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Week 25, 2017


( It's 25... weeks to life! It's 25... weeks to life!
And I'm sitting inside! I'm splitting my pride. I'm feeling like shite. )

Cause I just ate a bag of chips, why did I do it?
I was feeling alright but didn't feel the music,
so I was all like, alright, alright screw it!
I'll fill my inside with crisps and cancerogenic fluids,
I don't know why... I get these phases like this...
Live throws me some GOOD but I just evade it real quick...
And it's sunny today I could be out saving a bit...
But I feel an obligation to get more done so I sit down by THIS GROUND!
By this site! Till I mistype! But I correct my errors! I'm a grammatical terror!
In this erratical era I'll keep battling everyone who's trampling Terra!
There's no one like my family! Father time and Mother Earth! And my biological ancestry!
I'll keep going till like ants I cannot dream! Man that would be a scene in Scream it's cranking me

( It's 25.... weeks to life! It's 25... weeks to life!
And I'm sitting inside! I'm slitting my pride. I'm feeling alright. )

Cause I just wrote my weekly verse and it's a day till I'll post it,
I'll make the most of next week I know it! Life throws me ozone I roast it.
Vroom vroom. No home for humans I guess we and the ships are eloping, to space...
Save some face! Save some phaser! Save some faith for some alien race!
Like before we can invade their planet and then persuade them till they can't evade our manic
Religious strain like the electric surge of a manet! Our savagery!
We keep on proclaiming that is the way to walk, I swear it's crazy talk...
But it's amazing we do so much wrong! In the name of some entity we probably don't come from!
In the name of a cause that only the bold and strong and smart can restart:
As something scientologic, give me the book I'll be crying upon it.
I do have my doubts, but I'm searching for answers. I don't want to out, I want to do better.
I want to be good, I want to make letters stand for something: and last long like our perception of forever.

( It's 25.... weeks to light! It's 25... weeks to light!
And I'm sitting inside! I'm splitting my pride. I'm feeling like... )

Like I'm all out of writes, I should go all out and bike, or to the mall for a bite, but can't we all just get along?
Stay free; stay strong. Retake your wit! Remake your grit! Awake your spit! And eat a bowl of salad, not a bag of chips.

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Week 25, 2017


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