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Google Adsense

Dividend Portfolio began in late 2015.  Since that time, I’ve never published a guest post or ran an advertisement.  The most I’ve done was reference a few affiliate links here or there.  And, I’ve made a whopping $0.00 doing that.  Well, earlier today, I took a very small step towards achieving my goal of having multiple sources of income.  I decided to monetize by blog through Google Adsense.  I don’t expect it to make me rich, but I do hope it will help cover the cost of maintaining the blog.

Why Now?

Well, perhaps the better question is, what took me so long?  Google Adsense is a great way to add revenue to your site or blog.  It’s easy to use, and if do so responsibly, it can be financially rewarding.

In terms of why now, I was just looking for ways to make extra income.  I keep reading about side hustles and wanted to do something myself. Truthfully, every now and again I read about those bloggers who make a ton of money per month on their blogs.  Since I have a blog, I figure I could at least try to offset the cost of running Dividend Portfolio for the year.  My costs include not just the hosting fee every year, but for extras, such as the scrolling feed you see on the sidebar under, “Recent Post – Favorite Blogs.”

I don’t think I’m lucky enough to be one of those famous bloggers.  I’ve tried unsuccessfully for years to make money online.  I am really bad at it.  I don’t think in all those times I’ve made $10, or even $5.  This is the first time though where I’ve actually started and stuck to a blog.  Barring some crazy catastrophe in future, I fully expect to maintain this blog over the the next several years, or even decades.   Conceivably, during that time, my readership will have increased and hopefully so will the level of income I get from Google Adsense.

However, I wish to emphasize that while I would love to make money, the main focus on this blog is not to write posts so that you can click the ads.  If they are of value to you, great!  If not, that’s ok.  I will still be focused on documenting my journey towards financial independence through dividend growth investing.


I’ve updated my goal for 2018.  My goal is now to make $100 in Google Adsense by the end of the year.  I have no idea if this is realistic or too aggressive, but we will see.  In order to achieve this goal, I plan on doing more things that will help boost traffic to the site.  After all, I could have the greatest content in the world, but if no one is there to read it, does it really matter?

Also, I don’t plan on spamming my blog with ads.  If I write a short post, like this one, you can expect to see one Ad in the most.  If I write a longer post, which I sometimes do, I would only have at most two Ads in that post.  Finally, there will always be an Ad on the right side of the blog on each page.  I have no intention of doing much more than that.

Finally, I’m thinking about writing a set up guide.  I found that even with You Tube videos, I got stuck in the beginning part of the process.  But, I also want to ensure that all the kinks have been worked out before I do so.  We will see.

Help Needed

I do have a favor to ask.  After I placed the Ad where I thought it should go, I noticed that it doesn’t really show up in Internet Explorer 11.  And, when I use Chrome, sometimes it shows up in different places.  So, for example, even though I opted to have an Ad between the “Awarded Top 100 Dividend Blogs” logo and “Recent Post Favorite Blogs” feed, I sometimes see more ads on my screen.  When I check the site on my phone, I also see three Ads, sometimes separate Ads.

So, I’m asking you to tell me if you only see one Ad on the right hand side of the page?  This should occur right after the “Awarded Top 100 Dividend Blogs” logo.  If you have the time, could you also check it on your phone and tell me if you see one Ad or three?  Presumably, you should also see one Ad in the same place.

It may very well be that I’m not seeing mine correctly because of the computer cache, or because it just takes a while for Google Adsense to properly display on the site.  But, I just wanted to make sure.  I would ask my friends to do it, but I’m still very private with my blog.

Thanks for your help in advance.


Well, there you have it.  The last major change I made to the site was the transition from http to https, which I wrote about in my post, Dividend Portfolio Is Now More Secure.  Perhaps I should have titled this post, Dividend Portfolio Is Now More Profitable.  Maybe I will save that title for when I actually hit the $100 mark.

What do you think about my choosing to monetize the site?  Is the number of Ads I plan on using too much or too little?  Did the Ads show up in the right place on your computer and/or your phone?  Let me know your thoughts by commenting below?

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Google Adsense


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