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How Artistic Are You?
The Ascent · 15:59 25 Apr 2018
I saw this question on Quora this morning and wrote a brief response. “How artistic are you?” I feel a much longer response is justified here.How artistic are you is a different… Read More
A Cry  For Some Shade
Aahaachennai · 14:57 25 Apr 2018
A pint-sized neem saplingtrying to beat the odds,I too have a wish...In my present situation,I don't merit a second look.Some folks  haveno qualms in walkingall over me.But...there is a… Read More
My Kimono Obsession
Sassy Fashionista · 14:34 25 Apr 2018
For the past year or so, I've been really lusting after kimonos from all over the place. I just love throwing them on, no matter what the weather is like or what I'm doing. I recently lost a… Read More
Simply Stacie - Fami… · 13:00 25 Apr 2018
I was going through a drawer the other day and I found a handwritten recipe from my Grandma June for Zucchini Bread. It brought tears to my eyes because I miss her so much. I still seems unr… Read More
Happily Blended · 08:01 25 Apr 2018
The absolute worst part of debt is the stress that it can add to your life. Constant payments to manage your debt can have affects far beyond just your finances. It makes sense that so many… Read More
Shizuka And Family · 08:00 25 Apr 2018
Pôr aparelho nos dentes.Eu sei que é uma solução bastante dispendiosa, mas é super eficaz como complemento de dieta. A minha dona quando pôs o aparelh… Read More
Quale Futuro Per Gayburg?
Gayburg · 07:00 25 Apr 2018
Non bastano titoli chilometrici in cui i virgolettati vengono riportati nella loro interezza. Non bastano screenshot che mostrano le frasi nel loro intero contesto. I nostri titoli sono &laq… Read More
Daily Survival · 06:00 25 Apr 2018
Original Article from Code Name Insight by Code Name Insight When it comes to preparing for disaster, almost everything you need to do/know/learn can be found online.  There may… Read More
How To Wear All White
Cheryl Shops · 05:25 25 Apr 2018
You may have noticed that in spite of this post being titled "how to wear all white," I am not, in fact, wearing all white. I had planned my outfit that way, but as we went outside to shoot… Read More
Chasing The Wind · 20:11 24 Apr 2018
Yarrow By: Marlene Affeld Yarrow, also known as Herba Militaris, common yarrow, stanchgrass, knight’s milifoil, soldier’s woundwort, or sanguinary, is a perennial herbaceous pla… Read More
Jaqueta Jeans
Doce Maldade Feminin… · 16:04 24 Apr 2018
Item INDISPENSÁVEL para qualquer guarda-roupas, a jaqueta jeans é a melhor amiga de todo e qualquer estilo: roqueiro, patricinha, básico, esportivo, rockabilly. Temos di… Read More
Jack · 06:14 24 Apr 2018
did you insure your arsefor the greasy poleyour medical dischargeand your life on the dole?.were you taken unawaresby the changing seasonthe rise of the greedyand the death of reason?.or wer… Read More
7 Ways To Stop Stress
It Must Be My Age · 05:14 24 Apr 2018
Is stress starting to get you down? Long-term stress can have lots of negative effects – it can damage your sleep quality, create achy muscles, make your skin more reactive to spots an… Read More
Bikini Butt Workout
A Little Bit Of This… · 00:55 24 Apr 2018
work it baby, work it!I, in no way wish to infringe upon copyright. If copyrighted material is posted, it is done so by accident. Please contact me via Pinterest or Email if you have a pro… Read More
For The Fainthearted · 22:09 23 Apr 2018
Staring at a fixed light in the darkness of an April night, it seemed to move to the left. Looking away, then looking back again, the experience was repeated. Of course, the light never move… Read More
Lebanese Recipes · 22:03 23 Apr 2018
Ingredients:1 can of chick peas1 or 2 garlic cloves (garlic-lovers, feel free to add more!)3 tablespoons of tahiniSalt & pepperLemon juiceInstructions:1. In a food processor, add… Read More
Every Night Is World Book Night
The Slingsta · 18:24 23 Apr 2018
It’s April 23rd 2018, which can mean only one thing: tonight is World Book Night. A quick dredge through the silt of social media thankfully confirms that World Book Night does not ge… Read More
Adriana Duque Life C… · 15:51 23 Apr 2018
Ellos empezaronUno de los principios más exitosos que rige el mundo es el accionar sobre lo que quieren lograr, podemos estar dotados con todo tipo de Dones y Talentos, tener las idea… Read More
Apparent Non Apparen… · 21:00 22 Apr 2018
Frigid wronged vows, Broken to keep promises. Regenerating faith, Ebbing away into a mist. Fallen, Prancing blasphemy, Bellow to the great gods. Valium indexed nights, Taunting disturb… Read More
A Song's Story #7: Tainted Love
Go Retro! · 15:19 22 Apr 2018
Some songs seem so ingrained in the decade in which they were recorded that it may come as a surprise to discover they're actually a cover version of an older song. Such was the case with So… Read More