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Thoughts on cringey kids

If you visit YouTube, in particular the part of YouTube I visit being the part of YouTube filled with rants about people, reactions to videos, (and I don't mean the Jinx kind of reaction videos where they put the entire video in their video and sit quietly, staring at it with some ''reaction'' every now and then, which is usually some kind of hard to understand gesture, laugh or some other reaction, depending on the video context. I mean the kind of videos that H3h3/LeafyIsHere/Pyrocynical/GradeAUnderA/Derekgerard/etc. make, those are the videos that give me faith in the YouTube community) then you must have heard about the kids such as Jacob Sartorius, Mark Thomas, etc. (I went with these 2 since they caused the most controversy over the past months with the whole scandal of Jacob asking for nudes using his Facebook and Mark threatning Leafy by tweeting out ''Found Leafy's address'' right after Leafy made a video about him, I still wonder what Mark will do to him.. like dox him?.. Come over with his mom that makes a fortune off of him and his cringe-worthy videos?.. I need answers.) Before you continue reading, please watch these 2 videos and you'll understand why I call them ''cringe-worthy''. WARNING: every other blasts loud music, beware or you'll go deaf. Also, if you enjoy music, I suggest watching it muted if you don't want any songs to be ruined.

I seriously can't get over the fact that his guy's hair is bigger than his forehead 1.5x and is more shiny than that shiny patrat I encountered the other day..

Surprisingly - it was rather hard to find a ''cringe compilation'' of the 2, mostly reaction videos or something like that, even though before if you searched, "*insert name of the cringey kid* cringe compilation" at least 70 results would come up without the reaction videos.

Now, to clear up, I don't dislike them because of the ''s, no, if that was why, I wouldn't even have made this post because it would be pretty pointless. I dislike these kids because of the way they treat their fans, I believe most of you have seen some videos of Jacob (or perhaps I should call him 'Rolf' since that is his actual name) being an ass to his fans. (which are mostly 5-14 year old girls that clearly don't seem to understand what boundries are, have you seen the tweets some of his fans made? It's ridiculous)

Next are the tweets. And to be honest, they're even worse somehow, usually being things like ''hey cutie, how r u? *70 different emojis following the tweet*". I don't even know if they're trying to be cute/relatable? Because neither are working.

*choking can be heard from far away* (Source)
Like Cheeeezus, you're like 9 yea-
Wat. You're meaning to tell me that he's basically 2 years younger than me? When I was his age, I didn't even know what facebook was and he already has facebook/twitter/youtube/instagram/ and a manager, which is his mom by the way, his mom controls all of his social netw- oh dang. Heh, don't mind that, I just had some thought... it doesn't matter tho. He also goes on tours and makes tons of money. He mentioned $5000 a show and all he does is move around his phone and moves his mouth around, makes cringey vines and videos and also raps the ABC's, I'm not even joking about that. He literally rapped the ABC's on one of his tours.
That ''P'' was way too powerful.

My thoughts: if this dude got famous off of being cringey, rude to his fans, rapping the ABC's and moving his phone around while moving his mouth, I think anyone can become famous off of anything now. You can peel bananas, film yourself and there you go, Fame 101.

 I'd say something about Mark Thomas, but the dude is like the less famous Jacob, I mean there's probably quite a few things to say about him, but Jacob over-shadowed him.

In conclusion: I'm so fed up with all of these ''got famous off of 10-13 year old'' kids that try to act older, usually like 15-16 year olds, trying way too hard to look as dumb as they possibly can by creating cringe-worthy videos/vines/musical.lys, tweeting cute and relatable tweets (much sarcasm, such wow). I truly believe that there are people that have like a billion times more talent and don't get the recognition they deserve while these kids get all the glory.

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Thoughts on cringey kids


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