestines. It’s easier on the digestive system.

Winnie the Pooh with his treasure of honey, credit: Giphy

Honey can be challenging to cook with for several reasons, so many people avoid it entirely simply because they just don’t know how. However, once you know how to use honey in your favourite kitchen creations, it’s not hard to use at all.

The main hurdle to cooking with honey is that it is a liquid. Replacing sugar with honey will ruin some recipes if you don’t make allowances for the extra liquid that the honey adds. Honey also burns more easily than normal sugar. This problem is usually eliminated by cooking or baking your chosen Recipe at a slightly lower heat.

You can make the substitution with most muffins, simple quick bread loaves, and yeast bread loaves too without adjusting the recipe. Cakes, cookies and some other recipes require that you decrease the amount of liquid in the recipe for honey to work.

Since they are already somewhat liquid it is also very easy to use in pies as well, you can replace the sugar with honey. Most fruit pies call for a thickener like cornstarch, flour, tapioca or some other gelatin, so if the pie filling seems too runny, simply add a little extra thickener to the filling before you pour it into your pie shell. It’s that simple.

Sometimes it seems like we've forgotten how amazing #honey really is when we substitute it with artificial sweeteners. When stored properly it can stay fresh for thousands of years - that is amazing! No wonder Winnie the Pooh loves honey!Click To Tweet

No wonder Winnie the Pooh loved honey so much!

There are many no-cook recipes that you can use honey in as well. Check out this simple no-cook recipe with honey, peanut butter honey granola bars –

no-cook recipe with honey


Have you tried baking and cooking with honey? Let us know what your favourite honey recipe is in the comments. Visit and follow our Pinterest Recipes and Food Deliciousness board, it’s amazing….like honey…really 🙂

Recipes and food deliciousness

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Cooking with honey


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