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2013-05-07 17:28
Ikura - Temo or DemoMeaning: No matter how much / how hard.When to use?1) Used with ku-form of adjective.Ikura hayakutemo roku ji kara ni ikitai.Hiragana: いくらは… Read More
2013-02-24 00:40
IkouMeaning: On, from..., after.When to use?1) After noun denoting point in time, followed by particle.Raigetsu ikou wa totemo isogashii desu.Hiragana: らいげつ… Read More
2012-11-02 05:58
When someone treats you for breakfast, lunch or dinner, it's a custom for Japanese people to say "Gochisou sama deshita" - ご馳走さまでした… Read More
2012-10-09 19:18
Ikenai Meaning: Have to, ought to, must not, should not.When to use?1) After te-form of verb + waAsoko de tabako wo sutte wa ikemasen.Hiragana: あそこでたӘ……Read More
2012-09-12 16:05
Ichiban Meaning: Number one, First place, First.When to use?1) Before adjective/ adverb/ nounDono pasokon ga ichiban yasui desu ka.Hiragana: どんのパソコ… Read More
2012-08-24 05:04
Ijou Meaning: More than, mentioned-above, over, no more, now that, as long as, since.When to use?1) After noun expressing length, quantity or priceSoko made iku no ni ni-jikan ijou kakarimas… Read More
2012-07-21 15:16
Hotondo Meaning: Almost, scarcely, hardly, little, few.When to use?It is commonly used in affirmative and negative sentences.1) In affirmative sentenceShiken wa hotondo owarimashita.Hiragana… Read More
2012-07-21 15:13
Igo Meaning: Since, from now on, after.When to use?1) After noun expressing timeGogo hachi ji igo ni denwa shite kudasai.Hiragana: ごごはちじいご… Read More
2012-07-21 15:13
Igai Meaning: Besides, other than, except (for), but, in addition to.When to use?It is often followed by the particle ni or wa.1) After nounNichiyoubi igai wa mainichi daigaku ni ikimasu.Hir… Read More

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