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8 Hilariously honest comics by Sarah Anderson showing problems woman face!

We ladies know pretty well that being a woman is not easy. Be it the monthly visits of Aunt Flo or the severe mood swings we get before that, our lives are just not easy.  And the added pressure and discrimination this male dominant society puts forward only makes it worse. Well we can never expect our male counterparts to understand our issues since according to them everything to us girls comes easy! Anyway let’s chuck them for a while pretties because here we are with a number of illustrations by Sarah Anderson that will sure lighten up your mood and bring a smile to your face. These are not only funny,  but also oh so relatable!  So here you go:

1. The every morning routine!

Sarah's Scribbles

Every woman knows the morning struggle of wanting to look good but having nothing good to wear, even when our  closets are full. ( Something we all have been guilty of :D)

2.That one (or maybe more)  dress you have but never wear it.

We all have been guilty of buying that piece of clothing which made us look like a Greek Goddess in the trial room but like a bean bag when tried at home. :p

3. Searching for that special someone.

Sarah's Scribbles

We ladies know how time and money consuming process it is to getting rid of one’s body hair, and to know that this is something most of us do just to impress that one guy! So not acceptable! Well ladies find someone who loves you unconditionally irrespective of such petty issues and if you have already found them then congrats! 😉

4.And those annoying moments when this happens…. Need I say more??

Sarah's Scribbles

Now we are not against showing off our bra straps but don’t we all hate it when it gets too much and spoil the look of your outfit? Looking for that perfect top when on a shopping spree is a pain in the a$$ because what looks good is uncomfortable and that which is comfortable doesn’t look good. Complicated much? :/

5. The expectation v/s reality check!

Sarah's Scribbles

Now we ladies love to dance and most of us don’t really care about how we look while we dance. However, some of us do imagine this and expect to look sexy while showing off those moves. Well we all know the truth though! (and don’t give a fcuk about it 😀. )

6. Choosing that perfect haircut. :/

Sarah's Scribbles

Well we girls want to have long hairs but want them to be low maintenance too which is somehow not really possible. This is when choosing a haircut which is not just low maintenance but also flatters your face becomes a huge task. We love to experiment but the added horror of blunders the hairstylist may make is a risk we just can’t take because no one wants to end up looking like this :

Sarah's Scribbles

Yeah we know right! No one wants to look like a shaved mushroom after all.:D

8. And the monthly emotional rides we have!

Uhh, and the biggest enemy of us females, The CYCLE!  Yes,  the frequent monthly visits of Aunt Flo is a torture we just can’t run from. It’s not just those 5-6 days but the whole month actually is a roller coaster of emotions for us.  The PMSing which makes us undergo those terrible mood swings leaves the people in our life wondering. But no matter how much we hate it, we can’t deny the fact that we all appreciate this phenomena which makes us bud new life inside us. 🙂

But irrespective of everything we face,  we women should be immensely proud of ourselves because who else can bleed for 5 days straight and still rock at everything.  We are the makers and as Beyonce once said – WE RUN THE WORLD.  So ladies pat yourself on the back for rocking another day with grace and beauty. Hope this article brought smiles to your face.  🙂

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8 Hilariously honest comics by Sarah Anderson showing problems woman face!


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