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Ethersoft Ico Review : Environmentally Sustainable Cryptocurrenncy Mining

About Ethersoft Ico

Ethersoft was formed after months of due diligence and research. A test company and website were created to determine the interest level of UK residents and businesses. Management tested the market by placing advertisements with Heron Publications. Heron publishes high gloss magazines for the Sheffield, Dronfield, and Chesterfield areas reaching an audience of over 50,000 readers. Advertisements were also placed with Johnson Publication which distributes daily and weekly newspapers to the whole of the South Yorkshire area reaching over 70,000 readers. In addition, online advertisements were placed on popular websites to test Internet user’s response.

Ethersoft has the competitive edge over startup companies and new ICOs by already being successful in the Cryptocurrency marketplace. With over 12 months of managing a successful Cryptocurrency service company and expanding a Cryptocurrency Mining operation to over 1 Peta Hash, we have proven ourselves consistently over this time period.

The company maintained an office in Chesterfield town center. After successfully testing the market by selling mining contracts and receiving a positive response, a new office location that better suited the operation was leased in South Anston.

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At Ethersoft, the company believes in turning renewable energy into Cryptocurrency by means of Cryptocurrency mining. Cryptocurrency mining is highly profitable when done on a largescale basis and it is essentially the process of turning electricity into digital assets. In today’s environment, Cryptocurrency mining is done globally. What the company offer is an eco-friendly, more profitable and renewable energy powered form of Cryptocurrency mining.


The technology is simple, controllable and has an excellent record of accomplishment. Not only is mining cryptocurrencies with renewable energy ecologically friendly, but it is also more profitable. Ethersoft mines all scalable and profitable Cryptocurrencies. The decision as to what secondary currencies to mine will be made by automated algorithms. These will choose the most profitable option available at any moment. Ethersoft is also flexible about the mining pools it uses, depending on payouts and liquidity among other factors.


Ethersoft management is already taking all necessary steps to ensure that Ethersoft is already complying with future regulations. The company offers complete transparency by allowing the platform miners and clients the opportunity to tour Ethersoft, facilities on a regular basis. Ethersoft is a static company with a physical office open to the general public Monday to Friday during normal business hours. The majority of platform clients visit the company office and conduct business on a one to one basis, which in turn allows the company to know the platform clients and keep proper records of transactions.

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Token Sale

  • Ethersoft, have secured the best available price for eco-friendly energy.
  • A business model that enables us to continuously keep the hardware updated.

Now, through the ICO of Ethersoft, a wider community can participate in this model. Tokens acquired in the Token Sale can be exchanged for mining contracts starting from Q4 2018. The company mining contracts will be based on KW/H. Ethersoft, plan to have a variety of mining packages available including:

  • ETH
  • BTC
  • Basket of altcoins (for example, ZEC, XMR) – to be determined at the time of offering
  • Any coin based on the short-medium term profitability

Successful Token

The key to a successful ICO is to have an ecosystem in place that the Tokens created by the ICO will be used in to buy services and trade goods. This will produce a value and usage for the Token. Value is determined by the number of people within the ecosystem and outside of the ecosystem that will utilize the currency for buying and trading. This provides a demand for the Token, which in turn adds a value to the Token. The Token will be used as a currency within the Ethersoft ecosystem to purchase services; such as mining packages, exchange services, and merchant accounts. Clients must first purchase Tokens in order to purchase Ethersoft services.


Industria token will be openly traded on numerous exchanges following the completion of the ICO. Ethersoft will endeavor to list Industria on the top ten exchanges within the first 60 to 90 days of the Token being made available to the public. Industria will be openly tradable just like any other cryptocurrency coin on the market

Expected Growth

Because Industria is a Token that will be used by all clients to purchase mining contracts and crypto services, the Token will have a useful feature and a value attached to the Token. Industria will be secured and collateralized by, the building and land, mining equipment, renewable energy equipment such as wind turbines, solar panels, and CHP units. At the time of this Pre ICO, Industria is being offered at 0.0075 ETH per Token. For clients that purchase during our PRE ICO, there is a 25% Bonus. We expect Industria to grow in value as our mining operations expand and we add new hardware. Ethersoft, the customer base will influence the Token due to the fact that the company clients make all purchases with Industria.

Benefits of Mining

The benefits of utilizing renewable energy to power the company’s mining operations are the key factor in long-term success for Ethersoft.

  • Less global warming
  • Improved public health
  • Inexhaustible energy
  • Stable and lower energy prices
  • Reliability and resilience


Improvements in mining hardware will be developed over the next few years. In the future, more Cryptocurrencies may try to limit ASIC mining in order to increase decentralization in the various cryptocurrency networks. In the future, more algorithms will be created for GPU mining that will add diversity and flexibility to Ethersoft, operation.This is good news for Cryptocurrencies. There is currently approximately 183,000 tons of gold above ground in the world (i.e. traceable) and there is possibly much more than this amount. This gold, mainly in possession of central banks, funds, and HNWI, as well as all known gold coins have a total value of 7.3 trillion USD.


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Ethersoft Ico Review : Environmentally Sustainable Cryptocurrenncy Mining


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