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Inktober #17 - I'll Follow

Gotta get an acapella between last and the next track,
Have no worry though you know I'll never step back,
All the collabin' always brings out the best in my rappin',
Still ecstatic the one with Quarl and I just happened,

No penguins though, might be my only woe,
But none who listen in will ever know how it really goes,
Woke up with a yawn today, go strong though,
Drop bombs! Or if not? At least little songs.

Both before and after, I've a sword to master,
Need to hone to battle, get the throne and brand some
Of you hopeless cattle, all the clones be stabbing,
People from all angles, we are known for that here

On our planet Earth. If it's a planet who knows?
And who landed first. Was it us or the foes?
Are there aliens here trying to stir distrust in our lair?
Trump may be one with that strangely changling hair but...

He said some good things in the debate.
Non-obligatory vaccines? Yeah keep us safe!
If there's ever been a plot behind this alarm arms run:
You know it's big pharm's one.

Bill Gates? Who knows, naive or a villain?
Spreading all sorts of disease for a killing?
Yet still giving to charities many million?
Maybe he's a cheat. Maybe he's a real one.

So much distrust and so much agenda.
Prop agenda with the propaganda.
And you all better know we can stop the cancer now.
But some don't want to! They gun for laws too!

Corporations these days are above the state.
Least in the USA. It's just the truth today.
If they were just real about it I would say well-played,
But they keep hiding behind their fake facades!

And keep stirring the population, keep confusing,
It's all a war but I don't know who's winning or losing,
You can't trust the news, but you need the news to tune in,
And both the main stream and alternative view is shaaady.

It's getting crazy lately.
Had a hope in the woke but the woke went asleep.
Now being woke is not being awake though so it may seem.
So twist our words till they're the great estranging.

And we've all become agents at the crazy station.
Saying no one is skewing our view.
The rest are stupid but we know the truth.
But who knows it who? Those with the closed-in view?

Open your mind! Though with this Flat Earth trend.
Being open-minded is akin with a lack of sense.
I have no shortage of conspiratorical friends.
But rational friends? They're at their ends.

But what's rational and what's conspiratorical?
CIA wrote the word and the tutorial.
Changed the world with the way that we all saw it all.
Anyone for the truth? Empty corridor.

The ones we're in dire need of we just bleed off.
If we don't believe in all they see.
And the balance of society, this Sea Saw.
Is now all too light on one knee.

We're divided in fractions and bastions.
Ready to battle each other with interactions.
Never discuss what's true with mutual trust,
And respect. Different views. Take the step.

And try out something new! Entertain.
The thought that you're crazy and everyone else is sane.
May not be so easy always, but you see what I'm sayin'?
Make it a motto. An anthem. A retrain.

To challenge yourself. To challenge your worldview.
It's the only way you can really go further! Nurture the future.
Be more of an observer and a learner, less of a commuter. Or computer!
Life's no fun till you do stir the brew and

Move Earth.

I'll follow. You first.

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Inktober #17 - I'll Follow


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