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3 Face Masks You Need To Know About

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Last year I became incredibly addicted to the process of applying a Face Mask, so much so that it became part of my weekly routine.

Every Friday afternoon was my face mask time, or what I like to call, "Face Mask Friday". There was something so satisfying about applying a mask, chilling out for 15-20 minutes and washing it off to reveal super fresh, clean Skin. I really looked forward to my Friday face mask, which kind of marked the ending of a typical "working week" and the beginning of my time to relax. There's no way I'm not taking this routine straight into 2017... it's here to stay.

L'oreal Paris have released three new Pure Clay Masks into their skincare range and let me tell you, they're good. Really good. I didn't know what to expect from these new pots of skincare goodness, as I'd been comfortably switching up between the same two masks for the last few years. I decided to try all three out for you!

Charcoal Mask
Detoxifying + Brightening
Best for: Normal skin

If you're trying out a mask for the first time, the Charcoal mask is the one to go for. Perfect for that beginning-of-the-year skin detox, this mask contains Black Charcoal which acts like a magnet to remove impurities from the skin.

It's super satisfying to apply, due to the dark grey colour and thick creamy texture. Rather than feeling tight and pulling on the skin, it feels like it's dragging my whole face downwards in a relaxing way. The thing I find a little scary with this one is how it exaggerates your skin texture once dried. You can see through the mask to the areas with the most pores and texture, as well as the smoothest parts of your face. Quite an eye-opener!

Eucalyptus Mask
Purifying + Mattifying
Best for: Oily Skin

This mask is hands down my favourite. I thought I'd like the Charcoal one much more, as I'm not the biggest fan of Eucalyptus as a scent (or green products either), however this mask blew me away. My skin has been on the oily side during the past year, so this mask in particular is best suited to the current state of my skin. 

The scent was only strong the first time I used it, and not overly "too Eucalyptus" either. I actually enjoy the smell of it now, it has become my new calming face mask smell. What I love most though is how it works. It sets quickly on my skin and dries completely to reveal exactly where the worst of my pores are. It feels tight and starts working immediately, dragging impurities out. Once removed, my skin still has that tight feeling, while being completely shine-free. Somehow, this mask keeps my skin matte for at least 12 hours after using it. I don't know how it does it, but it's definitely mattifying!

Red Algae Mask
Exfoliating + Smoothing
Best for: Dull Skin

This mask is a fun one. The colour and texture literally feels like you're applying wet clay from the ground straight onto your skin. It has a very faint fruity scent to it, while still smelling quite clean and natural. 

It contains Red Algae extract to perform a deep cleanse, along with finely milled apricot seeds for exfoliation. If your skin is feeling somewhat dull and lacklustre, this mask will exfoliate without drying, resulting in the fresh glowing skin that lies underneath. I recommend applying this mask in circular motions onto your skin to get the full exfoliation effect. I can imagine this would be a wonderful product for the winter months!

These clay masks can be used together by applying to different areas of your face so you can target problem spots with each specific product. If you're only oily in your T-zone, try the Eucalyptus mask in that area while the Charcoal mask detoxifies your cheeks. 

Each time after rinsing off a face mask I like to spray a toner to refresh my skin. I'll let that dry and then I'll go straight in with a moisturiser. Face masks are quite ruthless in stripping oils from your skin, so you don't want risk your skin producing more oil after the use of a mask to compensate for that. No matter how clean and wonderful your skin feels afterwards, don't forget to moisturise!

All three retail for $19.95 and each contains 50ml of product within luxurious glass packaging. They have a shelf life of 12 months once opened and a little bit of product definitely goes a long way. The price is comparable to other masks on the market, although I have seen other face masks with double the product at the same price. I do believe however, it's easy to waste product when you have 100ml to use across 12 months. Face masks aren't a daily-use product, so with 50ml you're bound to gradually get through the entire tub of the Loreal clay mask before it expires.

Have you tried one of these masks yet? If not, which do you think might be best for you?


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3 Face Masks You Need To Know About


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