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15 Different Approaches I Used To Stay Healthy #ApneTareekeSeHealthy

We start our day with our cellphones and end it with our cellphones. During the day we keep staring at our computer screen while being seated at one place. When we feel hungry we just pick up whatever bag of chips we find. We love visiting fast Food joints rather than cooking a Healthy dinner at home. Our work makes us so tired that in order to stay up and avoid falling asleep we turn to caffeine and alcohol. Our own faulty lifestyle is responsible for unhappiness, stress and diseased condition.

I have experienced in the past how my craze for fast food and my avoidance for exercise affected my health bitterly. Not only did I have unwanted and unhealthy weight gain, I found myself panting and sweating even after climbing two floors of stairs. I would skip college very often and found myself visiting the doctors clinic frequently because I kept falling sick. I have missed so many wonderful events including some concerts due to ill health.
15 Diiferent Approaches I Used To Stay Healthy.

That’s when I decided to step up and take charge of my health. I made a pledge for a healthier lifestyle. It was not easy. “No pain, No gain,” is indeed true. But in order to get good health it is important to force yourself to push harder. Being healthy is like a contract agreement you make with your body. The contract includes sacrificing things that you love, switching to a different diet, resisting temptations to eat fast food, exercising and so much more.

It wasn’t easy for me. It started out amazingly but with time my interest started fading away. I became more and more tempted to give up and switch back to my previous unhealthy lifestyle. So I decided to stay healthy in my own ways. Only when we find own ways of staying fit and heart healthy, are we able to sustain them towards our journey to stay fit and have a healthy heart.

Here are few innovative and different approaches I used to stay healthy:

1) First, I started carrying limited cash enough for my daily ticket and travelling expenses in my wallet. Whenever I would be tempted to visit any food stall or fast food joint, I would check my wallet to find not enough cash. Those days I didn’t have any credit/debit cards so I had to make do with the cash I carried. Hence, limited cash in my pocket made sure I didn’t eat any outside unwanted or unhealthy foodstuff.

2) Every alternate day I would walk home from Railway Station. My house was at an half an hour to forty five minutes walking distance away from the station. It helped me lose weight plus most of the time I would walk home with my friends or my boyfriend so I would not realize how the distance got covered amidst our talking and laughing.

3) I used to skip morning breakfast and this affected me. I made sure I had healthy homemade breakfast every morning. If breakfast wasn’t ready, I would eat a bowl full of cereal or oats or fruits but I made sure I ate something.

4) To completely bid goodbye to junk food wasn’t possible. So I let myself eat maybe one/two samosas only on Sunday’s. I made sure I just ate one or two. Lunch at fast food or restaurant joints was limited to once every two months.

5) I completely cut down coffee and soft drinks. Instead I used fresh homemade fruit juices. Water became my best friend.
15 Diiferent Approaches I Used To Stay Healthy.

6) I kept few dry fruits handy. Whenever I felt extremely hungry, I just chewed few dry fruits.

7) I started my day with “Gayatri Mantra” followed by breathing exercises and yoga stretches.

8) I made sure all my entertainment gadgets like TV, cellphones were turned off by 10 pm. I went to bed latest by 10.30 and tried to wake up by 5.30 every day.

9) Whenever I would feel stressed, I would take three deep breathes and count to 10. I helped me relax and get my focus back.

10) I cut out all the negativity from my life including negative people. Less negative people meant less nonsense to deal with and less stress.

11) Every alternate week I tried to detox myself with bitter gourd juice. It would flush the toxins out of my body and make me feel lighter.

12) In my free time, I would visit a park or a beach and spend time with nature rather than sitting in front of my computer.

13) From my TV schedule I stopped watching heavy drama based shows and switched to lighter comedy based shows. The only exception in drama based show was “Game of Thrones.”

15 Diiferent Approaches I Used To Stay Healthy.

14) I didn’t follow some heavy diet that made me starve all day. Starving only affects your health more. Rather, I believed that we should eat things in moderation.

15) Lastly, just because you are in a pink of health for quite some time doesn’t mean you should break the contract of healthy eating. This is a lifetime process and the day you break the contract you go back to phase one.

These were my little ways to have a healthy life.

I am joining Saffola #ApneTareekeSeHealthy initiative and sharing my ways of being healthy in association with BlogAdda.


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15 Different Approaches I Used To Stay Healthy #ApneTareekeSeHealthy


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