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Easy Daily Profits Scam Review: Easy Profits or Simple Scam?

Easy Daily Profits Scam Review

The scams just keep on coming. Everyone is trying to cash in on binary options trading software. The problem is that so many of these systems are a total sham. It seems that for every decent trading app there are at least 10-20 scams trying to compete with it. However, once you know the signs it is quite easy to spot phony trading systems. Until then, you have my Scam alerts to keep you in the loop. Easy Daily Profits is the newest culprit to hit the internet. Just another seemingly cleverly designed scam out to steal our money. Read my Easy Daily Profits Review to find out more about this fraudulent trading software.Easy Daily Profits review scam button top

Easy Daily Profits Introductory Video

The promotional video for Easy Daily Profits is simply another annoying slide show presentation where we don’t get to see the face of the presenter nor learn anything about him. I’d say that the majority of sales pitch videos that are done in this format are indeed scams. Also, they are quite boring and usually pretty short and uninformative.

Basically, it’s just a short sales pitch about how Easy Daily Profits software can change your life and start you on the “road to success.” They do mention that there is a $250 deposit required to get started. I have been seeing this a lot more lately, at least systems are honest about the initial minimum deposit. A lot of them tell you to put your credit card away, that it won’t cost you a think and then you get slammed with the deposit so I can at least say they aren’t lying about one thing.easy-daily-profits-scam-review-enter-details

However, what they aren’t telling you is that once you make that initial deposit, you will never see that money again. Not only will you not double or triple your initial investment, but you will lose every penny. That’s how these scams operate. They get as many people to make that initial deposit as possible, and then they  just “disappear” into thin air never to be seen or heard from again and we are left without our money and our credit card info is now liable to be sold as well as our email address will be sold to other such scams. Once you sign up for one of these systems, or sometimes even visit a site, you will receive endless spam for other phony systems. So be careful about how many of these systems you check out. Each time you do so, you are just opening yourself up for a lot of spam and more fake offers. This is why I have an email address set up just for my research.

Easy Daily Profit claims it can earn up to 2 grand in just a matter of days. And for a few lucky beta testers, the software is free for a limited trial. They are looking for beta testers before releasing the system to the public. (Sound familiar, same story…different scam?) and after the trial, they will relate Easy Daily  Profit trading app to the general public for no less than $15,000.easy-daily-profits-scam-review-daily-profit

That price is absolutely insane. They are just throwing some big, random price tag at us so we will think that this software is the best of the best. You should never waste your money on exorbitant prices for binary options trading software when there are so many free or low-cost systems available online.

We get no information from Easily Daily Profit video presentation as to how the software actually works. Nor do we get any information about how the company was founded or what type of algorithms they use to predict their trades. Just a standard, boring sales pitch. The video was not the least bit impressive and anyone could have thrown this presentation together in a matter of minutes. They don’t even get an “E” for effort in my book.easy-daily-profits-scam-review-3-steps

Easy Daily Profits Website

Well, at least they put some effort into the website, but to the trained eye, like mine, it’s easy to pick up on the fact that Easily Daily Profits is just a sham trading system. It has all of the common traits of other such scam sites: the sales pitch video and a place to enter your info (which will direct you to the site where they will eventually steal your money). They also put in a personal “thank you” from the supposed CEO of Easy Daily Profit, along with a few FAQ’s, some fake video testimonials, and a supposed “live trading” screen. All of these can be easily fabricated.easy-daily-profits-scam-review-profit

First of all, let’s talk about Dean Westhorpe, the CEO of Easy Daily Profit. He claims that he was asked to be a beta tester for the system, was offered a free copy on which he made improvements and now he is the CEO of the company. Does this mean he stole the software and is selling it illegally? And who exactly is Dean Westhorpe?easy-daily-profits-scam-review-fq

Obviously, the photo of Westhorpe is just a random stock photo and he is just a figurehead set up for the Easily Daily Profits scam. The video reviews are the same, fake actors from, why do you think they are using YouTube as a video source and not their own site?

I did some research on Dean Westhorpe and he does not have any social media accounts, not even a LinkedIn profile, and I could find nothing online to prove that he is the founder and CEO of Easily Daily Profits. And not to my surprise, the website nor software is licensed or regulated, always a sure sign that its a scam.

Also, they have a whole paragraph about their “Dedicated Customer Service” yet there is no link or no customer service information provided, another sign of a scam!

Conclusion: Easy Daily Profits is a Scam!

Obviously, there is nothing legitimate about Easy Daily Profits so don’t even bother checking it out. You will just be wasting your time, and quite possibly, your money. Stick with me and I’ll show you who you can trust!

Easy Daily Profits review scam button bottom

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Easy Daily Profits Scam Review: Easy Profits or Simple Scam?


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