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Talk about ‘man-made climate change’ is causing much annoyance Up Above 😜

Jug Suraiya

God, sitting on his throne, in his corner office Up Above.  His Mantri for Earthling Affairs comes bustling in.

God: You seem very flustered, Mantriji.  What have your Earthlings been up to now that’s got you so upset?  Are they fighting another war among themselves, as they usually are?

Mantri: I’m afraid it’s a bit more than that. What with all these heat waves, and cyclones, and hurricanes, and floods, and droughts, that have been taking place on Earth, Earthlings are talking more and more about Climate change. The problem is that they’re calling it ‘man-made’ climate change.  They’re saying that it’s because of all their factories, and motor vehicles, and other machines that the climate is changing.

God: Good God!  Or, rather, Good Me! ‘Man-made’ climate change?  These Earthlings are getting too big for their boots.  Don’t they realise that, like everything else in the whole Universe, the climate belongs to Me, and that only I can change it, or do whatever I like with it?

Mantri: I’m afraid they don’t realise any such thing.  Not satisfied with infringing your copyright as the Sole Creator of Everything, through things like cloning, and gene splicing, and bioengineering, and creating life in laboratories, Earthlings are now challenging your position as the CEO of everything to do with climate, and any changes which might take place in it.

God: But dash it all, I created the darn climate, like I created everything else, so if any changes are happening in the climate, those changes are of My doing, and not the doing of mere Earthlings. Can’t they understand that?

Mantri: I’m afraid they can’t.  Though there are some of them – starting with an Earthling who has a weird hairdo and lives in a place known as The White House – who are called deniers, and who deny that there is any climate change, man-made or otherwise.

God: Denial of My-made climate change?  I’ll give them denial! Shall I send them another cyclone, or a tsunami or two, just to show them who’s in charge here?  Or shall I just let them and their wretched climate go to the devil?

Devil (popping up from Down Below): Did someone call my name?  I’m at your service….

DISCLAIMER : This article is intended to bring a smile to your face. Any connection to events and characters in real life is coincidental.

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Talk about ‘man-made climate change’ is causing much annoyance Up Above 😜


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