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Market Filter Scam Review – Filtering Out Your Money

The internet is not an easy place to survive in for traders. With newer scam websites opening up every day, it is becoming harder to distinguish actual trading websites from fake ones. That is why today we will be reviewing Market Filter in our review so that in case you are interested in the trading platform, you can make an educated decision.

Market Filter review scam button topThe Video

As usual, there was an introductory video on display, showing a man who goes on to say how you can become a millionaire within a few months with this software. While this sounds very nice, we have to point out a few things that speak against what the man says. First off, the video is hosted by YouTube. Why a company that makes millionaires by the dozen needs to use a free service for video hosting? But since that is not exactly illegal, we cannot draw any conclusions from it.

Next is the fact that the man in the video does not provide any real information on the Market Filter Scam. All he says is that you will be given a free software that will make you thousands of dollars every day. There is no real information on how this money will be made or how exactly it will be paid. No terms of use are mentioned either. Instead, what we noted in our Market Filter review was the fact that since this is a fully automated software, you have no control over your finances. This means that even if you find one day that all of your money has been lost to a trade, you will have no way to get it back. After all, you knowingly signed up for a fully automated trading app which cannot be controlled by external forces at all.


Impossible profits

There is a counter which shows how much has been earned for the day. In order to check its authenticity, our investigators logged on to the website a little before midnight. After all, if it actually worked, the profits should reset at the count of midnight. Instead, we found that the number simply kept increasing proving that it was nothing more than a simple Market Filter scam.

Not only that, it appeared to be a simple counter which reset every time we reloaded the page. This meant it would show a profit steadily climbing up, no matter when you logged into the website. There was also a map being shown below the profits. We are not entirely sure what that meant, but as we found out for our Market Filter review, it was a simple link to the GPS data to a few random places around the world. This further goes on to show a badly designed website, made with the cheapest web designers.

market-filter-review-scam-2No Information

When you see an information stub, you expect some real information to be present. Instead, this website simply provides generic answers like you will get cutting edge software for results. Well, we already know that. As customers, we want to know how it is expected to work since we will be investing our money with them. No matter how well an automated software is, it is beyond our control. So, what exactly do they mean when they say that we are always in control of our profits? Vague statements like these simply prove the point that this is a Market Filter scam.

Market Filter review scam fake linksFake Links

The web page even appears to provide links to Facebook profiles of people who are their customer.

It even seems that you can click on the names to check out their profiles. Except for one simple hitch. None of the names are actual links. It seems like you can click on them and our investigators did just that but nothing happened. Not only that, we even decided to search the names on the social media website to see if the profiles existed. Well, we did see a few hits with the names, but none of them replied in the positive when asked if they traded online. This indicated that we were correct in assuming that the $7,000 everyday claim was a Market Filter scam after all.

market-filter-review-scam-4In this age of digital interconnection, it becomes rather easy to find out these lies.

Limited Time Window

Almost all fake trading websites seem to emphasize on how they have a very limited time to sign up. This one seems to be no different.

market-filter-review-scam-5These guys have a very interesting scheme where you can never run out of time. Sure, there is a 10:00 timer which counts down every time you open the website. But as soon as it counts down to 00:00, the timer resets to 10 minutes again. How convenient. After all, they do not want to let you go empty handed. Things like these are very common with fake websites, where they want to get you to give them your money.

Worthless FAQs

Market Filter review scam faqsThe questions section is absolutely useless.

They answer questions like “You do not need any experience” and as soon as you sign up, you start making profits. Interestingly, we noted in our Market Filter review that according to them $250 isn’t a lot of money as you are not ‘risking’ a lot. If this website guarantees a profit in thousands of dollars every day, where is the risk? To elaborate this, we decided to check out their risk disclaimer page. That is where everything became clearer.

Market Filter review scam disclaimerThey go on to clearly state that that due to the high risk, a trader can lose part or whole of his/her investment on the website. This proves without a doubt that this is a Market Filter scam. After all, you cannot lie about the risks on the risk page because then you can be sued for misinformation.

Market Filter Review – Conclusion

All in all, we can state without a doubt that this is nothing but a simple fake trading website intended to drain your money. If you are actually interested in trading online, opt for a better known trusted website instead of scams like these. Click here to subscribe to my YouTube Channel for some interesting features.

Market Filter review scam button bottom

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Market Filter Scam Review – Filtering Out Your Money


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