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About is a game of chance built around Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies. Players play against a (pseudo) random number generator by placing bets. Think lottery. A result of a bet is either a loss (player loses the coins) or a win (player gets more coins than the initial cost of a bet).Investors on the other hand provide funds (bankroll) for the game, hoping for a long-term return on their investment. is a one of the latest Bitcoin dice sites to hit the market. The overall user interface and visual aspects of the site make it look and feel very professional. For people wanting to test the site out they recommend trying the faucet and having a chat with the MOD and players on site first.

The house edge at YOLOdice is 1% which puts it in the same league of most dice sites around today. Like all good Bitcoin dice sites it is provably fair, has good levels of anonymity (no real details asked of players) and good customer service with their bitcoin talk forum account and live chat. They also have a crowdfunded bankroll that they are thinking of joining shortly.

Basic Information

SupportEmail, Live Chat
Avg. Refer , Affiliates
Min DepositNot Limit
Company TypeCasino
Licences Not Licences
Min Withdraw0.00015 BTC

Registration Process casino features one of the fastest registration processes in the industry. As a matter of fact, it will take only 15 seconds to enter the arena of casino entertainment and get the exclusive access to bonuses and promotional offers.

Simply enter your e-mail address and password in the provided web form and you’re ready to start the fun. After you have confirmed your e-mail, the only thing left is to pick the currency you will use for deposits and withdrawals. During this stage, you can also you can also use a bonus code if have any.

How to play?

  1. Set amount of your bet. It’s the amount of coins you put at stake for an individual bet. A bet is like a lottery ticket — “amount” is it’s price.Tip: you can practice with free bets. Just set amount to 0.
  2. Choose multiplier or chance. These are connected. The higher the multiplier, the lower the chance of winning. If you win your win will equal to multiplier × amount.Example: set the amount to 1 BTC. If you set multiplier to ×10, your winning chance will equal to 9.9%. The chance is low, but if you win, you win 10 BTC back.
  3. Profit from this bet would be 9 BTC.Example: set the amount to 1 BTC. If you set chance to 90%, the multiplier will set to ×1.1. That’s 9 to 1 chance to win, but the payout is small — you would only win 1.1 BTC back. Profit from winning this bet would only be 0.1 BTC.
  4. Hit Roll LO or Roll HI buttons. The game will roll a number between 0 and 999,999. If the rolled number fits into the range you choose, you win and your balance will increase.

Rakeback — get incentives for playing

Rakeback is a way to get paid for playing. Once you level-up your account you can get back up to 30% of site edge back to your balance. Rakeback starts when you reach level 7. You can then claim rakeback for everything you play till then!

Refer players and earn!

Earn referral bonus by referring new players to YOLOdice. You get a percentage of the amounts wagered by your referrals.

Bonuses offer a rakeback. After you level up your account you are then entitled to 30% of the site edge back to your balance. Players are eligible for this when they reach level 7 but once unlocked you can rakeback all bets wagered up to then.

Jackpot Rules

Your bet result (rolled number) must end with “77777” and must be a winning bet. The share of jackpot you win is proportional to your bet amount: is different for each currency and equals:

CoinfMin bet amount to win the whole jackpot
BTCf = 1000.01 BTC
LTCf = 11 LTC
DOGEf = 0.000110,000 DOGE
ETHf = 100.1 ETH

Withdraw Processed are two kinds of withdrawals: instant and batch. Instant withdrawals are processed immediately. As a result of creating a withdrawal a transaction is returned. The user can then monitor the withdrawal either in YOLOdice account history tab or via any blockchain explorer.

The only exception when an instant withdrawal is not processed immediately is when there are not enough funds in game hot wallet. For security reasons we try to keep most of the funds in cold wallet, which is controlled by an air-gapped off-line storage. Transferring funds from cold wallet is a manual process which can take from a few minutes to few hours. In such a case the withdrawal will be marked as “pending” and will be submitted to network as soon as funds are moved. User can cancel a pending withdrawal at any time.

Batch withdrawals are grouped and sent in a single transaction. The fee is lower, but it can take up to a few hours. All transactions we send have decent network fees and are targeted to be confirmed wihin next few blocks.

YOLOdice secure?

They do best. First, we help you protect your account — hacking individual accounts are much more common than hacking whole services. They offer secure logging in via message signing, 2-factor authentication, withdrawal address restrictions. They keep servers secure by the multi-layered application stack design with strict permissions and strict access control. We’ve been running a pretty popular web services for years without any breaches.

Cold wallet funds are controlled using air-gapped, off-line, encrypted cold wallet devices. Cold wallet priv keys never leave the devices. Transactions to be signed are transmitted over air (audio setup). Cold wallet is a 2-level design:

  1. first level consists of a single P2PKH address. Each device has a copy of the priv key.
  2. second level consists of a P2SH address with 4 keys. Transactions need to be signed by 2 keys. Each of the devices contains a single key, thus any transfer from deep cold wallet requires signatures from 2 devices and must be verified by 2 persons independently.

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