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Succeed in Your Studies: Top 100 Student Blogs to Help You

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The Student community is growing at the same pace as the number of student blogs. At present, you can find any topic relevant to your student experience. You just need to search the internet.

What follows is a list of useful student blogs about studying, education abroad, policies, and many more topics that will be helpful for your educational path whether you are an applicant, an alumnus, or a current student who wants to learn more.

A compilation of sources to assist you in your studies

  1. This Week In Education
    Alexander Russo dives into educational matters and tackles political issues along the way. The material is carefully chosen and delivered impartially. All the latest news comes out on weekdays.
  2. Inside Higher Ed
    A well-known, established publication that has managed to build a strong and loyal reader base. The site has a substantial focus on education and acts as a reliable discussion platform that allows sharing opinions.
  3. Education State
    This blog offers a wide variety of topics and is dedicated to discussing education and various subjects related to it. Learn about teaching, schools, exams, and many other issues in daily posts.

educationstate org website

  1. Teacher Beat
    A useful, practical portal for teachers and specialists in the sphere of education with a strong emphasis on politics. The source offers courses for teachers, suggests various topics, and allows expressing opinions.
  2. Cathy Nelson
    This blog has tips and tricks, helpful hints, and suggestions for educators and library media specialists. This information will be useful for students as well.
  3. Random Walk in Learning
    Rapidly changing E-learning methods and other random news are combined and delivered on a blog that offers a great variety of subsections. The source includes an archive that dates back to 2004.

College student blogs: libraries and research essentials

  1. School Library Journal
    A tool for creative thinkers and everyone who wants to organize thoughts in a structured manner. This website will not leave any of your ideas behind!
  2. World Book
    As the owners put it, their mission is to “cultivate lifelong learners–because today’s explorers are tomorrow’s leader.” Thus, the resource will provide you with the materials, books, and publications needed to become a leader in whatever area you are interested in studying.

world book online website screenshot

  1. Encyclopedia Britannica
    The Holy Grail for almost any student. If you do not know what it is, you should check it out immediately since it tops the useful websites list.
  2. Academic Index
    A convenient search engine for college students. It allows students to get access to reliable resources for references in their research work.
  3. Library of Congress
    This site has an impressive collection of various educational materials. For instance, it contains multiple audio, visual, textual, and other sources to explore.

library of congress

  1. Mr. Library Dude
    The author of this blog shares his experiences and knowledge on library-related topics. His content will be of great use for everyone interested in the sphere.
  2. iLibrarian
    A weblog dedicated to online college studies. If you are considering taking online courses or are already studying online, you should check this reference to prepare yourself for success.
  3. ACRLog
    A perfect place to keep your notes in one place. By taking notes on this blog, you will never forget what you need to do and will be able to evaluate your progress.
  4. Resource Shelf
    Though this blog is no longer updated, it has an immense database available for students. If you need a source for your project, you will most likely find it here.
  5. Research Buzz
    This weblog has an impressive collection of articles and posts covering all imaginable topics. Therefore, it can be assumed that almost any student can find something useful here.

research buzz firehouse website

  1. The Daily Riff
    Many different ideas on education, technology, and science are collected in this source ranging from IT and marketing to healthcare.
  2. OttoBib
    Just a convenient tool to compile a reference page for your college paper.

Sources about e-learning and college life blogs

  1. E-Learning Queen
    This blog is aimed at the subject of distance learning and describes current events concerning the latest technologies and the world’s significant events. The platform belongs to former geologist Susan Smith Nash.
  2. Stephen’s Web
    A blog of the originator of the Massive Open Online Course, Stephen Downes. Stephen shares his ideas and vision for the future of learning. The source offers lectures, articles, and learning methods combined and developed over many years.
  3. Learning Online
    Learning Online is a blog of Lee Kraus who is constantly learning online. At times, Lee posts interesting things about learning analytics and data integration. Articles are complemented with the author’s opinion on various subjects.

learning online website

  1. E-Clippings
    In his blog, Mark Oehlert dwells upon the process of learning as an act of art. He covers a wide range of topics and likes to think and speculate on things connected to anthropology.
  2. The Learning Circuits Blog
    Learning Circuits has existed since 2002. It is a blog about modern ways of learning, sound training practices, and technology usage. Strongly motivational posts feature professional development in different spheres of employment.
  3. Unbound Blog
    This is a weblog that covers the essentials of distance learning. It will provide you with everything you need to know about obtaining a Bachelor’s degree via distance learning.

unbound website screenshot

  1. In The Middle of the Curve
    In The Middle of The Curve is a brainchild of Wendy Wickham–a dedicated blogger with more than ten years of experience. Wendy writes about e-learning and shares her thoughts about modern technology and software.

Student blogs about study abroad issues

  1. Go Overseas
    A blog for those who like to travel and plan to study abroad. The resource contains useful information about grants, scholarships, and popular programs. It features real-life stories about experiences shared by exchange students.
  2. Studies in Australia Blog
    This blog encourages students of the world to come live and study in Australia. The website offers useful guidelines for those who are new to the Australian way of life. Everything from what you need to know before you move to helpful job tips.

studies in australia blog

  1. The Daily Kimchi–Korea Blog
    An exciting blog by two people. A couple of English teachers spill the truth about life in South Korea. Most of the blog covers aspects of life in the city of Seoul.
  2. My Taiwan Tour Journal
    This blog contains useful information for tourists interested in traveling to Taiwan. It includes real-life stories and personal experiences.
  3. Randall’s ESL Blog
    Study advice for ESL students and those learning English as a second language. Randall shares his language learning experience and gives profoundly substantial information about the roots of English.
  4. EFL In Japan
    A series of posts by Daniel Kirk that shows specifics of the political and economic situation in Japan. A big part of it covers environmental and educational matters of EFL in the country.
  5. Classroom Canada
    Classroom Canada is all about teaching in London. Victoria Westcott shares her view of teaching methods and, at the same time, gives you proper daily life techniques such as “how to book the cheapest flight to almost anywhere.”
  6. The Study Abroad Blog
    The name of this one is quite self-explanatory. This blog gives all the answers about traveling and studying abroad.

the study abroad blog

  1. Wandering Educators
    This is a compilation of blogs, directories, and articles covering aspects of studying abroad, including academic and travel aspects.
  2. Abroad 101
    This blog is dedicated to giving listings and reviews of various study abroad programs. Apart from providing relevant advice, this blog also covers the latest news and shares personal experiences.
  3. NAFSA Blog
    NAFSA Blog is based on promotion and support for promising students from around the world. It is not one of the student-created websites but a source that stimulates young professionals to work and study in the United States. Also, it helps American scholars practice outside the country.

A list of .edu blogs to boost your IT skills

Since programming is becoming increasingly important and skills in computing technologies are in higher demand, here is a list of 30 blogs that will help any student to understand modern IT better.

  1. CACM
    This is a blog dedicated to information technology. The authors post a wide variety of information for students starting their path in IT technologies.
  2. Gödel’s Lost Letter and P = NP
    This is a blog for those students who are interested or would like to study theory of computation. The advantage of this blog over the others is in its clear and accessible explanations of the most complex notions so that even beginners can understand.

gödel’s lost letter and p=np blog

  1. Lambda Weblog
    Lambda Weblog is a site where experts and scholars from around the world publish their opinions. The blog will tell you about the leading programming languages, as well as useful coding tips, and will reveal different secrets of IT. Interestingly, even though all the posts in this blog are fairly short, the number of discussions in the comments is huge!
  2. Embedded in Academia
    This blog belongs to a scientist in the United States. He is a specialist in the field of computer science and programming, and he shares his experiences in detail not only with students but also with anyone who wants to learn this science.
  3. Matt Might Weblog
    This is the source of many questions and answers for both beginners and advanced students who have competency in programming languages.
  4. Computational Complexity
    Computational Complexity is quite an interesting .edu blog that examines IT from a new and interesting perspective. In particular, it reveals what could happen if mathematical methods and programming were combined. Moreover, it is filled with information on the latest developments in the world of computing.

computational complexity blog

  1. John D. Cook’s Website
    It belongs to a programmer and professor of mathematics. The author shares his knowledge and experience in IT and business, and he tells how this combination could be used to solve global problems.
  2. Koenig Solutions Blog
    Founded as a means for tech community members to communicate, this site now is a source that covers a great deal of the IT sphere.
  3. Scott Aaronson’s Blog
    When visiting this blog, you will see that a scientist from the U.S. reveals an unusual combination of IT, industry, politics, and society matters. He examines the relationship between these categories, which will allow many students to start thinking more broadly.

scott aaronson blog

  1. Digital Inspiration
    This blog touches upon various IT-related topics. From giving advice on how to better use certain apps or websites, to teaching how to code.
  2. Coding Horror
    The author of the posts in this blog rarely publishes articles; however, each time they trigger lively discussions. It will be useful for students who are looking for their own answers to complex IT questions.

coding horror blog

  1. Proper Fixation
    The blog will help students to avoid common mistakes programmers make in code and software development.
  2. Jason’s Edelman’s Blog
    The author of the blog kindly shares information with visitors about upcoming events in the IT sector. Appropriately, many active students will be able to find a variety of educational conferences to attend.
  3. Terry Tao’s Blog
    Informatics and math students will surely be interested in this data source. Despite the fact that this is a blog, many students will be able to find information for their projects in it.
  4. Freedom to Tinker
    This blog will be of interest to students studying IT and digital technology.

freedom to tinker research center

  1. Eg Theory
    This blog is dedicated to interdisciplinary research, so it will also be useful to students conducting research.
  2. UW Bothell Learning Technologies Blog
    The blog tells about technology integration in order to improve a student’s learning process.
  3. Bit-Player
    This platform is dedicated to valuable information in mathematics and computing.

bit player blog

  1. NSpired2
    Another blog dedicated to combining technology and education. It describes numerous possible ways of doing so: from online services to special collaboration tools.
  2. Computing Education Blog
    This link is useful for both college students and teachers, as you will find information about IT in grades K–12 in this blog.
  3. Alfred Thompson’s Blog
    This site will be useful for graduate students, as in it, the author publishes information on companies and their IT news.
  4. Knowing and Doing
    A source in which a student in the U.S. publishes his notes on developments in software and its use in business.
  5. CSTA
    This site is dedicated to news, announcements, and articles about this organization. College students can use the information from this source for their research papers.

computer science teachers association

  1. Eric D. Brown
    The blog tells about information technology, marketing, and about ways of putting the two together. It also includes topical discussions that go beyond technology and cover social networks, photography, and books.
  2. Treehouse Blog
    This blog will help students who have difficulty in solving computational problems, as it systematically explains the various examples.
  3. IT Knowledge Exchange
    This is a platform where IT enthusiasts can discuss tech questions and find answers to them. It also acts as an aggregator of blogs. So, apart from discussion, the site delivers a great deal of useful information.
  4. Miles Berry’s Blog
    This blog is going to be a great place to visit for all those interested in tech, including programmers and students alike.
  5. Academic Computing
    A teacher from the UK talks about the intricacies of IT in a very exciting and understandable manner.

academic computing uk teacher blog

  1. Teach Computing Blog
    It is fairly new, but its readers are sufficiently active. It opens the educator’s prospects of IT training.
  2. Rob Miles’s Journal
    The blog will be of interest to students who participate and develop projects in applications programming for mobile devices.

College admissions blogs to help you enter any university

  1. Edu in Review Blog
    Dedicated to miscellaneous news about events, people, and whatnot. It also provides information on scholarships and various essential topics connected to studying such as loans.
  2. IvyWise College Admissions Blog
    This blog gives detailed information about available college admissions along with sharing advice on how to prepare for tests. A place worth checking out for every student.
  3. Best College Fit Blog
    A helpful source for those planning their college studies. It will assist you in choosing the right spot that meets your requirements, wishes, and educational background.

best college fit blog

  1. Interactive Media for Higher Education
    This site is a platform for those who are interested in the way interactive technology has changed the student recruitment setting. Also, the blog has all the relevant news and updates on essential college education issues.
  2. Brian Leiter’s Law School Rankings
    An educator from a university in Chicago gives advice on application tips, so students-to-be are aware of ways to choose a school that would suit them the best.
  3. College Reviews: Students Review
    A handy blog in which students rate universities and various educational facilities with the help of surveys.

Everything you need to know about college—educational blogs for students

  1. The College Puzzle
    A blog by Dr. Michael W. Krist tells all about college life. Difficulties, risk factors, academic preparations–all that and much more in the personal blog of the current President of the California State Board of Education.
  2. Campus Grotto
    College life, study experience, career advice, and news around education-related topics are reflected in a daily outlet. The issue is featured in many famous news sources such as Forbes and The New York Times.
  3. Hack College
    Intelligent, a technocratically-oriented team of columnists writes about modern and efficient ways of studying. Helpful tips and advice meet open source software all of which results in a rational and useful media.

hack college blog

  1. IvyGate
    A news blog about students and university life of the Ivy League written by students themselves. Helpful study tips and a chance to peek into the college life of the most respected higher education institutions in the Northeastern United States.
  2. Foundation for Individual Rights in Education
    A dedicated group of professionals stand up for student rights. The organization was founded in 1999, and it has managed to achieve many positive outcomes since. The blog also has accounts on almost every social media.
  3. Med-Source
    A circuit of topics devoted to medical issues. Medical school students can find relevant information and discuss subjects in forums. Contains a great deal of free downloads and essential therapeutic principles and practice.

Top blogs for college students about campus life

  1. College Cures
    This website tells about student life, relationships, humor, celebrities, and almost any other college-related topic imaginable.
  2. Dorm Room Biz
    The project aims to help young and initiative students to create and start their businesses and bring exciting projects to life. The Dorm Room Biz offers helpful links, recommends sites for students, and posts interesting podcasts.
  3. College Fashion
    College girls will find relevant information about the latest trends, student lifestyles, and fashion. The website shares beauty tips and has an online store that offers great deals on all kinds of classy apparel.

blog about college fashion

  1. That College Kid
    A fascinating insight into college life from a student in Texas. The source gives motivational tips, interesting random real-life stories, and often features technology reviews.
  2. Zen College Life
    Zen College life is like a student mantra that includes information about living and happiness during your years in college. One can find almost anything ranging from motivation tips to practical brain exercises.


  1. The University Blog
    A blog owned by a university alumnus. The authors give advice and share experiences about studying in the UK.
  2. Uni Student Life
    A compilation of posts, newsfeed, articles and more that might be helpful to those obtaining their higher education.
  3. Student Money Saver
    A website that will help you keep track of your expenses. It also covers news about different student discounts and deals.

student money saver website screenshot

  1. Save The Student
    This blog tells its readers where they could go to make the most of their student loan.
  2. College Humor
    College life isn’t all about only studying, right? Unwinding every once in a while is okay. That’s what this site is for.

blog about college humor

  1. Graduate Fog
    Another handy place for graduates. It provides career guidance and covers news related to labor market changes and policies.
  2. The Student Blogger
    This weblog dwells upon issues of student living and shares essential information on saving money.
  3. College Tourist
    A perfect guide to your travel experiences during your student years.

college tourist blog

  1. Go Abroad
    The blog is dedicated to volunteering and internships one can take while studying abroad. It provides insights into the possibilities you can have in a foreign country to gain valuable experience.
  2. International Student
    This is a source of information for university students about the things they need to know when planning a year or semester abroad, including the documents to prepare and money expenditures.
  3. Internal Optimist
    A weblog of medical students who share their thoughts about being future doctors, their perspectives, and much more. A good reference for college students who are considering getting a degree in medicine and patient care.
  4. College Info Geek
    A blog run by Thomas Frank will tell you about everything college-related. From improving your studying process to finding a good job, making money, and living a better life as a whole.

Blogs for English language learners

  1. RealLife English
    The blog provides practical and theoretical articles about mastering the English language. There’s something for everyone, regardless of your knowledge level.
  2. Quick and Dirty Tips
    This is a collection of practical articles on the English language. All materials are presented briefly and in straightforward terms.
  3. Espresso English
    All the content on the blog is relatively short but succinct, and it is presented in a concise manner. There are grammatical and lexical tests so that you can check your knowledge.
    The author explains the basic idioms and phrasal verbs that you need to know if you study the English language. The blogger also offers a selection of useful resources for learners and materials to enrich your vocabulary, beautiful quotes in English, and so on.

my english teacher-blog

    A major educational project, through which you can improve yourself in different directions including language learning. In the blog, you will find materials to enhance your vocabulary, grammar and much more.

Today, the web is the number one source of information and weblogs are becoming increasingly influential. They provide not only guidance for quality student experiences, but they also contribute effectively to maintaining your awareness of current news, tendencies, and opportunities the world of education can offer. Notably, student blogs cover all the possible issues and questions one can raise while searching the Net.

glasses on a mac laptop

Do not forget to bookmark this list of top 100 educational blogs and sites for students to have an update on what is essential and to assist you in the long and exciting path of learning!

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Succeed in Your Studies: Top 100 Student Blogs to Help You


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