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The ongoing trends of Blockchain technology applications impact many small to large corporations and are disrupting various industries. At the frontier, JWC Blockchain Ventures Corporation (JWC) establishes the first decentralized platform for tokenization service with two missions: 1) connecting the two worlds of Crowdfunding and Blockchain to other advanced technologies i.e. Artificial Intelligent (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Big Data and 2) offering cryptocontributors  of any size an early access to tokenization project through a transparent mechanism of contributing to JWC portfolio companies of new disruptive opportunities. All newly created tokens from TGEs of JWC portfolio companies use token as their foundation one.

JWC aims to be one of the most active tokenization service provider dedicated to unique blockchain solution for tech innovators that answer the needs of crypto communities and can deliver positive changes to specific industries. JWC can assist Jwcventures portfolio companies to drive growth inflection in the defined markets, to deliver strategic partnerships and operational high-growth support, and to enable high-value M&A, IPOs and TGEs in EMEA, APAC and US regions. JWC searches for promising ventures with a focus on a set of vertical industries. provide finance, advisory and advanced technical support to help portfolio companies reach their highest potential. Thanks to the blockchain technology, transparency for our contributors is no longer a myth with JWC ecosystem, unlike traditional venture capital (VC).

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Multi Cryptocurrency

A complete open cross-border global payment architecture with a set of well-defined and unique blockchain service object protocols.

Reward System

A complete open cross-border global payment architecture with a set of well-defined and unique blockchain service object protocols.

Multisig Module

Companies can issue their own tokens based on JWC Token Protocol Standards to facilitate their industry solutions and loyal community growth.


The General Partner and the Jwc Fund are both recently formed and have no or limited operating
history. There can be no assurance that contributors will recover their contributed capital.
Although the members of the General Partner have formed and managed other funds that are
similar to the JWC Fund in the past, the past performance of these funds can provide no assurance
as to the performance of the JWC Fund. Further, the existence of the carried interest arrangement
may create an incentive for the General Partner to make riskier or more speculative investments
then it would otherwise make in the absence of such an arrangement.The success of the JWC Fund will depend on the availability of appropriate cooperation opportunities and the ability of the JWC Fund to identify, select, close, improve and exit that cooperation. There can be no assurance that there will be a sufficient number of suitable investment opportunities to enable the Fund to allocate all of the aggregate capital commitments in opportunities that satisfy its objectives, or that such opportunities will lead to completed investments by the JWC Fund. Identification of attractive cooperation opportunities is difficult and involves a high degree of uncertainty. The JWC Fund may participate in a limited number of investment and, as a consequence, the aggregate return on a limited partner’s investment in the JWC Fund may be substantially or completely adversely affected by the unfavorable performance of anyone’s investment.


Based in APAC, US and EU, we focus on blockchain and advanced IT & digital platforms for the
following defined industries: 1) E-commerce & FinTech, 2) Global Logistics& Transportation, 3) Biotech
& Genetics, 4) Advanced Technologies (AI, ML, and Big Data analytics), and 5) Social Value solution
projects that can positively impact billions of people around the globe, such as food distribution toward
“Zero Hunger” and Renewable Energy initiatives. Leveraging the expertise of our team as well as the ongoing disruptions in various industries caused by the application and integration of advanced technologies, JWC fund is laser-focused on identifying and cooperating in high potential companies within the above-defined industries with token contributions.


In the blockchain platform, JWC token acts as the base currency for portfolio companies and TGEs to establish and develop upon. In the TGE of a portfolio company issuing its own token, JWC tokens holder can use JWC to contribute the TGE. More importantly, the portfolio company will use JWC alongside its token in operation and daily transaction with a discount from JWC. The mechanism will incentivize higher demand for the base currency, supporting long-term increases in its price.The net profits earned from the fund will be used to buy back JWC tokens from the market (premiums of up to 20%). The contributor will have two options: 1) Exit by selling the JWC tokens at the high prevailing price or 2) Hold the JWC tokens in expectation of higher value. The fund’s managing partners will collect a 2% management fee (based on total AUM) and a 20% performance fee (incentive on returns) only after 100% of the fund is paid back.


In order to catch the explosive growth of domain industries and implement new blockchain technology to
crowdfunding, JWC established the JWC Fund. This is the tokenization service focused on technology
breakthroughs in targeted industries. Lab, on the other hand, will design and provide key technologies to portfolio companies to help them scale faster and become more capital efficient.The demand for cryptocurrency is growing exponentially. Its market capitalization was over 350 billion
USD in early December of 2017 and is now 650 billion USD in January of 2018. According to the latest
data, the number of unique active users of cryptocurrency wallets was estimated at 6M wallets and is
growing rapidly.



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