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Anger-The President-Jokowi-For-The Yuyun Killers

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Anger-The President-Jokowi-For-The Yuyun Killers

By Luqman Rimadi
on May 4, 2016 at 10:55 GMT, Jakarta - The case of sexual abuse and murder of Yuyun, a girl of 14 years in Bengkulu took a lot of public attention. Yuyun found on the brink in a state of naked and covered with wounds.

From the examination results, Yuyun allegedly suffered persecution and raped rotation. The police had to act quickly and secure the 14 suspects at once immoral acts Yuyun killer. Disturbingly, these actors majority of adolescents and there is still a student.
The President Jokowi
Ask the murder of Yuyun
 in the strict sanctions
Case Yuyun become the concern of President Jokowi. Through his official twitter account, @ jokowi, of President the 7th, the Republic of Indonesia, feel sorry by the news. "We all mourn the death Yuyun tragic," said Jokowi, Wednesday (05/04/2016). Jokowi also urged the police to investigate and give severe punishments to the perpetrators of such depraved acts. "Catch and punish severely punished," said Jokowi.

Jokowi also requested that in the future similar cases do not happen again. Therefore, the state must be present, with the sense of providing protection for children and women from various forms of violence. 
Yuyun, junior high school student in Bengkulu died after being sexually abused by 14 teenagers, who were drunk booze. After death, his body was thrown into a five-meter-deep ravine. Among the perpetrators is Yuyun seniors and still underage.

Death Case Chronology Yuyun, in The hand of 14 teenagers
Rape and murder case against Yuyun (14), resident of the village Kasie Kasubun, District Padang Ulak Slam, Rejang Lebong, Bengkulu. public continue to be highlighted. However, the chronology of events heartbreaking, yet clearly parsed.
Yuyun was killed on the way home from school.
Governmental Organization, (Light Women WCC Bengkulu) which is monitoring the case explained the chronology of what happened to 14-year-old girl. According to the Coordinator of the Women's Division of the WCC Desi Wahyu, Yuyun on the day of the event, Saturday, April 2, 2016, came home from school at about 13:30 pm.

She came back with a pedestal table and a red white flag to be washed in preparation for the flag raising ceremony on Monday. The distance between the victim's home to the school as far as 1.5 kilometers past the rubber plantation owned by residents.

As she walked, she passed with 14 perpetrators, who named Dedi Indra Muda (19), Tomi Wijaya (19), DA (17), Suket (19), Bobi (20), Faisal Edo (19), Zainal (23), Febriansyah Syahputra (18), Sulaiman (18), AI (18), EK (16) and SU (16).

The last two names are senior to the victim. One of them named EK no longer attending school in SMP Negeri 5 Padang Ulak Slam, while two other names, the BE and CH, still hunted by the police.

The perpetrators who saw Yuyun directly intercept and hold it Yuyun. Yuyun were beaten wooden head, feet and hands tied, neck strangled, then took turns sexually abused.
"There are perpetrators who repeat his actions up to 2 and 3 times," said Desi.

The perpetrators then bind and dispose of the victim's body to a 5-meter-deep ravine and covered with the leaves, naked. The autopsy report said Yuyun was dead when the rape took place.

On Sunday, April 3, the victim's parents returned from the field and immediately joined with residents, conduct a search. Until the evening, the victim has not been found. That same night, residents held a joint family prayer together at her parents' house.

On Monday, April 4, at 13:00 pm, the victim's body was discovered first by the DA (45 yrs) in the Events naked, covered in fern leaves. The position of the body lying face down and hands tied a rope from the top to the bottom of the thigh. When found, there is a severe wound bruises on the face and genitalia traces of violence on the victim.

The age of the perpetrator is doubtful
On Friday, April 8, police conducted arrest operations and arrested Dedi Indra Muda, Tomi Wijaya and DA. The next day, police arrested nine other perpetrators, including two seniors, as well as a neighbor of the victim.

April 19, Rejang Lebong district police held a reconstruction of rape and murder. A total of 65 scene reconstruction is done by bringing the perpetrators, and victims Yuyun demonstrated by the role of substitute.

"The psychological condition both parents and twin brother of the victim is very distressed and traumatized. People kept coming around and provide support," said Desi Wahyuni.

On the other hand, Light Women WCC Bengkulu asking the authorities to identify and ensure the defendants who are currently running a trial process related to the age of the accused. According to Desi, some of the seven defendants who underwent the juvenile justice system was suspected adult.

"Their faces are not convincing as children. Make sure more, not to manipulated the law," said Desi.

Desi also said the demand 10 years in prison given the Public Prosecutor in the trial of the District Court Curup Rejang Lebong totally unacceptable family. The family hopes the defendants were sentenced to life or given the death penalty.

"I try to explain to her family that our legal system is set up so, and they try to accept it," said Desi.

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Anger-The President-Jokowi-For-The Yuyun Killers


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