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Good Serbs Condemn Srebrenica Genocide Denial

Couresy: Srebrenica Genocide Blog


Short Intro: We wish to thank all Serbs who stand up against Srebrenica Genocide Denial, noting recent cases of NATASA KANDIC [who in September 2005 was given the title of honorary citizen of Sarajevo for her insistence on the truth about the genocide in Srebrenica], DEJAN ANASTASIJEVIC [whose life was recently targeted during a bombed attack on his Belgrade appartment], Serbian WOMEN IN BLACK [who were attacked as recently as January 23 2007 by the same hooligans who threw tear gas at the Women in Black’s protest vigil marking the tenth anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre in Republic Square in July 2005. At the time of the attack, the attackers were yelling “Knife, wire, Srebrenica”], just to name a few… The following is a story about courageous Serb journalist, Elizabeth Tadic, who attacked Srebrenica Genocide denier’s claims and hit him where it hurts the most… The following article is a testament of a courage to stand up against Srebrenica genocide denial…

On December 18 2005, one of vocal Srebrenica Genocide deniers and alleged “stalker” – Peter Robert North – posted another piece of circus-‘journalism’ to his blog titled: “Exposing SBS Bias, Censorship & Hypocrisy: Dateline’s Mike Carey Censors Posts Exposing Bill Clinton’s & NATO/EU Globalist crimes in the Balkans“. Very long title, and very ‘objective’ approach indeed. It’s sounds as scandalous as “Columbo has just discovered America!” Later, he would receive an email from Dateline’s Elizabeth Tadic, who apparently stated:

Dear Pete, I am writing in response to your post to “Dateline”. I think you have presented a very pertinent argument, one that I have also voiced in the past. I am a video journalist here at Dateline and I would like to further research this angle for a Dateline story.

I would like to speak with you further, if possible, regarding your point of view. Could you please send me you telephone number? Alternatively, I can be contacted on [phone edited by Srebrenica Genocide Blog’s Editor for privacy reasons]. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,
Elizabeth Tadic

According to Elizabeth’s biography from the Dateline’s official web site, she was:

Born in Sydney in 1972 to migrant Bosnian parents, Elizabeth Tadic graduated from the University of Technology with an Honours degree in Communications. She began her career as a reporter for 2SER FM and SBS Radio before joining the Dateline team in 1997.

Which ethnic group Elizabeth comes from is quite frankly irrelevant. What matters more is the fact that she “…won a UN Media Peace Award for her trilogy Women For Justice – a series of three Dateline stories that laid bare the plight of various women living in the harsh desert of northern Kenya to the volatile region of central Pakistan.” As Bosnian people, we are certainly proud of Elizabeth’s achievements.

Neverthless, Elizabeth was apparently instructed to contact this individual by Dateline’s executive producer – Mike Carey. Little did she know who she is getting into contact with.

According to the information from Peter Robert North’s blog, he continued correspondence with Elizabeth and Mike by sending them links to

Srebrenica genocide denial websites as references for his claims about Srebrenica genocide “HOAX.” These web sites, or “sources” were grossly one-sided and openly pro-Milosevic, pro-Serbia, anti-NATO, anti-American, anti-Islam, anti-Bosnian, anti-Globalist, and of course – they preached Srebrenica genocide denial as a central objective.

During the course of his communication with Elizabeth and Mike, Peter Robert North was tirelesly trying to convince the Dateline’s journalists that Srebrenica genocide was a “HOAX”.

It did not happen…”,Muslims bombed themselves in Sarajevo…“, “Bodies of dead were invented…“, “There is not a shred of evidence there was a massacre in Srebrenica…“, “It was all Western conspiracy against Serbia…“, “Lies, lies, and more lies…“, etc – were some of conspiracy theories relayed in the writings of Srebrenica genocide denial activists who portrayed themselves as

reliable, objective, sources.

It seems that Peter Robert North apparently wanted more than a professional relationship with Dateline’s editor, so he kept sending her personal letters – even New Year’s greetings. Apart from sending her “nasty emails”, he even publicly exposed her E-mail correspondence, phone number, and other sensitive information on his blog.

Elizabeth’s response to this clearly unstable individual [who also verbally attacked me by claiming I was “Daniel Lam” from Quebec, which I am not] was more than appropriate. In fact, it was the best piece of response anybody could give to Srebrenica genocide denial activist, and we are republishing it uncensored straight from Peter North’s another blog which he created just to “re-post” what he already posted to his “main” blog titled (pay attention to the title) “NATO/EU Globalist Crimes & Media Lies Exposed: Dateline’s Mike Carey Censors Posts Exposing Bill Clinton’s & NATO/EU Globalist crimes in the Balkans” (yeah, somewhat long title and children should probably skip this section… or maybe not):

Dear P.R. North,

Thanks for your New Year wishes for Dateline. You may be delighted to discover that my contract has not been renewed this year with Dateline, and so you will need to find some other shit-kicking, hardworking journo to annoy.

Now I wish to start my plate clean this year, and maybe even open up your eyes to your wasteful, nasty emails. I am not sure I should even bother, but if I can somehow knock some sense into that brain damaged head of yours, that would be a tiny achievement.

I once asked you for your telephone number so that we could speak and discuss your story ideas like civilised people.

You never gave me yourtelephone number but I trustingly gave you mine, as I was keen to hear more from you. But you never called me. At the time, I believed you were an intelligent person who cared about finding out a deeper truth. Instead, you have abused my trust by posting my telephone numbers, thus giving me no option but to change my numbers, and writing me countless emails like some crazed peodophile stalker. You are sick.

Your postings on the web are filled with inaccuracies and falsities, the first one being that that I am not a Serb. I have already told you this and yet you continue to print your bullshit. Not that my nationality should have any bearing on the matter, as I am not nationalistic at all. But at least have the decency to check your facts before declaring some warped truth of yours Don’t you have better things to do with your life than write untruths about journalists you have never met? I am a mere cog in this wheel (just like you although you have major fault defects) and thus have no influence on what stories get commissioned. I have no power in this regard. In fact, my contract with Dateline has not been renewed for this year, and your false ramblings have not helped my situation.

In the Balkans, you are what is called, a coward. It’s so much easier to blame and curse those with little to no power than to actually challenge the real power brokers who make the decisions. I was serious about investigating your story proposal and did actually push for it as hard as I could. But in hindsight, after receiving your countless emails, I am glad it was never commissioned, as it is no doubt filled with your distorted reality on truth rather than any fact. If there was any substance in your claims, some other reputable media outlet would have picked it up.

From your emails, I am guessing that you are an old and decrepit man who has obviously had a shit life. Usually people who have had shit lives and believe they deserved better, try to make other peoples lives shit. Or you’re a wanna-be journo, or simply a few beers short of a sixpack. Otherwise you wouldn’t waste your time targeting a honest, hardworking, young journalist who has always cared for the underdog and fought so hardfor human rights. I am only a cog in the wheel and have no power over whatstories are commissioned and am easily dispensed with.

I suggest you either apologise for your false accusations and remove my name from the post, which would help redeem yourself. Or, if you really want to have a civilised debate etc than I would be more than happy to speak with you over the phone or meet you in person. But I think you are too afraid to meet me and confront me, as you are a coward. You probably even beat your wife, girlfriend or daughter.

If you cannot realise your foolish ways, than I suggest you get some psychiatric help. Make amends now by correcting your post and removing my name, or go to the grave an angry, mean, old man who did nothing for this world but try to hinder the work of a kindhearted, caring, humanitarian. What you are doing is like attacking the Dalai Lama or Mahatma Gandhi or Nelson Mendela – as they are my role models. I will continue my fight for the poor and disenfranchised, to expose injustices, reveal truths and give voice to the underdog!

So long to Dateline and crazies like yourself!

This is my last email to you. I really hope you do something about your nasty streak and don’t die a mean old twerp.



Srebrenica Genocide Blog Editorial wishes to thank Elizabeth Tadic for her courage to stand up against Srebrenica Genocide denial propaganda, which is heavily promoted by individuals like Peter Robert North. Thank you Elizabeth and we wish you lots of success in your journalist career! *BIG HUG*

This post first appeared on Srebrenica Genocide 7/11/1995 | In Memory Of 10,00, please read the originial post: here

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Good Serbs Condemn Srebrenica Genocide Denial


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