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Crosspays Ico Review: The Self-Regulating Marketplace And Social Network

About Crosspays Ico

Crosspays is the Community of businessmen and consumers, the first self-regulating decentralized global trading marketplace in the world, the search engine, an economical and social network encompassing and including local and international B2B, B2C and C2C markets of goods, services and entertainment using blockchain technology Ethereum. Crosspays, exactly as Bitcoin, suggests the unique service in the worldwide scale and gives the opportunity to earn money for hundreds million people with an analog of mining- support of the Company’s Community.

Crosspays unites all the world markets of goods and services in one place, whereby businessmen successfully break economical barriers created by monopolies and deliver their goods directly to the end- users. The Users of the company Community would distribute and range the categories of goods and services, ads, participate in deals, moderate the system going grants in Cps Tokens, and one of the most important aspects —they directly deliver different services to themselves without enormous commission payments.

Crosspays is the first self-regulating decentralized global trading marketplace in the world, the search engine, an economical and social network encompassing and including local and international B2B, B2C and C2C markets of goods, services, and entertainment using blockchain technology Ethereum.

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Basic Information

Name: Crosspays Token, designation- (CPS)
Platform: Ethereum, standard ERC 20, open
Total number: 999 000 000, limited
Smart contract: available for audit in GitHub repository
Regulation: all unsold tokens will be burned
Price of the token:- $ 0.50
Enrollment: within 14 days per purchase

Economic Model Of Crosspays

Unlike them Crosspays is completely transparent: all internal transactions in Crosspays system are fulfilled only using blockchain technology, smart contracts and internal currency of the Crosspays Community — CPS Tokens. This lets ‘s monetize every user’s action and make Crosspays user be a beneficiary of growing market of electronic commerce, so as the advertising market. The company suggests users absolutely new economic model of relationships the concept of Economic Jusce. Its essence is simple: The income of Crosspays is being automatically distributed among active participants of the Community in proportion to their activeness in the interests of the Community.


As a payment instrument, the members of the Community use the cryptocurrency — the Crosspays token (CPS). Crosspays users can sell, buy and provide services in any cryptocurrency, but all intra-system payments are made only using CPS tokens. Therefore, each new Community User, every transaction, and action in The system increases the capitalization of the CPS token. The tokens are freely traded on exchanges, used online and offline all around the world. The economic model of Crosspays covers all the world markets of goods and services, allowing the use of CPS tokens in tens of millions successful transactions every day. Due to the global coverage of international economic markets, the operating fee in Crosspays tokens is minimal, and the income of the Community and its Users are more.

Earning Of Users

The Crosspays rank system allows Active Crosspays Users to raise their social status (rank) in the Community by independently moderating the System, regulating the economic space of Crosspays and earning CPS tokens:

  • checking the quality of goods and services provided
  • initiating smart contracts
  • resolving arising disputes
  • creating new categories of goods and services
  • by viewing, dealing ads, leaving reviews
  • checking ads, matching profiles of other users creating
  • templates for contracts and smart contracts rating
  • other users just sharing information
  • about the Crosspays community and for many other things

Big Data

Technologies of Big Data allow you to process and structure significant volumes from the constant stream of information generated by users of Crosspays. Analysis of these data using various applied technologies will allow us to solve important tasks on the daily basis from the operational development Plan of the community. For example, scaling the catalog of markets for the convenience of users in different world economic markets and the creation of an Ideal Framework. Integration of Big Data with algorithms of artificial intelligence opens up tremendous opportunities for entrepreneurs and consumers.


This type of marketing strategy is ideal for Crosspays, as it will allow Crosspays to reach the level of the largest social networks as soon as possible and even surpass them in the course of me. Crosspays significantly increases the effect of WOM-marketing, simulating every action of the User, aimed at the benefit of the Community, the system of scores, ranks and the concept of mutual Benefit. Crosspays marketing and advertising a strategy is built on bringing this simple thesis in various forms to potential Crosspays Community users all around the world. It is enough for the first ten thousand people to understand by personal example all the advantages of the Community, as the target core of the audience, Crosspays will begin growing exponentially.


This fund will be spent only for marketing, advertising and rewarding users of the complete system. After the opening of the front offices in Estonia (Tallinn), Switzerland (Geneva) and the USA (New York), the collected funds will be used to create, maintain and improve the Crosspays platform including development, operations, marketing, legal advice, finance, investment, business expansion, post-operation and further development.


The Crosspays team, like the Bitcoin team more than ten years ago, is doing everything in its power and even more so that the global trading and social economic network Crosspays starts its work as quickly as possible. As the growth and development of the platform Community depend on many factors that the platform team cannot influence, the timeframes indicated in the roadmap may vary.


The velocity of the development of the Crosspays community at the initial stage directly depends on the financial and informational support of the Users during the crowdfunding campaign. After launching the System creating a pool of the platform Community Users, we all together will significantly reduce the financial costs associated with the costs of advertising and marketing. Passing the monopolies by, Crosspays will automatically pay the Community members – the company ambassadors for advertising and information support in social and media networks.


Before buying tokens and participating in a bounty program, the system will ask you to enter the Ethereum address. CPS tokens will be transferred to this address and ONLY the owner of this address will own the CPS token. Do not specify the address received in the exchange or exchange.


You should realize that buying and storage of CPS Tokens are associated with various risks including insurmountable circumstances. Despite the fact that the command of the Crosspays Community would make every effort for a successful start this Community there is a risk that the platform won’t be able to start decentralized system functioning and present the promised services.



Crosspays Community permanently tracks the changes in control measures of regulatory bodies of different countries and different jurisdictions to reduce risks of obstacles for the development of the platform Community and its members. But those personals who purchase CPS Tokens should realize that the lawyers of the platform Community not yet in forces to change regulatory requirements and measures in relations to blockchain platform, so it could possibly damage the business model of the platform Community. So it means that both the platform Community and all its affiliates are not responsible for any direct or indirect losses caused by these changes.

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Crosspays Ico Review: The Self-Regulating Marketplace And Social Network


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