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A threat in a capitalist global economic environment

Samir Shukla

As Reliance has expressed its interest in entering e-commerce space, I am reading some really interesting comments from Indian liberal intellectuals on social media.

World over, every liberal intellectual always finds large corporates to be evil. As Indian Liberal Intellectuals are second to none, they too are duty-bound to be critical of Indian corporates like Reliance or Adani. So, it was no surprise that I find them to look at this move by Mukesh Ambani as one more step of “taking over India”.

If you are a thinking Indian, my drift about liberal intellectuals may have angered you by now. You must be feeling that I am a puppet of corporate lobby who fails to see the evil and exploiting intents of corporate giants; but, before you judge me, I want to ask you a question.

Can an Indian Liberal intellectual have the same thinking that a first world liberal intellectual has?

Please look around the world. The world is on the move and global economic unification is inevitable as disruptive technologies break geographical barriers.

Though, at this point in time, we are passing through some turbulence as local interests getting damaged by this disruption are agitated and are demanding protection for local interests. But, it is going to be hard for most nations, especially India, to keep their doors closed forever.

The emerging new world has capitalism as its core religion, and corporates as its new nations. A new form of war is afoot between corporates for conquering the world. So, here is the need of introduction of a new context if you are an Indian liberal intellectual.

Your first world counterpart hates the giants of the first world, so it is logical that you hate the Indian corporates too. Unfortunately, what you are missing is the fact that first world companies have already become far too huge, while Indian companies are still trying to grow to that scale.

The danger is, global unification is opening the doors for the first world MNCs to become potential aggressors that our third world companies are expected to face. So, when you hate an Indian company as you do it in case of Patanjali or Reliance, it weakens them, but it changes nothing in spirit as they would be replaced, and possibly by a foreign company doing exactly the same.

Indian liberal intellectuals who have made it a past time to be critical of Indian companies fail to recognise that they are not living in a closed socialist state but in a world opening up and discovering a new order.

So, as a nation, we need to realise that the world is not a nice place if you don’t grow in scale to be powerful enough to protect your interests. It is more choosing a lesser evil, so the age-old wisdom of “a known devil is a better than unknown angel” is worth considering.

We like it or not, practical reality is, if it is not Reliance, it would be Amazon, but there is no escape from large corporate entities running most businesses. So, pragmatic wisdom is to encourage the local companies or we are in for a yet another round of colonial occupation and exploitation.

Let us learn from the history that it has always been a dog-eats-dog world out there, and will always be; and India has always offered itself on the platter to foreign invasion by its deeply cynical self-critical approach.

If Indian liberals will fail to see this and continue undermining Indian companies, we will be sitting ducks when the tsunami of global economic unification really hits us.

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author’s own.

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A threat in a capitalist global economic environment


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