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Ubersmith DE 2.2 Release


Automation is at the core of what drives us at Ubersmith, which especially holds true in our latest release: Ubersmith DE 2.2.

We’ve added some long requested and particularly awesome features in this release, and we’re proud to continue to lead the industry with the world’s best datacenter management and billing software.

Some of our favorite (and most requested) features in this release include:

  • Integration with the SolusVM control panel for VM management
  • Netflow integration for traffic monitoring (via pmacct)
  • A new role-based permission system
  • A new WHMCS migration utility
  • Avatar & Gravatar support
  • Communication with devices via IPMI
  • Cloudstack billing
  • Switching to InnoDB for the database storage engine.

Email us now to schedule your upgrade or find out more about this release.

*Note: converting an existing InnoDB database to InnoDB can take some time. To reduce downtime in your instance, you can preconvert the database using a script included in the installer. For more details, visit this post in our knowledgebase.

Enhancements & New Features


  • Switch to InnoDB
  • Saved advanced searches
  • Split Selected Posts
  • Update ‘ubernews’ to use uber_http_client, and update URL called
  • Updates to the uber_base class
  • Update translation file
  • Improved auto-loading for class files
  • Support unlimited number of attachments
  • Improve default access checks
  • Avatar & Gravatar support for clients & admins
  • Customer Service Module - “Reseller Brand Billing”
  • Netflow integration via pmacct
  • SolusVM Support
  • Admin Permissions should be made more granular and support ‘roles’


  • Improve returned errors when ordering SSL certificates via OpenSRS
  • Update eNom SSL Product Offerings


  • API function added to process refunds to invoices.
  • Generate Invoice API function updated to allow specification of which services to include.
  • Add support for start / stop timestamps when using support.ticket_list
  • Service Module metadata methods
  • API method to list device types
  • Clarify documentation for client.contact_update API method

Device Manager

  • Communication with devices via IPMI
  • IPMI Console Support
  • VLAN Threshold Feature
  • Reorganize port descriptions in the Switch & PDU device module
  • Switch and PDU summaries now loaded via ajax on device details page for faster page loads.
  • Support configuring width of monitoring queue
  • IP Address & VLAN Dashboard

Setup & Admin

  • Added configuration option to allow/disallow admins from disregarding invoices.
  • Unify Appliance Configuration
  • Added ticket filter option to automatically associate incoming tickets with a specific client.
  • Invoice date range display format now configurable.
  • WHMCS Import
  • Added setting for default invoice delivery method
  • Add “Unlock User” to User Management
  • Update Setup & Admin pages to be more consistent
  • Tax rates can now be configured to factor in other tax rates when determining amount due.
  • Switch and PDU summaries now loaded via ajax on device details page for faster page loads.
  • Update qbXML schema version for UK Quickbooks

Payment Gateways

  • Westpac Payment Gateway support
  • Moneybookers payment processing
  • More field length checking in Optimal Payment gateway
  • TAG (tokenization) support for the E-xact gateway
  • Rename Paydollar to Paydollar / Alipay
  • Allow payment gateway names to be translatable strings
  • Generic AIM Payment Support
  • “Payments Gateway” credit card gateway integration added.
  • FlexWeb / IMSP payment gateway support added.
  • Additional eProcessingNetwork gateway integration added.

Support Manager

  • Emergency notification address now a department specific setting.
  • Tickets with more than one matching contact allow user to select client association.
  • ‘New’ Tickets list now includes any tickets assigned to the user regardless of what dept. they’re in.
  • Support filenames encoded as the name attribute in ‘Content-Type’

Client Manager

  • billing module
  • Allow for billing all ports on a virtual switch
  • Support partial payments via Paypal et al
  • Invoice Print Queue Feature Added.
  • Add/edit ip assignment links added to the service details page.
  • Revenue by Location report now better identifies Facility vs. Zone.
  • Contact related (add/edit/delete) event triggers added.
  • Only show active payment gateways in payment reports/popups

Order Manager

  • Added Edit Services Order Module.
  • Added option to OnApp order module to allow a billing plan to be specified for new orders.
  • Order module to blacklist certain email addresses/domains
  • Add support for Netgear gs748t “v2”
  • Add driver for ‘ServerTech Sentry Power Tower XL’ to rebooter information
  • Support D-Link DXS-3326GSR

Client Interface

  • Pagination on client_devices.php
  • Control whether clients can specify rwhois abuse contact

Reports & Stats

  • Outstanding Services report is now brand-specific


  • Return only IPv6 assignments when the IPv6 format netmask is selected
  • Account credit refunds are now properly reported.
  • Deactivating a service now automatically credits any associated outstanding tax.
  • Don’t define additional ‘period’ attribute for .mobi domains in OpenSRS
  • Return cURL (or other) errors when licensing request fails
  • Emailing client directly no longer returns invalid client id error.
  • Automated charge queue now makes explicitly check against invoice status for attempting charge.
  • Brand list in add/edit client popups now properly limited based on user’s access permissions.
  • Issue with ‘client specific variables’ when adding Menu Links
  • Client specific variables can not be removed in Menu Links
  • updatedb.php timing out in certain upgrades
  • Work around issue with lack of support for partial voids
  • Use multibyte-safe string methods when handling CC data
  • Create an attachment helper function that shows attachment size
  • Reset preview for invoice is broken in Firefox.
  • Admin user email address for brand not reflected in tickets
  • Using pre-set default invoice send date always sends up being set to 1
  • Don’t use PHP short tags
  • Update appliance when CDP server device is edited or deleted
  • Robokassa signature problem
  • Adding users to instances with only one brand no longer locks them out.
  • QuickBooks ignores clients deactivated via API
  • Invalid client ID error when emailing client
  • Ticket filter issue for tickets submitted via the UI
  • ‘Tickets received this month’ shows duplicate day
  • Fix HTML error on deleted device page
  • Fix issue with ip_pools table definition
  • Deactivated services can no longer be ‘quick’ edited.
  • Automatic database schema updater ignores default value
  • Credit card expiration notice error fix
  • device.module_call API method now supports short-form request method for variables
  • Undefined function error in charge log
  • Quickbooks web connect no longer throws undefined variable error reports.
  • Generate invoice order module no longer includes pre-billed services that weren’t from the order.
  • Properly handle pear errors in class.onapp_application.php
  • Virtuozzo error handling
  • Custom pricing ignored when creating order via the API
  • Email client base permissions checks made consist across related scripts.
  • OnApp? integration updated to work with new group_id behavior.
  • CDP3 Billing service module graph problem
  • Setting included transfer=* no longer includes bandwidth that has already been billed elsewhere.
  • Paypal payments that match an invoice no longer create $0.00 account credits.
  • Refund tax calculation issue
  • Department menu no longer switches back to department view when viewing the list of users.
  • Service discount display corrected on view ticket page.
  • Payflow Pro IPN calls now check transaction id against paypal payments as well as charge attempts.
  • Reimplemented ACH integration in order forms.
  • Updated client update API script to accept both ‘datepay’ and ‘daysdue’ for grace period setting.
  • Typo corrected in backup billing service module.
  • Updated class.install_database.php to account for non-standard table names
  • nginx always reports 0 active connections
  • Support API key
  • Discount rounding logic made consistent between client and order managers.
  • ip_address variable in client.service_update() mismatch with edit_pack()
  • Using the ‘pay in full’ option when paying with Paypal in the client interface no longer returns an error.
  • Issues with order data not being saved have been corrected.
  • Use order form id instead of name for QuickForm? controller
  • Server metrics summary period
  • Incorrect error check in pay_inv_online()
  • Correct $url call in exact refund()
  • Support added for rupee symbol in pdf invoices.
  • Update cacert.pem
  • Support port caching in Juniper Netscreen driver
  • Cisco 5513 & 4912 drivers incorrectly reports port speed
  • WHMCS Import Fixes
  • Juniper Generic with VLANs does not support XE Interface
  • Generating an invoice via the API for accounts without a credit card on file no longer returns an error.
  • Nunavut added to list of Canadian Provinces. Manitoba updated to ‘Manitoba and Labrador’.
  • onafterpayment() callbacks triggered when invoice is paid automatically
  • Generate invoice order module now properly includes edited services.
  • Existing eProcessingNetwork gateway integration updated to work with extended transaction ids.
  • Order summary now properly factors discount on services with quantity other than 1.
  • Order summary now correctly shows pro-rated balance when last service in order is a one time fee.
  • Correct Issue updating orders via API
  • OnApp group_id variable has been changed in newer versions
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Ubersmith DE 2.2 Release


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