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Fragment Of A Dystopian Dream

I dreamt I was in some sort of a zombie Apocalypse. Or maybe more like vampire apocalypse, like Daybreakers? Or was it just a regular apocalypse, where the enemies were other humans, and not more supernatural fiends?

Whichever it was we were all holed up in a large building complex in the middle of... I don't know where. It was so big it was more like a neighborhood than just a building, with a ceiling so high it was more like a skylight, but I don't remember seeing the sky, and if there were trees there they certainly weren't many. I don't remember the ground being dirt either. Maybe it was a form of shopping mall.

There was definitely one large shop there in which we scavenged our Food, and I remember one bit where we were talking about how long it'd last, and everyone was walking around rummaging through the items available; taking what they needed. There was no panic. It was the regular order of the day: just scavenge what you need. Some lady was taking a large batch of caviar. I found some interesting little cookies hidden away on a shelf - they reminded me of something but I'm not sure what. Something I'd tried.

The food wouldn't last forever, but it didn't seem like that big a problem. The bigger problem seemed like being able to eat all the food before it went bad. And how did we keep the refrigerators running? We must have had some form of power too.

Outside the shop everything was divided up in fractions. We all hid our own rooms, or sections, and there was one particularly pompous part of the building that served as headquarters. At the end of he dream (which of course is the only part I remember) things were getting bad, and so I ordered three guards to stay by the entrance all night, three on each shift, so maybe nine total. Two stood on either side and one stood a bit higher up; ready to wake up the rest if trouble loomed.

The trouble: on the other side of the complex there was a house that had been boarded up, but for some reason we'd opened the doors, and there came the enemy. I realized the threat, but otherwise trivialized it. A group were standing around when they stormed, suddenly. They manged to get a couple at least before the lady with the wand came out, and called forth spirits from within her painting. She called forth a flood. She called forth... something else, and the guards there were gone.

I'm not sure what happened after that though. Maybe I abandoned the dream in favor of kinder ones - and I'm sure there had been a lot of going back and forth with the enemy before this! But a different kind of enemy. Thick walls, long hallways and guns. I was with a group, and we mis-chievously crept out to the open world... but it wasn't a kind place to be.

It never ended badly, at least, and so it was less of a nightmare and more... an exciting dream. These are the things that course through my mind in the ebbing of a cold; early morning on my week's free day. Good morning.

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Fragment Of A Dystopian Dream


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