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AffiliateCoin is creating a platform to address inherent issues that exist in current Affiliate Marketing platforms. are removing sign-up and subscription fees, eliminating fraud, creating new methods for reward programs, and using machine learning and decentralized databases to create a platform that can be used by all Merchants without these fundamental problems. have detailed plans to use Affiliate Marketing for smartphones and smart devices like fridges and thermostats and are utilizing the latest technological advances from across the industry to help them reach new markets and sectors. AffiliateCoin can be used for VR, AR, wearables and location tracking, as well as offering tools to Publishers for more traditional forms of digital marketing. AffiliateCoin is about much more than just an Affiliate Marketing dashboard and will contain a whole the ecosystem of tools including print on demand, email broadcasts and the ability to purchase assets or hire copywriters/translators to aid with marketing campaigns.

When the full platform is fully developed Publishers will be able to generate websites and blogs dynamically, purchase marketing data and run sophisticated email campaigns directly from dashboard. Direct mailshots will be available sent to print partners for distribution globally. There will also be a telemarketing dashboard that will allow voice and video calls with the end user to help Publishers and Merchants promote and sell their premium products. AffiliateCoin has the ability to disrupt a multi-billion dollar industry and is looking to generate the highest Return On Investment for any digital marketing sector. are aiming to achieve an ROI of $20 for every $1 spent. In comparison the maximum Google Adwords ROI of $3.72 for every $1 spent46 makes AffiliateCoin appear extremely viable and will lead to a huge shift in the digital marketing industry.

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Basic Information

Cap 2,000 Eth 4,000 Eth 110,800 Eth
Type Soft Cap Soft Cap Hard Cap
Sale Volume 18,000,000 28,000,000 554,000,000
Sale Price 9,000 AFL per 1 Eth 7,000 AFL per 1 Eth 5,000 AFL per 1 Eth
Supply 1% 2% 57%
Minimum Buy 0.01 ETH 0.01 ETH 0.01 ETH
Maximum Buy Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bonus 80% Bonus 40% Bonus No Bonus

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Fraud – Bots, spam programs and dubious Publishers trying to defraud Merchants by click spamming and other techniques.Trust – A Publisher must trust that after directing a user to a Merchant’s website that a successful sale (or similar action) will result in them receiving a payment. The industry is ripe with Merchant/Publisher mistrust with over 22% of actions being registered as fake.10 Sign-up fees – for both Merchants and Publishers. These can run into tens of thousands of dollars and often also involve a recurring monthly fee. This high barrier to entry has pushed many small and medium businesses away from Marketing.Late/disputed payments – Most affiliate networks have issues with Merchants not paying or disputing sales. Broken offers and Voucher Codes – It is estimated that up to 80% of Voucher Codes found on the internet do not work. This is a frustrating and time-consuming issue for users. Unique codes – Unique codes given to Publishers are often harvested by other Publishers and reused to claim commission.


Fraud – Using Blockchain technology and Smart Contracts we can drastically reduce this, if not effectively eliminate it completely. Trust – This problem is absolved by the use of Blockchain technology and Smart Contracts. A successful task completion triggers execution of the Smart Contract and releases funds to the
A publisher without the need for a middleman.Sign-up fees – will have no signup fees and no monthly subscription fee. This will lower the barrier to entry and allow many more Merchants and Publishers to utilize Affiliate Marketing. Late/disputed payments – The use of Smart Contracts will eliminate this problem because payments will be automated and every transaction stored indisputably on the public ledger of the
Blockchain.Broken offers and Voucher Codes – Using Smart Contracts we can ensure that the discount codes
are active, and only grant the commission to the authorized users as defined in the Blockchain.



These are the companies that have a product or service to sell. In 2016 the retail market generated $22.049 trillion USD in sales12 and is increasing year on year. Using AffiliateCoin Merchants will be able
to market goods and services through a network of Publishers.


These are individuals and businesses that promote products and services. AffiliateCoin will use artificial intelligence techniques to match Publishers with Merchants.

End users/customers

These are the people generating revenue by purchasing products and services from Merchants.


Investments in cryptocurrency and token sales are classified as a high-risk investment and are subject to huge fluctuations in price. Investing in AffiliateCoin tokens does not guarantee that the future price of the token is going to rise and there is a risk of incurring serious losses as prices may go down as well as up. The AffiliateCoin token is a utility token and is used as an exchange tool between the Publishers and Merchants and for acquiring various digital assets on the platform. It does not provide the right to vote or the right to property in AffiliateCoin company. The platform does not translate tokens into fiat currencies and is not responsible for the fluctuation of the AffiliateCoin token if it is listed on third-party exchanges.Cryptocurrencies currently have a high volatility and little to no financial regulation and so financial losses are possible in the event of acute fluctuations in cryptocurrency or fiat currencies.

Token Distribution

Token functions

Every time a promotion or offer is created by a Merchant it is entered onto the Blockchain in exchange for time a Merchant approves a Publisher it is entered onto the Blockchain in exchange for AffiliateCoin.Every time the required action is fulfilled by the end user (click/sale/action) it is entered onto the Blockchain and the Smart Contract completes, in exchange for can use the tokens to purchase Digital assets.



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