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How to Survive Long-Haul Flight

Hi guys , how are you?
The season of vacation already started and each of us has a plan how and where to spend a vacation.
Most of us who love to travel know how long journeys to further destinations can be exhausted, and therefore our only option is the plane. However, to survive the Flight, while still enjoying it, it is not easy at all.
Today, I will share with you some useful tips on how to survive long haul flights.
So let's start …

1. Comfortable clothes

One of the first and most important things is definitely comfortable clothes. In summer, it is best to travel in a jeans and perhaps a t-shirt or shirt, while a winter sweatshirt or sweater are required, and sometimes it is well taken and blanket for the inside of the plane.
You can always change later in one of the toilets at the airport after landing so you will feel fresher.

2.Reserve a good seat

If you have the option to choose your seat, do not miss the opportunity. From my experience, I can tell you that it is very difficult to sit in one position for hours, especially if you are someone who has almost 2 meters tall just like me. The most irreconcilable feeling in the world is when people begin to lower seats and literally press your feet and knees while ignoring you when you ask  them to return the seat to a normal position.
This is one of the reasons why it is always best to choose seats that offer a little more space, and these are mainly seats on the wing of an airplane or an emergency seat.

3. Stay hydrated and avoid coffee

Caffeine will awaken you but also dehydrate, so it's best to avoid it during the summer.
Pure water in normal amounts is sufficient for hydration.

4. Always bring something to eat

Being hungry on an airplane is not a pleasant feeling at all. Most airlines offer a meal during the flight, but there are also those who do not offer anything.
Food mostly varies from really nice, tasty and warm food to dry and not so delicious mini sandwiches, all of which depends on airline companies and quality.

5. Try to sleep

The flights are really exhausting and exhausting so if you have the opportunity to relax, close your eyes and take a nap at least a little. After a little sleep, you will feel much better.
I know, it's sometimes very hard beside the irritating sound of aircraft engines, noise constants, talking people around you or even crying kids but there is a solution for it. It's best that you always have earplugs and an eye mask with you it will Help you even more than you think.

6. Move around the plane whenever you have a chance

Take the opportunity every time you go to the toilet to start walk a little bit and stretch yourself. As I have already written, it is not at all pleasant to be stiff and it is not healthy to be in one position for a long time because it can cause not only pain, but also a tremendous cramp. You do not want to spend the next few days with a cramp in the leg or some other part of the body.

7. Bring your own party

Be sure to take your headphones, laptop, phone, tablet, book, or something that will draw your attention for a long time. My advice is to put your favorite series on the tablet or download your favorite music on the phone and enjoy a few hours in something that will relax you and time will quickly pass.

8. Be sure to charge everything

Before you go on a flight, be sure to charge all your gadgets!
You do not want your tablet to go out in the middle of watching your favorite series or phone just when you decide to enjoy in your favorite music. It's a real nightmare for every passenger!

9. The hygiene kit is required

Toothbrush, some deodorant, anti-bacterial wipes, and spare clothes are something you must definitely have alongside yourself.
You do not want to wake up after a long-haul flight with bad breath and not so fresh clothes, there's nothing worse than that.

10. Don’t carry on too many stuff

Too many things mean less space for you, sometimes it's best to take what you really need.
You do not want to sit tight surounded by lots of stuff wich is taking away your sleeping space.

We all know that the trip is not such an exciting part of the holiday, but smile and stay positive, because after all, what follows after a long flight is a beautiful destination that you choose for a holiday.
Enjoy your vacation and we'll see you soon in a new post! ;)

Pozdrav drugari,kako ste?
Sezona godišnjih odmora odavno je počela i svako od nas ima neki plan kako i gde provesti odmor.
Većina nas koji volimo da putujemo znamo koliko duga putovanja na dalje destinacije umeju da iscrpe,samim tim naša jedina opcija je avion. Međutim preživeti let a pritom još i uživati u istom nije lako uopšte.
Danas ću sa vama podeliti nekoliko korisnih saveta kako preživeti dug let avionom.
Pa da počnemo...

1. Udobna odeća

Jedna od prvih i najbitnijih stvari je definitivno udobna odeća. Leti je najbolje putovati u dzinsu i možda nekoj majici ili košulji,dok zimi je obavezan duks ili džemper a ponekad je dobro poneti i ćebe zbog hlanoće unutar aviona.
Uvek se možete presvući kasnije u nekom od toaleta na aerodromu posle sletanja tako da ćete se osećati svežije.

2. Rezervišite dobro sedište

Ako imate opciju da izaberete vaše sedište ne propuštajte priliku. Iz svog iskustva vam mogu reći da je jako teško sedeti u jednim položaju satima pogotovo ako ste neko ko ima skoro 2 metra visine.Najodvratniji osećaj na svetu je kad ljudi počnu da spuštaju sedišta i bukvalno vam pritiskaju noge i kolena a pritom te ignorišu kad ih zamoliš da vrate sedište u normalan položaj.
To je jedan od razloga zašto je uvek najbolje birati sedišta koja nude malo više mesta i to su uglavnom sedišta kod krila aviona ili sedišta za slučaj hitnog izlaza.

3. Ostanite hidrirani i izbegavajte kafu

Kofein će vas probuditi ali isto tako izdehidrirati zato je najbolje izbegavati ga tokom leta.

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How to Survive Long-Haul Flight


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