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Soy Como Un Río
Hablamientos & Pensa… · 20:40 05 Jun 2020
Por Luis Oswaldo Bernal CorreaSoy como un río caudaloso que se acumula en la parte alta de la montaña de tanta vida que le ha llovido...Fuerte,Turbio,Arrasador...¿Pero q… Read More
Call The Cops
Jack · 17:23 05 Jun 2020
i ache for the bug juice something chronic i’m frayed and torn someone soured my dreamtime with spoiled promises i demand a lynching and e-mail conformation but in the meantime i&rsquo… Read More · 15:10 05 Jun 2020
Mighty to Save, from Hillsong via Church Online Please visit the original post if the links and video clips are not visible, or if the complete article does not appear Read More
Designed Or Destined?
Quotidian Tales · 12:39 05 Jun 2020
…a virus...challenged our potential…(and) intimidated our very existence as ‘social beings’...(but) “Maybe everyone can live beyond what they are capable of&h… Read More
Piadas De Foguete
Crazyseawolf's Blog… · 10:00 05 Jun 2020
Mais um feito histórico e os negacionistas ainda continuam dizendo que é falso, foi tudo feito com efeitos especiais dentro do estúdio da Nasa. Divirta-se com as piadas… Read More · 06:00 05 Jun 2020
RT @AlexandraErin: This thing where New York is suspending habeas corpus is really THE WHOLE THING in a nutshell. Law says the government… -> RT @KillerMartinis: So, uh, I’m… Read More
My State Of Mind · 05:58 05 Jun 2020
How To Change My Life? A question I’m sure most of us have asked ourselves ever since we hit that midlife crisis in our early years. By midlife crisis, I am talking about that Read More
Jo Guest Is Cuming
4 Low 4 Adventure · 18:00 04 Jun 2020
Shat Al Arab Hotel, Basrah Iraq 06th Jun 2005 Dear All, I am having to skulk around the hotel today as I am in trouble. One of my jobs is to control all routine movements… Read More
Musicpoint Africa · 17:50 04 Jun 2020
Bizzle comes through with another new music titled ‘Hold Me Down” You can listen to the song below and download the music. DOWNLOAD MP3 IF THIS LINK DOESN’T WORK, TRY THE O… Read More
Heinrich Kümmerle · 16:22 04 Jun 2020
Als sich die Europäischen Föderalisten 1973 nach einer ca. 17 Jahre dauernden Trennung auf europäischer Ebene wieder in einem einzigen Verband zusammenschlossen, einigten sie… Read More
How Do We Move On?
Total Abundance Proj… · 15:29 04 Jun 2020
Move on, but do it for yourself, and no one else. Do it because it is the right thing to do. Do it to heal. Do it to prove to yourself that you’re worth saving. Do it because you shoul… Read More
Madeleine Cocina | R… · 14:58 04 Jun 2020
Siempre se me ha hecho interesante cómo los extrajeros ven la cocina mexicana y la reinterpretan según los ingredientes que tienen a la mano. En el libro The Breakfast Book, Ma… Read More
I Walk Alone
Katherine Appello-In… · 06:31 04 Jun 2020 post I Walk Alone appeared first on Katherine Appello - Inspiration Read More
Cultivating A Life Of Love
Lush Fab Glam · 23:47 03 Jun 2020
Cultivating A Life Of LOVE. There's this little thing we call LOVE. I call it little because its been reduced to the act of showing kindness, compassion and care mainly to the people in our… Read More
Blue And White Striped Shirts
Summer Wind · 10:00 03 Jun 2020
I posted my summer wardrobe staples the other day and within that post, I highlighted a striped tee. I'm sure you all have noticed that I can't resist a good stripe and therefore have so man… Read More