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Future visions: Online investing business ideas and opportunities, online business opportunities, making money online, bitcoin and online investment
Smart Ways To Get Your Emails Opened
2018-03-15 02:41
Use these Smart Ways to Get Your Emails Opened I like to call it “smart ways to get your emails opened” while others may call it “Sneaky Tips to Get Your Emails Opened.&rdq&hell…Read More
2018-02-16 20:16
Lose Knowing what Exactly “Location Independent” Means and Expect Your Life to Suck! “Location independent” is a place I need to drag you to forcefully. Sorry for tha… Read More
6 Tips For Writing Great Content
2018-02-13 19:35
Writing Great Content is Never too Easy: Miss Out this Advise and You Miss Greatly – Read it to Benefit! Writing great content gives you the ability to communicate your message properl… Read More
How To Write Million Dollar Sales Copy?
2018-02-12 09:12
Don’t Release that Million Dollar Sales Copy that you Wrote Till you Read this! So, you’ve just finished writing that million dollar sales copy that sells for your new produ… Read More
Are You Waiting For The Next Step?
2018-02-09 08:59
Don’t Miss Out While Waiting for the Next Step! The next step? How many times have you not tackled anything new and waited until you knew exactly step-by-step what we’re gon… Read More
2018-01-29 10:34
Better Safe than Sorry – Avoid These 4 YouTube Video Marketing Mistakes at any Cost! You must know these 4 YouTube video marketing mistakes. Why? Because it’s wiser to be cautiou… Read More
2018-01-29 03:38
Missing these 9 Tips of Better Business Blogging Means you’re Missing Success: Don’t be left out, simply follow these 9 tips for better business blogging performance but don&rsqu&hell…Read More
What Is Content Marketing?
2018-01-18 19:42
Why Content Marketing is a Must and What Is Content Marketing? Content marketing, is it just putting up a bunch of blog posts? No, it is far from that. Content marketing is the business of r… Read More
Can You Make Money Online?
2018-01-14 19:05
Can You Make Money Online? Stripping Away The Myths Is it scary or can you make money online? A better question is: Can you still make money online? After all, hundreds of thousands tried, h… Read More
The Postman Story
2018-01-10 19:19
A Lesson Learned from the Postman Story…. This post is a unordinary lesson learned from the postman story. Each and every day of the week, there was a young postman that goes to the d… Read More
Top View: Lesson On Perspective
2018-01-09 17:41
Introducing Top View and Concept of Perspective Top view: a lesson on perspective: It explains how someone sees a situation, how they feel about a situation, their opinions of a situation, a… Read More
Add Now To All Your Campaigns
2018-01-06 07:28
Add this Word Now to All of Your Campaigns! What is it that you need to add now to all your campaigns that makes the difference? Humans are hard-wired and hard to understand for fight or to… Read More
Do You Have A Big-Fat-Hairy-_____?
2018-01-05 11:10
What is Big Fat Hairy Something? Before looking at the “big fat hairy” term, look at the term “big fat zero”. It is often used to emphasize a negative score. People m… Read More
Profitable Online Business Opportunity $90K
2018-01-03 20:27
Want to Earn $90K from a Profitable Online Business Opportunity Do you want to do one thing only and earn $90,000 online in 3 months or less? Are willing to only look at end results. i.e., H… Read More
15 Great Infographic Ideas
2018-01-02 21:47
Why do people love infographics so much? Why do they read them from top to bottom and share them on social media like candy? Maybe it’s because they’re fun to look at and read… Read More
Bitcoin For Newbies, Or… 
2018-01-01 21:16
“What’s All This Bitcoin Fuss, Anyway?” Bitcoin for Newbies Never miss an update! Subscribe to our RSS feed and please share with friends on Social Media. Utilize… Read More
You Are In Competition With Netflix
2017-12-31 00:35
Well now, that’s a sobering thought, isn’t it? And it’s not just Netflix. You are in competition with Reddit, YouTube, Amazon, social media, video games and every website… Read More
Limited = More Value
2017-12-29 20:49
Why Limited = More Value? You already know all about scarcity don’t you? The scarcer something is, the more people want it and want it bad. Never miss an update! Subscribe to our … Read More
Red + Blue Equals Action
2017-12-28 13:38
I hesitate to share this with you for two reasons: One, it’s super sneaky and ultra-powerful to let it out. Two, I’m wondering if everyone starts use this method, will it dilute… Read More
Use Faces In Your Ads To Engage Emotion
2017-12-26 16:20
People love to tell you they are logical and rational, and that they make decisions based on the facts. But what people say and what they do are two different things. Between you and me, pe… Read More
How To Change Anyone – Even Yourself
2017-12-23 06:42
You’ve been wanting to start an online business, but you keep putting it off and you don’t know where to start! Change yourself first to be able to change anyone This is How to C… Read More
How To Create A Great Value Proposition
2017-12-20 06:15
Your value proposition determines if people will bother reading about your product or close the page. If you get it right, sales can skyrocket. Get it wrong, and you’ll wonder why all… Read More
What’s In A Pen Name? Profits.
2017-12-19 04:29
I know a few readers are going to take issue with what I’m about to say. That’s okay. If you don’t like this or you think it’s morally wrong, then simply don’t… Read More
What’s In A Pen Name? Profits.
2017-12-19 04:29
I know a few readers are going to take issue with what I’m about to say. That’s okay. If you don’t like this or you think it’s morally wrong, then simply don’t… Read More
Bitcoin Business Ideas Gets You Started
2017-12-16 14:37
Finding profitable Bitcoin business ideas to get you started are not hard to come by these days. That doesn’t mean that it will be easy for you to make money, or that you are guarantee… Read More
How To Retire In 5 Years
2017-12-15 03:32
Are you willing to work like crazy for 5 years (give or take) so you can retire? If so, I’ve got a business plan for you. And I don’t care if you’re 20 or 70 – this… Read More
2017-12-06 20:03
She Earned $67k In Four Months! – How Did She Do It!? Didn’t you ask yourself, How is it possible that she could have earned $67K in four months? The other day, I came… Read More
2017-12-01 09:44
The secret to success by Socrates – a greek philosopher who lived 2,500 years ago. – he has so many fascinating stories about success. But this one is a very famous story about s… Read More
Why Most Americans End Up Broke?
2017-11-28 14:35
Not Only Why Most Americans End Up Broke! But, why most people around the world end up broke? The below text is applicable worldwide. However, over 60% of this site’s visitors are from… Read More
Fastest Way To Succeed Online Part 4
2017-11-23 22:13
The Fastest Way To Succeed Online Part 4 of the series reveals the millionaire’s online business secrets and confessions, it will introduce you to something new and different from the… Read More
Passive Income Investments
2017-11-21 19:00
Passive income Investments, we always here about it but the question is: What Exactly Are Passive Income Investments? Well passive income Investments, are the money that flows in on a regula… Read More
Fastest Way To Succeed Online Part 3
2017-11-20 20:38
This is part 3 of the series The Fastest Way To Succeed Online! I hope you are enjoying the millionaire’s “Confessions” interview series! In case you missed the previous pa… Read More
Fastest Way To Succeed Online Part 2
2017-11-18 13:42
The Fastest Way To Succeed Online Part 2 is a series of interviews with one of the most succesful peopleonline who made millions in the past 15 years. Did you watch Part 1 of the “Conf… Read More
The Fastest Way To Succeed Online Part 1
2017-11-18 00:08
What is the fastest way to succeed online? The fastest way to succeed online or in anything is to find people who’ve done what you want to do and learn their secrets… It’s… Read More
Make Money Online Without Selling
2017-11-12 15:09
Make money online without selling and do it effortlessly? Want to get started for just $35 onetime investment? Your money will PROFIT $7.80 in 15 days on autopilot (Totaling $42.80… Read More
2011-07-27 16:54
Solar photovoltaic are made of silicon. That is a great benefit to us since silicon is relatively a common element in nature. 15% of the Earth’s mass which is approximately 5.98×… Read More
2011-07-27 15:05
Solar Photovoltaic panels are made out of sand that is converted to silicon. Sand converted to silicon is cut into layers known as solar cell wafers. Chemical impurity elements such as boron… Read More
2011-07-25 19:42
Solar photovoltaic panels are also known as solar PVs; they produce electric power from solar radiation and rays from sunlight. Solar panels convert light energy to electric power by the pho… Read More
2011-07-25 19:33
There is a misunderstanding when it comes to solar panels. There are many people who think solar panels can only produce electric power. There are others who think solar panels are only used… Read More
2011-07-17 01:03
Many people don't know "how is wind formed" on Earth. For those who are eager to learn, an explanation is given below.Wind is formed by the indirect effect of the sun on the Earth’s su… Read More
2011-07-11 15:24
The wind turbine swept area is the area through which the wind strikes the wind turbine blades and causes the blades to spin. The wind spinning the blades causes the rotor to turn and genera… Read More
2011-07-10 03:34
Everybody talks about wind turbine power output, however; few people know what wind turbine output power really means or "how to calculate wind turbine power output". Formula for calculating… Read More
2011-07-06 17:18
Wind Turbine Rated Power – Wind turbine are basically rated in terms of how much power they can produce at a particular wind speed. Most manufacturers if not all will rate their wind t… Read More
2011-02-10 15:59
Wind turbine cut-out wind speed is much more important than cut-in wind speed. Wind turbine cut-out speed means, the highest predicted wind speed at which an operating wind turbine stops pro… Read More
2011-01-29 15:29
Wind turbine cut-in speed means, the lowest wind speed at which the wind turbine will start to generate noticeable electrical output power. If you were to search for a wind turbine, don't co… Read More
2011-01-28 20:26
Take a look at the wind turbine power curve below; you will notice that there are two axes, the X-axis and the Y-axis. The X-axis represents the hub wind speed in meters per second (m/s) and… Read More
2011-01-27 21:24
Wind turbines are devices that transform wind energy into mechanical energy to generate electricity. Wind turbines can have one blade or multi-blades depending on their area of application… Read More
2010-12-21 17:47
This solar air conditioning case study pertains to the sizing of an indoor solar conditioning system that uses an absorption chiller unit operating with water and lithium bromide (Li Br) for… Read More
2010-12-21 13:33
There are a lot of electronic wind speed meters on the market, however; the Davis Turbo Electronic Wind Speed Meter measures wind speed and provides maximum sensitivity and accuracy for your… Read More
2010-12-20 22:03
Variable speed drives in modern wind turbines are used to maximize wind turbine efficiency when the turbine is running below rated power and to reduce loading on the drive-train. In addit… Read More
2010-10-05 19:31
Main Equipments Required for Solar Air Conditioning As you can see from the above image and from the previous post how solar air conditioning works, there are certain things y… Read More
2010-10-05 19:20
Talking about solar air conditioning and its advantages is great. However, there are certain considerations that you have to think about before considering installation of a solar air condit… Read More
2010-04-23 20:39
The first phase of a homemade prototype Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) that was constructed in Lebanon. It stands near 6 meters high (~19.68 feet ). Made of no more than galvanized sheets… Read More

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