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Sustainability: A Resurgence
Aahaachennai · 06:15 25 Sep 2018
A hungry crow is sendinga silent message.I'd prefer foragingin a 'daily added' compost heapfilled with leaves, kitchen/green waste.I am happy  coz...the worms and bugs are there too.I'd… Read More
10 Marijuana Uses You Never Knew
Biggietips · 18:41 24 Sep 2018
A couple of years ago the marijuana plant was only known for being able to grow and cultivate as a herb. The only thing we knew about it was that it made you high and was a relatively safe d… Read More
In The Book Launch Post
I Just Love It Blog · 14:28 24 Sep 2018
We are delighted to announce the launch of our new website In the Book featuring a range of personalised books for children and adults. At In the Book, we’re passionate about educati… Read More
Simply Stacie - Fami… · 13:00 24 Sep 2018
This Cream of Celery Soup is a hundred times better than the canned stuff. I know it’s not as easy as throwing a can plus water into a pot, but trust me, the little extra effort is wor… Read More
Katherine Appello-In… · 18:03 23 Sep 2018 This is something that I think will be a long journey for a lot of us, one that we make intellectually at first and for a long whil… Read More
Heartschapters | Hel… · 01:01 23 Sep 2018
My favorite season of all is Autumn. Some people think of Spring as a renewal of spirit and a fresh start. Not me. For me, Fall is like coming home. Home is where your heart is, where the f… Read More
Pied Type – Old Edit… · 15:50 22 Sep 2018
Fall foliage photos are a dime a dozen in Colorado, but this one really caught my eye. I’ve tried for years to describe a brief walk I once took near Estes Park, and have always failed… Read More
Jack · 09:17 22 Sep 2018
nowhere to rest my headno cradle for my dreams I pace the lonely hoursjust bursting at the seamsI measure dusk ‘til dawnand see them back againI’ve little need for sleepI have a… Read More
Celebrate Whoops
Ann - A Friend Of Je… · 21:52 21 Sep 2018
Hello friends. (smile) Welcome Lexa and co-host L.G. Keltner @Writing Off The Edge, to Friday’s celebrate the small things. Hope all is well in your world. Praise The Lord that I&rsquo… Read More
Vida Nada Perene · 19:07 21 Sep 2018
Interessante. Normalmente somos "bombardeados" com enlatados do mundo ocidental contando a versão deles sobre guerras, terrorismo, mazelas sociais e tal. É sempre bom tentar en… Read More
Voucher Codes - Vouc… · 15:37 21 Sep 2018
Spend more than $100 on select Auto Parts Warehouse orders and enjoy free shipping and $11 off (restrictions reply). The post $11 Off $100+ appeared first on Voucher Codes Read More
Blog News Weekly · 12:57 21 Sep 2018
This post will help you get ideas, which collates a variety of  Room Divider Ideas which offer unique & creative ways to carve out your space. The post Room Divider Ideas appeared f… Read More
Beautifully Glossy · 22:00 20 Sep 2018
Hello Friday!It's been over a week without a coffee machine. The situation is dire. How did I survive before I had a coffee machine? Now I have to leave the house every day just to get coffe… Read More
Apparent Non Apparen… · 18:56 20 Sep 2018
Skinny dipping clothed, Swaying into oneself, Blissful sins, spraying onto a drink. Rented tuxes and cheap spirits, Freezing winds, Chapped lips, Wrecked over some music. Trailing the et… Read More
48 Hours In Paris
Cheryl Shops · 16:00 20 Sep 2018
I first traveled to Paris when I was 13 years old—I participated in an exchange program in middle school—and while I've been incredibly lucky to travel all over the world since t… Read More
The Shadows Of Lola · 03:13 20 Sep 2018
I’ve been away for a quite time now. Some of those days were dark. Others were normal. Some were colored as my hair stayed for a month (the most time I can spend with colored hair.) Th… Read More