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Essay sobre zoos para preparar el examen de EOI, nivel C2

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Essay sobre zoos para preparar el examen de EOI, nivel C2


Este verano estamos a tope con los writings para preparar exámenes oficiales y es por ello que comparto con vosotros hoy un Essay sobre Zoos para preparar el examen de la Escuela Oficial de Idiomas, nivel C2. El writing, que lo ha hecho Laura, está muy bien hecho, buena gramática, buen vocabulario, buenos conectores, en definitiva, un buen writing para un nivel alto como es el C2. Darle las gracias antes de nada por quererlo compartir con todos nosotros, porque como siempre digo, compartir nos hace mejores personas. Vamos allá 🙂


Not many years ago, zoos were very popular among children population being the most visited places. However, in recent years, there has been an increasing trend to think about zoos adversely. As a matter of fact, they are being banned in some cities.  Therefore, in this essay I will consider both its advantages and drawbacks.

Starting by its benefits, wildlife parks are highly important since they protect some animals from possible hardships. As a way of example, pandas are being threatened due to the lack of palm oil. Furthermore, the elephants’ ivory is being marketed at a very high price. Apart from this, zoological gardens take care of some circus animals that have been exploited to end up becoming useless for the circus business. Last but not least, scientific and research work are carried out not only to help human beings but also to keep safe some endangered species safe.

Conversely, it is crucial to know firsthand the main reasons for the ban on zoos. Firstly, it is claimed that hardly ever do animals live there in suitable conditions owing to the need of space since the enclosures are too small. Secondly, the vast majority of captive animals have abnormal repetitive behaviour (ARB) which shows itself by sitting motionless, biting themselves or swaying from side to side. Additionally, it is also commonplace for zoo animals to die prematurely, suffer from illnesses from due to inadequate care and neglect. Curiously enough, surplus animals are unwanted animals which are that way as a result of systematic overproduction by zoos. These ones are either killed or sold to other zoos or dealers.

On balance, weighing ups and downs, I believe that banning zoos would not be the best solution. Accordingly, were tougher measures taken in zoos, animals would live in far better conditions undergoing and suffer less.



  1. There has been = haber en present perfect. Si necesitas una explicación al respecto, aquí la puedes ver: there is y there are.
  2. Alto uso de adverbios que dan al writing credibilidad y nivel: adversely, highly + adjective, prematurely, Conversely, Additionally, Accordingly, etc.
  3. Passive en varias formas verbales: are being banned, are being threatened, have been exploited, are carried out, it is claimed that.
  4. Inversión con negative adverb: hardly ever do animals live there = si quieres ver una explicación sobre este punto gramatical, no dejes de ver esto: inversiones.
  5. El uso de la preposición by para indicar el cómo se hace algo: by sitting motionless.
  6. Either … or = o…o
  7. Both … and = tanto… como
  8. 2nd conditional en inversión: were tougher measures taken in zoos, animals would live… = aquí tienes otra explicación sobre la inversión en oraciones condicionales.
  9. Nouns + prepositions: ban + on.


  1. Alto uso de conectores: As a matter of fact, Furthermore, Last but not least, since, owing to, due to, as a result of, Curiously enough, On balance, etc.
  2. Buen vocabulario: hardship, useless , endangered species, motionless, it is also commonplace, swaying, weighing ups and downs, end up, the vast majority of, the lack of, threaten, exploit, be marketed, etc.


  1. Hardship = uncountable = por tanto, no plural.
  2. Cuando hablamos en general, recuerda, no the.
  3. ¿Te he hablado alguna vez de los verbos transitivos? No me acuerdo. Si es que sí, keep es un verbo transitivo, que tiene que llevar su complemento directo justo detrás, y ya después el adjetivo (safe).
  4. Suffer + from + illnesses.
  5. Undergo es sufrir pero para decir “sufrir una operación”, “sufrir un cambio”, “sufrir críticas”, etc.

Pues ya tenemos este magnífico essay explicado y detallado. Espero que te sirva para coger ideas para preparar tu examen oficial y si te ha gustado este essay y piensas que a tus amigos de redes sociales también puede interesar, no olvides hacer click en algunos de los iconos de abajo g + shareMe gusta o en Tweet para que ellos puedan verlo también. Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t (Bill Nye)

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Essay sobre zoos para preparar el examen de EOI, nivel C2


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