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Tera App Trader Scam Review : Terrible Scam: Read this Review to Know the Reality. Be Aware!

Well, my friends, it seems that before we embark on what hopes to be a relaxing and stress-free weekend, I get to leave you with another scam review. Tera App Trader is the latest scam to hit the airwaves or the internet. Is this one the real deal or just on what seems likes hundreds of fraudulent trading systems that are popping up on an almost daily basis? Read my Tera Scam Review for more details.

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Tera App Scam Review

We do not have the privilege of a sales pitch video with Tera App Trader. I don’t know whether to be relieved or disappointed. Part of me is happy I don’t have to sit through another stupid slide show or overly dramatic sales video. But part of me is disappointed as some of these scam videos can indeed be quite amusing. Plus, I must admit, they give me a lot more to critique than just a simple website.

Tera App was created by a Richard Heffner. Sadly, we don’t get to “meet” Mr. Heffner as there is no video, but more about him later. Apparently, he is the founder of the Tera App Trader and claims that his software will earn you up to $440,000 a month.Tera App Trade Scam review work

First of all, my faithful readers are well aware that such claims are absolutely ludicrous. No trading software can earn you that much in such a short period of time. Even the most popular and successful trading platforms can not earn such a lofty amount in just a month. Unless of course, you have the funds to invest straight away so you can earn outrageous profits. You need to spend money to make money, folks. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. Even to play the lottery, you need to spend your own money. The only way you will get “free” money is if you happen to be the beneficiary of an enormous inheritance, and even then you have to pay taxes, legal fees and the like.Tera App Trader Scam review trading

But I digress, back to Tera App. Not that I had much to go on as even the website was pretty bland and boring. At the top, it has a place for you to enter your information such as name, email, and whatnot and then it gives a few basic facts about the software. Seriously, the creators of the Tera App Trader scam didn’t waste a lot of time throwing together a professional website, The site itself is not secure, so I wouldn’t dare enter any of my details.Tera App Trader Scam review software

Basically, they just state that Tera App is an automated trading program that uses algorithms to trade binary options. So far, nothing new or exciting. The same old claims that every other software trading system has made, scam or otherwise. According to the website (and I quote) “It is incorporated into the trading platform of your assigned broker, and therefore can be used integrally with the trading platform.” Which is basically just a bunch of mumbo jumbo. Going by this, apparently, once you sign up with Tera App, you are automatically assigned a broker. The app then connects you the whichever trading platform that broker uses. So it’s not even a trading system in and of its own right. It supposedly comes to the trades of alleged brokers.Tera App Trader Scam review f&q

Can we say total and complete bull poop? Seriously, there was absolutely NO effort put into designing this website. If I had to go by simply a first glance at the website, I wouldn’t even give it a second glance. It looks like a twelve-year-old threw it together as a class project for creative writing where they had to create a product. It’s pathetic.

According to their low budget website, Tera App is free of charge. Which we all know is a lie. No system is ever free. Sure they may not charge a monthly or yearly fee, or ask for a cut of your profits, but you must fund your trading account before you can use the software. And most systems require a deposit of at least $250. So don’t fall for any system that tells you to put away your credit card. Because you will have to take it right back out again once you create an account. More lies!Tera App Trader Scam Review sign up

I did an online search for Richard Heffner and of course, I did not find any information on him. We have no idea as to his background, training, credentials, education, trading experiences or the like. We have no company history on Tera App. They do not provide a link to custom series, a live chat feature or their company address or telephone number. So we have no way of asking them any questions about their trading system. Nor do they provide us with licensing info. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times, I never trade with a system that is not regulated by CySEC. There are just too many illegal or “gray” areas when it comes to binary options trading. It is extremely unwise to deal with a platform, trading system or broker that is not regulated by a governing body that adheres to the rules ad regulations of binary options trading.Tera App Trader Scam Alert logo

I did try to fill out the “contact us” form on the page and have not heard back, as suspected. Obviously, there is no customer support team, Richard Heffner does not exist and Tera App Corporation is just a hoax. Nothing about this app is the least bit authentic. It reeks of scam!

My Conclusion: Tera App Is A Piece of Crap!

Don’t even bother with this one, folks! Tera App is just another scam. If you sign up, they will steal your money, credit card info and probably your identity. Don’t waste a second of your time! Instead, allow me to give you my solid advice on which systems are trustworthy. Stick with me and you’ll be as success at trading binary options in no time!Tera App Trader Scam Review free


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Tera App Trader Scam Review : Terrible Scam: Read this Review to Know the Reality. Be Aware!


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