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3 Tips For Visualization That Changed My Life: Successfully Work With The Law of Attraction

In this post, I’m going to be talking about something that challenges some peoples’ range of beliefs: The Law of Attraction. And my tips for visualization as relates to this philosophy.

This is a principle that is highly misunderstood, and because of certain texts like The Secret, it sounds too woo-woo or seemingly new age for some people to conceptualize. But in fact, this is not a new age concept at all. Many notable people of our past are documented acknowledging aspects the law of attraction:

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.  For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution. It is, strictly speaking, a real factor in scientific research.”  [From A. Einstein, Cosmic Religion: With Other Opinions and Aphorisms, p. 97 (1931).]

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, either way you are right.” – Henry Ford

“All that we are is a result of what we have thought.” – Guatama Buddha

If you’re assuming the Law of Attraction is some magical idea that gives us whatever we want in life, with no other factors that contribute to the outcome but our desire, I totally understand why it can be hard to get behind. However, there is more to the philosophy than just “believing and receiving”. The Law of Attraction strongly affects our personal growth, emotional well-being, spirituality, actions and beliefs.  Studying and considering the law of attraction has dramatically transformed my path of personal development. It forces me to assess my belief systems and monitor my emotions. It’s not about asking the Universe for what we want and receiving it; it’s about understanding yourself. It sparks massive self-reflection and requires us to monitor our actions, beliefs and decisions. (The stuff I really live for!!).

I am in no way an expert on The Law of Attraction; I just have my own perception of it and found ways for it to make sense to me. I encourage you all to do some research to become further educated on this topic. There are tons of books out there that range from spiritual point of views to science based explanations of the topic. A book I love and recommend is Follow Your Passion, Find Your Power: Everything You Need To Know About The Law of Attraction. This book really changed things for me and I continue to re-read it. (For a full list of books I love, go here). More rational minded people may find openness to the concept after learning about it from the metaphysical standpoint. I have not educated myself much on quantum physics and the Law of Attraction, but am interested to learn more about it this way. When googling “science behind the law of attraction”, there are so many conflicting ideas. Right now I’m largely using my intuition and outside influence to back up this philosophy more than anything, but am interested in learning about the quantum physical ideology behind the law of attraction eventually.

I really enjoy considering The Law of Attraction in all aspects of my life as it helps me become a better person by actively creating positive emotions and assessing my belief systems. Working with this law motivates me to be the best version of myself, so I dig it. It is our own prerogative to hold our own beliefs in life, so if you don’t resonate with this theory, no sweat. But, I encourage you to be open minded to it and how it can affect your life. One day it might just strike something inside if you continue to open yourself up to the concept.

A large part of learning how to work with the law of attraction in order to create positive life experiences for yourself is visualizing your desires. The idea is that visualization puts us into the exact emotional vibration of our desires, thus attracting situations that will produce a match to those emotions. To do this properly gets tricky and can be discouraging. If you are highly discontent with your current reality, it can be impossible to truly visualize (with higher vibe emotions) anything other than your current state of affairs.

The the overall goal of visualization is to feel positive in the present moment and evoke your desired emotions. This is why I love considering this law in my life. Whether or not you “believe” manifestation from Visualization is real, the goal of the entire practice is to get you feeling good in the present moment by assessing your current values, beliefs and feelings to see if they are in alignment with your desired state. I think feeling happy, being present and self-reflection are things we can all benefit from.

Since I take this seriously and have become more interested in how I can apply this to my life over the years, I’ve learned some things about how to make visualization easier and effective. 

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tips for visualization

3 Tips For Visualization That Changed My Life

  1. Don’t Force Thoughts or Feelings

The point of visualization is to manifest your reality by envisioning what you desire. The process of proper visualization will evoke the emotions of being in your desired state, thus attracting a physical reality to match this vibration.

My advice here is to start small. While a lot of teachings will encourage you to dream big, in my experience this often creates resistance. For example, if you are in thousands of dollars of debt and hate your job, visualizing having an abundance of money and job you love may not even be possible. Imagining yourself in this scenario doesn’t align with your current belief system, so your rational mind won’t be able to create the positive emotional feelings that would come with that reality. You’ll instead get discouraged and summon feelings of resistance, not of abundance (which is the exact opposite of what you’re trying to do.)

Instead, I suggest trying to visualize the next best thing from where you are. If you are $10,000 in debt, first imagine that you are $5,000 in debt. This is still an improvement from your current state, and I guarantee it will be easier to envision this over imagining your bank account has $1,000,000 in it. Once you become emotionally comfortable with this, your mind will open to greater change. You’ll start being optimistic about slowly improving your financial situation, and eventually you’ll then be able to imagine being $2,000 in debt, and so on. By making these small shifts in your mindset, you will create small shifts in your choices and thus your reality.

Don’t overwhelm or demotivate yourself with too big to achieve ideas. Think about what comes most natural for you to believe and work from there. For most of us, it isn’t natural to believe we are going to receive $1,000,000 if we’re currently stuck in a bunch of financial debt.

When you do notice resistance around something, that’s when time for self-reflection and assessment of beliefs sets in. Why are you uncomfortable with the idea that you can be out of debt? Get clear on this and take action towards eliminating this belief system. By practicing in this way, positive thoughts will start flowing more naturally overtime.

  1. Be Present Minded

A huge reason I love working with this law is because I don’t think of it as a quick fix to my life or short cut to my desires; I think of it as a conduit for personal growth. You attract into your life what you put out. If you are miserable, but want to be an uplifting person, you’ll never get there until you feel happy now. Figure out what you need to do in the present instead of obsessing over your hopes of the future. Take small moments to visualize, and then return to being the best version of yourself in this moment.

When in an unhappy state (internally or externally) it’s so easy to just wish for the future to come. I struggled with this for so long when I was working in jobs I hated years ago. It was SO hard for me to focus on anything but a non-existent future because I felt so dissatisfied with my present; but, doing so creating emotional feelings of yearn and angst. Our thoughts and choices made in the present plant the seeds for our growth and change in the future. It was only until I started being more present minded that I allowed change to happen.

Working with the law of attraction forces you to face the now, and do the internal work to move on to better places. It forces you to be patient with yourself and life, to have gratitude no matter what and to take the right action steps to improve your state of being. Have patience with yourself and what’s unfolding. Find beauty and enjoyment in the process. The Law of Attraction never stops working: you can always tap into it. So, there’s no need to ever feel rushed. Visualize the end goal, and then return to the steps you can take to get there now.

  1. See Yourself As a Creator: You Will Get What You Think You Deserve

We are the creators of our reality. There are outside factors that affect this for sure, but it’s our choices and mental state that produce our reality. Really tune into the fact that you are a creative being, and that your life is in your hands. I used to rely on my outside environment to dictate the path of my life, but by doing so I completely handed over my power of creating a life I desired. In order to truly visualize with success, we must believe we deserve and are capable of receiving what we want. By understanding WE are the ones who create our reality, we become more comfortable envisioning what it is we want. Don’t let thoughts of lack bring down your vibration. Become empowered by the idea that if there is something you want to change in your life, you are the one with the power to change it. What story are you telling yourself? Is it of lack? Are you telling yourself you don’t deserve what it is you desire? Or that you can’t get it because of external factors, like your upbringing or the state of our society? Get clear on what’s holding you back and then realize you can always reform your belief system. It just starts with your decision to do so.

Visualization isn’t about seeking situations outside of ourselves for fulfillment, it’s quite the opposite. Visualizing is to create positive emotions now. It’s to improve our present state and constantly seek to be best version of ourselves. That’s really what life’s all about guys. We are always in control of our life. Even when things on the outside don’t go “our way” our emotional response is what makes a situation negative or positive. By consistently seeking positive emotions, we create more for ourselves. It also results in us becoming more driven and clear about what we want in life. Assessing our emotions and beliefs on a daily basis results in steady growth. And it feels extremely empowering to realize we hold the power the influence our state of being.

I have noticed some things happen in my life that are eerily similar to thoughts I’ve had. Recognizing manifestation unfolding is a very crazy feeling. Sometimes it’s not super exact, but a lot of times things that unfold are so precise. I remember being in a float tank last summer, letting my mind wander to whatever thoughts popped up. I had some specific, unintentional visions during that float tank session, which I recently realized had all manifested during my time on Kauai. It’s actually really trippy that I foresaw certain situations so clearly before they even happened. This float tank session happened before I even knew I’d be living here. (!!)  I’ve noticed that lots of times it’s from my intuitive visualizations that manifestation most clearly occurs, but I still consciously create intentions for my future to focus on daily.

I really am no expert on the subject, but these tips for visualization continue to help me and hopefully can work for you. If you’re interested in the Law of Attraction, check out this post where I share one of my most favorite inspirational law of attraction videos.

Until Next Time and One Love To All,


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3 Tips For Visualization That Changed My Life: Successfully Work With The Law of Attraction


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