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Authority Topic Blog - Learn It or Knowledge

knowledge to learn
Learn - Maybe Earn
Authority web sites or blogs topics can be created, I believe by learning and researching your topic or a vast knowledge that you may have, or from people you know or can contact for collaboration. You can therefore become a source of trusted relevant knowledge to your readers, the search engines, and internet sources that link to your site. External linking (and hopefully authoritative) sources can include newspaper sites, heavily frequented forums, social media platforms, educational sites, related sites, and heck even Wikipedia. Happened to me for a relatively short post about avoiding malware. Image of book by Svilen001 from effective com.

Or my pillar content heavy post about increasing blog visitors - still no. 1 to 3 in Google for over 2 years. Authority can get you on or near page1 for Google search results. Might take a few pages (1 long page for one of my blogs), or for some computer blogs I follow, hundreds or thousands of pages. Different topics and any diverse related popular categories and any pre-established web presence for similar topics, seems to translate to different online competition structure of search results. May need more pages to get there. Maybe one page. Or other means.

Work It to Rank

May not work easily to get to page 1 of Google for branded (e.g. Hotels, Social sites, Tech products, Global corporates, etc) and well established money related sites (e.g. Finance Companies, Insurance, Business, Make money online sites, etc), unless if you have a ton of unique, insightful quality content pages, and a strong and diverse back link profile. But also possibly employing paid advertisement campaigns, building a massive intricately linked blog/web farm approach, "manipulative" linking processes, advanced scripting, to name a few, to help create, support and sustain your perceived (initially) authority site. It's work of sorts, but ideally relating to useful content that meets a need.

Search Engine Optimization Needed or Not

Then of course you may need do SEO and related marketing activities to get the right mix of leading and secondary (long-tail) keywords and phrases, perform insightful competitive analysis, link out to authority sites, relevant link prospecting and collaboration, social outreach, visitor and key word query statistical analysis, surveys for user search intent, user friendly site information architecture, landing page and conversion optimization, a/b conversion testing, and so on. This involves on-page and off-page SEO with their useful elements - Meta tags, Key-worded titles, related terms, alt tags for images, and so on, to attract the engines and therefore your intended or targeted visitors - Or rather your niche audience. The ones you want to satisfy their needs, desires, pain points to engage with, and maybe convert somehow.

I learnt SEO techniques and still do, or at least refresh - and you can too from...authoritative sites, blogs, and forums: Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Guide, Steve Scott Com, SEOmoz, Smart Passive Income, Shoemoney, Keywordsblogger, Vandelay Design Blog, Grizz make money, taming the beast (true name but good mix of brief, relevant articles about internet marketing, SEO, E-commerce, etc) Pro-blogger, Warrior Forum, Digital Point Forums and so on. I subscribe to their articles, and follow particular authors. Bookmark their pages. In my case hundreds. Maybe down load many PDF guides and White Papers - now even the periodic table for SEO, and Google SEO starter guide and many others. Read them all. Then reread, adopt then adapt, and maybe test. It works, albeit perhaps slow for starting out for organic rankings...and hopefully building trust, authority, and stability in the rankings. Could take 4 months, 8 months, 1.5 years (I discovered), depending on competition, brand or product space, and if adopting free or paid avenues and competition/keyword tools, tracking changing search trends, level of web/social presence, amongst other aspects. And of course your content strategy and techniques to come up with more and better content. Again learnt from well known blogs and sites, e.g. Copy Blogger.

Then there's passion...probably need it for the long run. To remain authoritative but interested, and importantly to keep visitors and the engines tuned in: To you and for you - to remain and get near the top. But importantly for your readers or searchers - looking for a good solution - that you can hopefully satisfy. Heck make money if you want. I now do...since I believe I have given so much in my blogs, and several forums I'm involved in: To help people, since I mainly do tutorials and user reviews. Teach and earn online. Pay a few utility bills. Buy a nice mobile phone. Simple to earn online in theory. But a lot of work and learning constantly how to in practice, and to remain so.

Indeed anyone could become SEO and online marketing competent, and couple that with learning intensively  a topic online to rank and become an authority. I know I have somewhat for various topics and products. Still learning, along with thousands online I suspect. Skilled and experienced marketers and affiliates know how, and many teach legitimately (thankfully) to do so. I have fortuitously learnt from them. I still subscribe. Get the latest (and sometimes refined and redone) about search engines, conversions, content affiliate marketing, and so on.

Helpful Knowledge without Search Engine Optimization

But I wonder if those that have long term knowledge, skills, certification, not about any of what I talked about above - but in their respective fields or skill-set: Diesel Mechanic, Property Lawyer, Computer Technician, Landscaper, Security Guard, or whatever. Where to find them? Specific knowledgeable topics or at least helpful,  I have found are in forums, Youtube, and niche blogs. Not learnt (or know or care) about SEO that I can detect, but yet have an specific knowledge for their topics. I have come across many enjoyable blogs, which I seem ought to be authoritative, interesting, with insightful and beneficial content, that offer worthy content.

I have saved dollars repairing my vehicle, read interesting travels, learn recipes, and learnt many other things. I noticed too, that such blogs/sites/forums have plenty of "at home" or at work photo's relating to their topics. Not only beneficial, but sometimes pleasurable reading such inherently knowledgeable sites, and stepping aside occasionally from SEO and online marketed key-worded niche sites (includes me a little), which I think prevail heavily on the web. But of course there maybe more at stake, particularly as a business, for online affiliates and SEO's. But my thanks for such "knowledge only" sites and forum contributors, because they too contribute their specific authority that help us all - to learn, to save money, to guide. Should we need it. I'm sure we all do - need knowledge. Helps to learn, and if you want, you can earn. Online.

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Authority Topic Blog - Learn It or Knowledge


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