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Cloud Track Trader Scam Review : Not Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining:

So, I’m watching this YouTube video and there’s this guy from Cloud Track Trader telling me that all I have to do is register my email with his company and tomorrow I’ll have $1,250.00 in my bank account. Sounds easy, right? Who could resist such an amazing offer? I’ll tell you who can resist such an offer. Me, that’s who. And I’m here to tell you that you should resist it too. And here’s why–


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Checking out new software offers is my job. Especially from companies who claim to guarantee outrageous profits for their customers. I’ll admit, the job can be arduous and extremely time-consuming, and every now and again I come across a company that is so blatantly dishonest, a tiny part of me dies inside. But hey, somebody has to do it. And before I sit back and watch hundreds and perhaps even thousands of innocent investors get ripped off by unscrupulous scammers then it’s a job I will gladly do.


Why Cloud Track Trader is Too Good to be True

Where do I start? Just watching the presentation video made me cringe. Sure the guy in the video looks honest enough. And he does begin his spell with the proclamation that he is NOT selling us anything. Nope. All he’s doing is looking for partners. Only when his partners earn money does he earn money, claims Mr. Nice Guy, aka Mr. Mathew Shepard


And we’re not talking a couple of meagre bucks here. Cloud Track Trader reckons their software can provide its customers with $1,250.00 a day. Starting the very next day and lasting for the rest of their life! And as I mentioned before, all the nice man from Cloud Track wants us to do is sign up with our email address.


Now, I’m known for following my gut feelings. And there’s something about the way the neat little box where we’re supposed to enter our email add is positioned that makes me smell a rat. Most of us know by now that there is a whole illegal market out there that trades in the email id’s of innocent people. And such is the prominence of their email box it really does look like that is all Cloud Track Trader is interested in. Or to put it another way, they want your email, people.


Why is it always the Binary Options trading software?

If you want my honest answer then—I don’t know. But there’s something about this particular segment of Internet trading that seems to attract more than a fair share of scoundrels and scumbags. True, binary options is a complicated and complex market, even when the traders are good, honest and decent people. But seriously, when companies like Cloud Track Trader appear on the scene making promises of over a thousand dollars a day (every day!) then it’s clear to me how hard it must be for honest traders to make a living in this segment.


Binary options is by no means the only avenue of disrepute for all those crooks and criminals out there. Scams and dirty tricks can be found almost everywhere we look, in all markets, all trade venues and business sectors. So of course, no matter with who or what you trade, it’s always wise to keep your eyes peeled wide open!cloud-track-trader-scam-review-experts


So new and so good already? Cloud Track Trader Scam Review

During the course of my research into Cloud Track Trader, I discovered a remarkable similarity to another scam I reviewed a while back. This one was called Cloud Trader and the guy in the presentation video could have been the twin brother of Mr. Mathew Shepard. Perhaps it is? Anyway—with my suspicions pricked by the similarities I looked into the Internet history of Cloud Track Trader and discovered the company was registered just two months ago. Yup. Cloud Track Trader is just eight weeks old.


So, can someone explain to me how this more or less ‘virgin’ company can report such enormous returns for its customers? And it’s not enough that they promise over a $1000 every day—the company goes way beyond that. Cloud Track Trader claims their customers have absolutely no chance of losing. Ever. That’s right, the company boasts a 100% track record. And in all the years I’ve been doing this job, I’ve never seen anyone else make a claim as audacious as this one…cloud-track-trader-scam-review-fq


Reviews, reviews, and more reviews

Did you know you can pay people to go and write a positive review for your product? Does this shock you? Well, it doesn’t shock me. Not-any-more. A good case in point is the seemingly endless array of reviews on the Cloud Track Trader web page. One reviewer, in particular, appeared to be so impressed with the company she wrote THREE reviews, all praising the fantastic money making properties of the software. Unfortunately, the same lady appears to come from three different locations at once, so I don’t know about you—but I’d take her testimony with a large dose of salt. Not to mention the effect this has on all the other reviews on the website, but can we be sure only one of them is fake? I’m not. And neither should you


Conclusion- Cloud Track Trader Scam Review

As all my faithful readers will know, for now, I never judge a product without giving the company the benefit of the doubt. I do the research, check back with my colleagues, with other scam reviewers and trade insiders, and then sit and weigh up the evidence until I come to my own unbiased verdict.

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In the case of Cloud Track Trader, I cannot for the life of me find anything to indicate this is a legitimate company. The returns offered, the amazingly rapid pace of earnings and the fact they boast a 100% profit rating just makes it really hard for me to buy into their corporate message. I still live in hope that one day, someone will come along with a software program that really does deliver what it promises. But Cloud Track Trader isn’t it. So, I guess I’ll just keep right on looking…And if you want the latest updates, subscribe to my YouTube Channel by clicking the link.




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Cloud Track Trader Scam Review : Not Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining:


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