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2-years-old trapped in a well in Spain

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Today it’s been a week since little Julen, a 2-years-old Spanish boy fell into a well in the middle of the countryside in Malaga, Spain. The rescue is taking place right now with the support of all the authorities. Nevertheless, not only neighbors but also technicians and experts seem to be having doubts about the verisimilitude of the case due, in part, to the Father offering three different versions.

On general terms, the story goes like this: Last Sunday morning, Julen, his father, aunt and cousin (also very young) went to the countryside (not a park or public space, just plain terrain). While playing with his cousin, Julen fell into an illegal water well that is around 100 metres deep (about 328 ft). The hole was just about 25 centimetres (less than 10 inches) of diameter, which is a very tight space bearing in mind that the kid fell while wearing a heavy coat and boots. The family didn’t call the proper authorities, a group of hikers who passed by did. Now, the discordances begin:

The well was supposedly blocked by a huge, heavy Rock (as legally requested), as stated by the man who made it. At first, the father said that both kids (remember, 2 and 4) removed the giant rock, which seems quite difficult. Nonetheless, the father changes the version and said that his sister-in-law and him protected the pit with several medium-sized rocks because they feared the kids falling. Also in his first version, he said that both him and Julen’s aunt saw the kid falling, while now they admitted they were distracted and didn’t, but that they heard the boy whine inside the hole.

An umbilical camera hooked on an aspirator was used to peek into the cavity, until it reached an amalgamation of sand hardened by humidity, which made it impossible for the device to go deeper. Laying on this, a bag of snacks belonging to the kid and one of Julen’s hairs inside it... but no kid. Luis Avial, the georadar expert has expressed his skepticism on this matter, stating that he finds it very difficult for a boy that size, in winter clothes, to not have been stuck before reaching the end of the tight tunnel. Moreover, he defends the idea that it is geologically impossible for the stopper at the bottom to form in such a short span of time. Now the generally accepted theory is that Julen is under the stopper, while the bag of snacks was left above it (seems weird?). A reading has been realized with the radar and a cavity of 15 meters has been found at the end of the well, but there is no sign of Julen.

Long story short, many people believe that the kid is not really there, which leads to many theories: abduction, the parents lying or even worse. I wanted to write it here because I figured some of you may have come across similar cases (or just more cases than I have) and might have an idea or a theory about what is really going on. Also, the rescue is supposed to be finished by tomorrow, so I will be updating the post with any news that come out. Thanks for reading such a long text and I hope you can shed some light on this.

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2-years-old trapped in a well in Spain


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