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Chronicle Of Thought… · 02:38 21 Jan 2018
"I don't trust easily, so when I tell you I trust you, please don't make me regret it"Trust is a dangerous game. When you started to trust someone fully, you either get a person for life or… Read More
Eli At 3 Months
Neenaland - A Person… · 02:06 21 Jan 2018
From a newborn whose abilities are limited, Elizabeth has quickly picked up new skills such as being able to sit upright and carry some of her body weight on her chunky legs. Three mont… Read More
Anime: Juuni Taisen
Tigsmatized · 17:42 20 Jan 2018
I finished watching the last episode of Juuni Taisen today and so far I’m satisfied with the ending despite some people are pissed about why the winner of the tournament chose a wish l… Read More
An Unexpected Muse |… · 11:50 20 Jan 2018
Deeper issues of a sudden moment seated deep within my soul…quiet… can you hear the stillness? Quiet… does it move within you? Into the abyss of situations shedding… Read More
Slacker (than We Ever Were)
The Slingsta · 10:56 20 Jan 2018
People fritter away their working day looking at online nonsense. We all know that. Some of us know that from doing it, and some of us from witnessing it being done. If you are one of the 3… Read More
In My Heart · 23:17 19 Jan 2018
Au Revoir AD means Goodbye Abu Dhabi! This is a short yet a heartfelt salute to the Emirates’ capital. I landed in Abu Dhabi,UAE on 25th September 2008, that’s around 9 years and… Read More
Traders Lounge – Ortigas
Say It, Nessie · 20:47 19 Jan 2018
Trader’s Lounge is located in The Tektite Towers is right at the heart of Ortigas Center and currently houses the Philippine Stock Exchange Center and several other offices, hence the… Read More
Scary Website | Scar… · 13:43 19 Jan 2018
Claustrophobia is a scary story about a text message conversation on Whatsapp between two teenage girls named Natasha and Nina. (It is based on a story by author M. Croche from Argentina.) N… Read More
All Them Witches
Doce Maldade Feminin… · 12:44 19 Jan 2018
O rock and roll é mesmo um universo musical paralelo, imenso e muito versátil. Quanto mais exploramos este universo, mais nos apaixonamos. Entre muitos subgêneros é… Read More
Alba Volante Nueva · 09:58 19 Jan 2018
Jorge EtcheverryHay que preparar un programa sustanciosoPara las próximas eleccionesSin partidos vetustos o cantinflescosSobre todo con puntos que atañan a toda la ciudadan&iac… Read More
Beautifully Glossy · 22:00 18 Jan 2018
You know what really sucks? Always being the strong one. Even strong people need someone to lean on sometimes.Just because someone is strong doesn't mean that they don't need help. Just beca… Read More
My Winter Uniform
Sassy Radish | Stori… · 21:08 18 Jan 2018
Since I started working from home again, I’ve been asked what I wear in the confines of my home office. Do I really sit around in my sweats until the afternoon? Have I splurged on styl… Read More · 08:00 18 Jan 2018
RT @KaylaPekkala: I mean, duh. -> RT @AwardsCircuit: Whatever you think about this Aziz Ansari situation, know this: People are stupid on the internet (and in real… Read More
Kelsea Ventures · 17:03 17 Jan 2018
As part of my Fashion Resolution for 2018, I decided to look into buying some new clothes. I wanted to find somewhere with cheap yet cute pieces that I could play around with.  There we… Read More
I Wonder Why, I Wond… · 16:42 17 Jan 2018
We never hear the truth from people. Period!Not unless they trust you completely and you are the one person in the world to whom they will confess. So true in the world of Facebook and other… Read More
Get The Look: Pink Winter Coat
Cheryl Shops · 16:00 17 Jan 2018
The holidays are over but we still have several months of winter left, which explains why coat-based looks are trending on my Outfit Ideas for Ageless Style Pinterest board. This w… Read More
Shizuka And Family · 14:30 17 Jan 2018
Ora bem, tenho roupa para lavar, roupa para estender, roupa para dobrar e arrumar (passar a ferro não porque a dona mais velha trata do assunto), contas para fazer, listas para atuali… Read More
The Perks Of Being D… · 09:11 16 Jan 2018
On the first night in our recent trip we were woken up by a couple next door loudly arguing in the middle of the night. There was shouting, crying and smashing things for at least 4 straight… Read More