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Aurum Tech Scam Review – The Gold Standard of scams?

Aurum is Latin for gold. Nonetheless, do not let the name fool you. We have seen a lot of great websites designed to look fully authentic, which turned out to be nothing but fakes. While it is not yet clear whether this one falls in the same category, we intend to answer that question with our Aurum Tech review. Let us start with the very first thing you see on the web page. It starts off by saying that you will get free access to the great website. This in itself is a problematic statement. Anything that claims to be ‘free’ is usually more than what appears to the eye. But we do not want to jump to conclusions yet.

Aurum Tech review scam button topaurum tech review scam carThe Introductory Video

Like any other trading website trading in Binary Options, these guys also have a full-fledged video which goes on to describe how great the website is and how well you are guaranteed to profit without revealing a single shred of useful information. We found a lot of pointers pointing to the fact that this was an Aurum Tech Scam. Let us start with the CEO of the Aurum Corp. he goes by the name of “Marco Shoemaker”. Well, we decided to conduct some background checks on the man like we always do as a part of our detailed Aurum Tech review. As expected, he has no records on the internet. Not on any social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter or even on Google. If he was indeed the revolutionary leader of such a great website reported to make millions, he should be famous.

But let us shift our focus elsewhere. After all, the guy might be a recluse who is running a multimillion dollar industry on the internet with no digital life existing. Interestingly, the video gives us subtitles as a part of helping people understand its content (although there is hardly anything worth understanding). Now, as we understand, such a successful firm would obviously hire the best in the field in order to make the video. We were going through the video when suddenly we found the word ‘logarythmic’. Frankly, we have no idea what it means. Either it is a new scientific term or they hired the cheapest video editors out in the market. This is important to note because the Aurum Tech scam knew that they would have to close up within a few months. Thus, they simply hired a cheap worker. Makes perfect business sense, right?

aurum tech review scam massive profitsUnreliable Information

Websites usually have a few badges to show their achievements. These include things like awards and such. Well, as we noted in our Aurum Tech review, these guys gave a few good looking badges. However, not only are they not linked to any other webpage, they cannot even be linked. It seems as if they are simply very badly compressed images which are featured in order to grab the attention of people visiting the website.

Another thing that we noted in our review of the Aurum Tech scam was the presence of a countdown timer which proclaimed how close we were to losing our place. We refreshed the page a few times to see if it was actually doing what it was promising. But every time we refreshed, it simply reset the clock back to 20 hours and 3 minutes. Well, what else can you expect when you hire the cheapest web developers to make a fake trading website?

aurum-tech-review-scam-3False Hope

We were quite interested in seeing that these guys were offering the chance to spend a day with the founder of the website. They might not be a scam after all. A little more prodding for our Aurum Tech review brought out the truth, though. Apparently, you get to spend a virtual day with the guy through pictures of him.

Isn’t that exciting?

aurum-tech-review-scam-4Their traders

They go on to showcase the traders who were working with them via their Facebook comments.

Except that, these profiles do not exist. For a fake web page trying to run an Aurum Tech scam, these people were pretty dumb. They should have at least checked to see if any of the people they were listing really existed. We checked and they were all fakes created by the web page for promoting their non-existent product.

aurum-tech-review-scam-5Fake News

How idiotic can these guys get? Besides the obvious bad quality of a Photoshop edit, they actually dared to list a CNN entry? Apparently, Mr. Shoemaker was listed by CNN as one of the richest Country Man. We did a thorough background check on this point. Not only does CNN not have any information on this guy, even Google shows that there is no link between CNN and the term ‘Shoemaker’. They also go on to list first page covers from Financial Times, Sky News and Nikkei Asian review to name a few. How obvious can the Aurum Tech scam get? At this point, it is becoming rather pointless to continue any further. But wait, there is more!!

aurum tech review scam tech appAll Automated

Besides the obvious slip in Grammar (what is a bit bad grammar on a financial trading website?), we were shocked by their blatant claims.

aurum tech review scam getting startedThey go on to say (with one too many secondly) that once you open your account and make your initial deposit (meaning there will be more), you are done. Of course, you are done. After all, it is essential to note in our Aurum Tech review that once you have deposited the money, chances are that you will never see it again. Since you sign up for an automated trading service, you will have nothing to say in case all you money vanishes overnight in a trade in which you had no say.

Aurum Tech Review – Conclusion

In short, the Aurum Tech is nothing but a recipe for disaster. If you are actually interested in trading online, learn to do so slowly and in steps. There is no shortcut to earning money. You have to put in the effort to get the results. Better put that effort in a place where there is a chance of some profit unlike here, where you are guaranteed to lose it all. For the best information subscribe to my YouTube Channel, click here for direct access.

Aurum Tech review scam button bottom

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Aurum Tech Scam Review – The Gold Standard of scams?


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