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If She Does These 12 Things Without Being Asked, She’s Definitely WORTH The Chase

There’s nothing quite like being in love, but the journey to finding it isn’t always an easy one.

Relationships can come to extreme ends, romances you thought were solid can crumble, and people you love can hurt you, and you can hurt them. When you first begin dating someone, it’s difficult to judge if they’re going to be the one for you, or whether it’s going to end in heartbreak.

As a result, guys can often hold back on a commitment until they know if this is going to be the Partner for them. While it’s impossible to look into the future and tell if this romance will go all the way, there are some signs to watch out for that can help you realize if she’s the one for you.

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No-one wants a relationship to end badly, so looking out for these little signs could save you and your partner from future heartbreak.

1. There’s No Playing Around

Game playing is a huge part of relationships, but those who aren’t willing to do that and are just honest and straight with their feelings are the winners. If she is open about liking you, honest about her feelings and makes it clear what she would like to happen, then you’re a lucky person.

2. She’s a Team Player

She’s not submissive, and she doesn’t rely on you to consistently take the lead in the relationship. She will happily make decisions and treats your relationship as teamwork rather than being a submissive partner. She will confidently share her opinions with you and is comfortable enough disagreeing with you on different topics without it becoming an issue.

3. You’re Not Her Whole Life

Her relationship is important, but it’s not her whole life and focus. She isn’t looking for a partner to define her and is happy to share her life with you, rather than making you the center of it.

4. She’s Respectful

Even in an argument name calling, insults and mudslinging are never on the agenda. Your partner treats you with the same respect they expect from you. She’s not about using your faults or mistakes to tear you down as she’s focused on building you up and helping you achieve what you want in life.

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5. You’re Not a Boyfriend Bank

She’s not with you for money and doesn’t need to see a copy of your bank statement before agreeing to go on a date.

She has her own money and if she needs something will pay for it herself. Just because you’re her boyfriend doesn’t mean you automatically become her sole source or cash and neither does she expect you to foot every bill because you’re the man.

6. She’s Independent

A sharp mind and a hungry soul, she can more than take care of herself. She tackles every problem head on and while she might turn to you for advice, doesn’t expect you to deal with every issue she has.

She’s all about standing on her own two feet building a life for herself and achieving her dreams, and if you’re lucky, you get to be part of that.

7. She Supports You

All she wants for you is your happiness and she will help you in all your endeavors and dreams. She would never want to stand in the way of your ambitions and will help you achieve your goals in any way she can. Never one to discourage you from pursuing your dreams, she’ll be the one dreaming big with you.

8. She’s Part of Your Sexual Journey

Your sex life is something you enjoy as a couple; it’s not a single experience. Whether it’s coming up with new positions, sharing fantasies or anything else, you do it together. She makes an effort to keep your sex life fun, lively and new, maintaining that spark going.

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9. You Can Lean on Her

You feel that you can turn to her with any problem or crisis and she will listen and try to help you solve them. Whatever the issue, you know she will support and help you get through anything whether it’s just grumbling about work or a more serious life issue.

10. You’ve Met Her Family and Friends

She’s relaxed about introducing you to her friends and relatives and not just that, she’s excited for you to meet them. If she’s comfortable enough to introduce you to her nearest and dearest, it means she’s clear about her feelings for you.

11. You Won’t Find Her Bitching

You have faults, everyone does, but you won’t find her bringing them up in front of you or behind your back. She respects you too much to humiliate you in front of others and is sensitive enough to know that whatever faults you have – airing them in public is not going to help.

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12. It’s a Fresh Start

There’s no emotional baggage or skeletons from previous relationships you have to deal with. Whatever has happened in the past with exes, she has addressed and is focused on you. This is good news for the future and a sign she has a healthy attitude towards her relationships, even the broken ones.

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If She Does These 12 Things Without Being Asked, She’s Definitely WORTH The Chase


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