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The Best Time To Drink Kombucha

Hi Friends,

I am hyped up on coffee and cacao right now!!! Ahh. It is another gloomy day here on Kauai, but it ain’t no thang when you plan on being indoors to blog your heart out anyway. The topic I’d like to cover today is the best time to drink kombucha. I was pondering this earlier and figure if it interests me, it must interest some other wellness booch loving folk.

Kombucha is one Drink I am shamelessly addicted to. Through my passionate consumption, I’ve gotten many people to jump on the Kombucha train over the years. #proudmommoments Because of it’s health benefits and conveyed superpowers, I usually drink Kombucha 4-6 times per week. (It runs at about $5-7 per bottle on island, but Costco sells GT’s Gingerade in bulk which is amaze since my wellness habits leave my wallet skimpy much of the time.) I wanted to research the best time to drink kombucha, and the answer is it depends. There are many differing opinions and suggestions. It is all based on your health goals, unique body composition and ultimately how it makes you feel. I’ve compiled the most general and cohesive advice for the best time to drink kombucha.

Best Time To Drink Kombucha For Weight Loss

It is recommended to drink kombucha 10-15 minutes before each meal to stimulate weight loss. Kombucha is filled with probiotics that help properly rebalance gut bacteria. This healthy balance of bacteria aids in digestion, promotes nutrient absorption, and an overall healthy metabolism. The acid composition of kombucha may assist in weight loss as well. These acids help with blood sugar regulation, which affects the body’s ability to lose weight and promotes our bodies to utilize fat as fuel.

Drinking kombucha before meals is also a way to satiate hunger. According to Ayurvedic principles, sour foods tend to curb our appetites. Consuming things like apple cider vinegar, citrus fruits and kombucha are all recommended as ways to help alkalize our bodies.

Best Time To Drink Kombucha For Digestion

Kombucha is an excellent digestive aid due to it’s high levels of beneficial acid, probiotics, amino acids and enzymes. Recommendations on the best time to drink kombucha for digestion seems to be skewed. Most advocates recommend drinking kombucha on an empty stomach for optimal digestive benefits, so that the probiotics can more easily reach our large intestine, which is a good thing.

However, other people claim drinking kombucha on an empty stomach may be to harsh on our guts, and advocate drinking kombucha after or with meals instead.

In my experience, I prefer having space between food consumption and when I drink kombucha. Typically I like to drink kombucha on an empty stomach or a few hours after eating. Again, opinions differ and will best be determined by individual experimentation.

Best Time To Drink Kombucha For Energy

Due to it’s small caffeine content, kombucha can be a great source of energy. For best results, drink on an empty stomach or first thing in the morning. This will give kombucha a chance to assimilate to our bodies more. Having kombucha midday is also a great way to get a boost of energy.

The Best Time of Day To Drink Kombucha

There is no concreate answer about the best time of day to drink kombucha. Kombucha is filled with enzymes, vitamin B and probiotics that function differently for all of us. One great benefit of kombucha is that it gets us more in tune with our bodies. Some people may prefer having kombucha early in the day, and others may find having it midday helps with digestion more. Due to the small amount of caffeine, it should be avoided at night time. (Though some people claim Kombucha is a sleep aid. I typically steer clear of having Kombucha after the late afternoon). Drinking Kombucha in the morning on an empty stomach or midday works best for me. But this one is totally a personal choice.

The bottom line: Experiment, listen to your body and do what works for you. We are all unique and have different needs. Take note of how your body feels when you drink kombucha and stick with what works. At the end of the day, it’s a super healthy beverage option no matter when you decide to consume it. (All day errday if you’re like me) Each sip of booch is a treat for our body mind and soul.

I just love you like I love the booch,


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The Best Time To Drink Kombucha


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