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FX Sniper Scam Review : Life-Changing Trader Software or Scam? Why not to Trust this Scam Software?

FX Sniper Scam

The world of trading never takes a break, nor do scams.  Today’s review is FX Sniper Forex Trading software by Simon Reed. Reed claims his ingenious self-created trading software can earn up to 2 grand a week trading on the Forex market. Is FX Sniper for real or just another scam, this time aimed at Forex trading? Read my FX Sniper review to find out more.FX Sniper Scam review button topFX Sniper Scam Review logo

FX Sniper Preliminary Video and Website

FX Sniper is created by Simon Reed who claims to have an extensive background in the Forex market. At least we don’t get any flashy scenes of Reed driving around in a sport or luxury vehicle or walking into a mansion. For the length of the FX, Sniper scam video is he simply sitting on a couch as he tries to sell us on his FX Sniper forex trading software.

He shows us a video recording of an interaction with one of his supposed clients, but their exchange is so bad it’s almost painful to watch. They look like they were just thrown in front of the camera and never even met until they were filming the FX Sniper scam video. The woman just babbles on almost incoherently and Reed keeps firing questions at her but doesn’t even give her time to answer. They didn’t’ even bother to rehearse. They both look extremely out of place and uncomfortable.FX Sniper Scam Review spaces

Of course, it’s because they are both obviously paid actors from or a similar site. Neither one of them sounds like they have any clue what they are even talking about. Simon Reed sounds like he is reading off of a Teleprompter thought the entire video.

He keeps stressing the fact that if we tell anyone about FX Sniper software, it will shut the site down. As well, the more people that know about FX Sniper, the less effective it will become. In other words, he is trying to cover his backside for when the system is flagged as a scam and removed from the internet. If you notice, a lot of scammers say this as well, they want to make their software sound like it’s the real deal, but basically, they know they are going to be caught within hours if not days.

He also says that FX Sniper trading software is 100% free, safe and legal. AS well, he claims that it is foolproof and will not lose a trade. However, if you scroll down to the bottom of the webpage, you will see a risk disclaimer, which basically contradicts everything he says during his sales pitch for FX Sniper trading.FX Sniper Scam Review know

And his claim that the system is free is, of course, a lie. No trading software is every free, you must always invest your own money before you can utilize any trading system. You can’t make money without investing your own money first. But Reed gives the impression the FX Sniper trading software is free. As well, no trading software, Forex or binary options trading, is 100% risk-free. There is, and always will be, an element of risk involved in trading and anyone that tells you otherwise is lying. The market fluctuates, you win some, you lose some. Yes, there are trusted trading platforms that can up the odds but no system will ever be 100% accurate. It’s a fact and don’t be swayed into believing otherwise. That’s why I am here, to give you honest advice on how to wisely invest your money.

Simon Reed says that he worked in the stock market for years but was “just getting by” and one day he befriended someone who told him about forex trading, and of course, Reed was sceptical at first. However, he then started to make a ton of money and it changed his life. He then wanted to earn even bigger profits so he wanted to find a way to beat the system. He says he “discovered” the brokers and banks are ripping people off and he wanted to put an end to this.FX Sniper Scam Review fake

Sound familiar?  Well, it should! Reed’s story is similar to about 70% of the other scams we have seen in the past. They all happen to run into someone who introduces them to the existing working of training, and although they are all sceptical at first, they later design their own genius trading software and they want to “share the love” with others. Or in other words, they want to scam people out of their hard-earned savings.

And who is Simon Reed? Of course, as with every trading system I review, I did some investigation on Reed to see if he actually exists or is he just some made up character/fake actor paid to trick innocent people into handing over their life savings.FX Sniper Scam Review easy

I found no background information on a Simon Reed that has anything to do with Forex trading, the stock market in general or FX Sniper software. He doesn’t have any social media accounts, not even a LinkedIn profile.

Reed warns us that we must take advantage of this free offer now because if word gets out, the software will lose its effectiveness and the FX Sniper website will be shut down. Of course, we all know that this is due to the fact that people will soon catch on to the fact that he’s a fraud.

The FX Sniper website is pretty basic..just the video, some stats and some random facts, Of course,  I tried to email their customer support and have yet to hear back. Nowhere on their website do they list their company info or licensing info. Again, these are both warning signs that you are about to be scammed.


My Conclusion: FX Sniper is a hoax!

Don’t waste your time or money with this one folks. Reed and his FX Sniper software are a total scam. Take my advice and trade with one of the tried and trusted systems that I have used and can highly recommend. Stick with me and you will go far in the world of financial trading. Don’t let jerks like Reed scare you away.FX Sniper Scam Review actionFX Sniper Scam review button bottom

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FX Sniper Scam Review : Life-Changing Trader Software or Scam? Why not to Trust this Scam Software?


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