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Yesterday Was The Best Day

I had a free day Yesterday, and it was incredible. I got so much done.

It's all relative of course, but I did catch up with these, fix some stubborn old pre-summer Hexalist problems, take two long walks, compose a creative family dinner and get my Wacom set up for some late night doodling in a belated attempt at catching up with October's Inktober challenge... but then the problems started popping up.

The Wacom wouldn't work. Touch sensitivity was on all the time, so even if you were hovering over the pad the brush would keep brushing. I tried different programs. I tried different settings. I tried different cables. Maybe a reboot might fix it? So I thought, but by then the night was night so I thought I'd give that a try today. Timely optimist I am, yeah...

I ran a new Hexalist scan during the day too, but when I decided to open the snapshot and compose the update... it was blank. Three hours scan time gave me a CSV full of zeroes. After a moment of total disarray I figured it's probably due to the recent switch from HTTP to HTTPS on NG, but changing all HTTP instances in the .ini config file made the program suddenly not recognize the .ini file anymore. The setting seems to be hard-coded, so I sent the creator a message and am waiting for a response on that...

I also booked a two hour bowling session this weekend, fixed a dinner reservation deal for two at a pretty fancy restaurant and read up on the Electric Fair, which a buddy told me about. Basically it's a fair about electricity. An optimal opportunity to walk around and talk to people and maybe collect some free stuff. I checked travel times, and work times, and other times, and was all set to book the tickets (which were free, I should mention), but apparently it was only for representatives from the industry and the public sector. Whoops. That does mean I get to get up two hours later than I would've gotten up if we would have gone to this thing though, tomorrow, so it's not all idle disappointment.

I fixed a month old bank account issue too, responded to month old correspondence, bottled branches of dried Moroccan mint, went through papers, caught up with my diary, and 100 Words, and housing queues, and took a cold shower, and shaved... okay now I'm just making it seem like I did as much as I can possibly make it seem like I did. I'm omitting all the bathroom breaks though, and lunch, and other stuff. I did do a lot though! I really did!

The one thing I didn't have time left for were the final few episodes of RE Revelations, which I recently rediscovered for the 3DS (my first run was via PC), but I did finish the last of my Naruto manga instead. A slightly less time-consuming task, and one that had me shut the lights a full hour before I usually do. Final accomplishment: drastic bedtime routine improvement!

I started the day with a walk, and ended with one too. By then the sun was a spot of gold on the horizon, hiding behind a wall of bulrush that flickered in the wind. It was more like a storm, actually. A sun storm. Yellow leaves whirled with the wind and were lit up by the rays of gold and white. Autumn weather. Beautiful. It really was the best day.

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Yesterday Was The Best Day


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