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HFTFINANCE Scam Review : Zero risk or maximum scam?

You might be forgiven for thinking that Hftfinance Scam reviews are few and far between. A quick Google search for the Binary Options Trader doesn’t reveal much besides the usual advertising promotions and the obligatory marketing hooray we come to expect from online traders. Which is why our team of intrepid scam hunters decided to write our own review—and as our regular readers will know—we don’t pull our punches. What follows is an honest, well-researched review which has taken into account all the facts and information from around the World Wide Web, from contacts inside the Binary Options Trading Industry and of course, other personal reviews from our loyal fan base. Read on to discover what we discovered during the course of writing our no holds barred Hftfinance Scam Review.HFTFINANCE review scam button tophftfinance-scam-review-logo


Say hello to Mr. Nice Guy

The first thing that hits you when you land on the website of HFTFINANCE is the sleek presentation video featuring a guy in a business suit. The man introduces himself as John Williams—no, not THAT John Williams—this guy is definitely not the composer of the Star Wars theme music! Nope, the man we’re seeing in the video claims to be the Founder and CEO of a renowned Wall Street company who, with the help of some expert mathematicians and software specialists has created a Binary Options Trading robot which can make its customers $15.000 every single month. And right then and there our trusty scam hunter warning bells started to ring…


Two things sprang to mind here—one the improbable earning potential and secondly, the fact that Mr. John Williams is an actor being paid to play a role. How do we know this? Simple face recognition software flagged up the actor in various places around the net—just as it did with the faces attached to the so-called customer reviews, which we found during our HFTFINANCE Scam Review to be stolen stock images taken from various social media websites from all around the World Wide Web.


If any of this shocks you, then it shouldn’t. It’s an old trick of the scam traders to pick off innocent people’s pictures from other websites and to integrate them into your own foul scheme completely without their knowledge. All it takes is a little bit of software savvy and within minutes you have a fake reviewer all set and ready to put on your site. Add a few words of barely intelligible text and you’re done. You think that’s bad enough? Wait, there’s more.


Faster than a speeding bullet?

The third detail to show up on our scam radar was that during our HFTFINANCE review we registered claims of trading frequencies from around three seconds! And as we have pointed out many times in the past—such high-speed claims never come from reputable companies. The fastest anyone working in the Binary Options Trading Industry will ever promise is a trade trigger frequency of around 30 seconds—yep, half a minute! Sounds a long time, but at least this is an honest figure.


So by now we’re barely a half way through our HFTFINANCE scam review and already most of my team are ready to pull the plug and hoist the red flag. (If you don’t mind me mixing my metaphors.) However, we have built a reputation for thorough and fair reviews, and our HFTFINANCE scam review was not going to be the exception to that rule. We persevered…onwards and upwards, right?


How Binary Options scams work

The entire goal of fake Binary options Traders is to get unsuspecting customers to sign up and make a deposit. That, in a nutshell, is how it works. The broker who receive your deposits then pays the scammers—usually by taking a slice of your money. And so it goes around and around—but the only people making money are the brokers and the scam artists themselves. Try as we might—our HFTFINANCE scam review team couldn’t shake the feeling that the company was fraudsters of the highest order. I mean, we already had four red flags:


  • Paid actor pretending to be part of the company
  • Fake reviews
  • Promises of unlikely profit levels
  • Biased reaction times for trade triggershftfinance-scam-review-testimonials


As our regular readers will know we don’t stop once we think we have a conclusion. We carry on until we know we have a conclusion. So our HFTFINANCE scam review team dug deeper and guess what? We discovered that besides the fake reviews, the company has also used fake news reporting also.


Yes, you heard right. It takes a lot of criminal energy to fabricate news links to companies like CNN, CBS, Blomberg and the British Broadcasting Company (BBC). But this is exactly what HFTFINANCE have done on their web page. But seriously, nothing escaped our HFTFINANCE scam review and our research could provide no evidence of any of the news stories being genuine. Which in turn lead us to believe that either the reports had been blatantly plagiarized or were 100% fictitious.hftfinance-scam-review-video-fake


Conclusion of our HFTFINANCE scam review

By the time the fifth red flag showed up, even our most well-meaning team members were convinced that this is a scam. We had no choice. And if we’re honest, HFTFINANCE has only itself to blame. Either they are a bona fide company with an honest to goodness trading plan but who just can’t get their message right—or they are dyed in the wool fraudsters out to pick the pockets of unsuspecting citizens. And believe me, they are not alone. After reviewing hundreds of companies just like this one, we scam hunters never cease to be amazed at how devious some of them can be.hftfinance-scam-review-while-watching-video


Our HFTFINANCE scam review uncovered the evidence. Our job here is done. All we can hope for now is that anyone interested in Binary Options Trading will read our review and come to an informed decision as to whether they want to invest their hard earned cash in a company like HFTFINANCE. The choice my friend is yours. Are you a winner or a loser?hftfinance-scam-review-terms-and-conditions


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HFTFINANCE Scam Review : Zero risk or maximum scam?


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